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Found 1 result

  1. So Ive tried to write a build thread before and im not the greatest at depicting a good story so try and hang in there with me. For those of you who aren’t familiar I have an E30 vert that I more recently swapped a 1JZ into. Now that that car is nearing completion, I realized that I am too worried about actually doing much with the car other than driving it to a fro rather than tracking it (I mean it is a convertible anyways). So this is where I made the terribly unwise decision to buy my new “deathtrap.” Now I got this car ONLY because it seemed like a good idea at the time and the price was more than fair. But it has such a massive list of good and bad I was 90% ready to walk away until I drove it around the block. It’s a 199X BMW E36 318is with a ford mustang 5.OHHHH with a T5 trans. Pretty common swap and there are write ups all over the net for this conversion. I figured with fullbody coilovers, M3 rear end, aluminum drive shaft, sticky tires, on paper this was recipe for a fun machine. Upon arrival the car obviously looks just as bad as I thought. Rusty quarters, flat black front end, various dents and scratches, it was worn, which I was somewhat hoping for. I didn’t want another clean car that I have to worry about leaving in a parking lot because some soccer mom was too busy dealing with her offspring to realize her cart just rolled 50’ into the side of my car. We opened the hood and boy what a mess. Looped coolant lines, wires exposed, the coolant overflow was a plastic water bottle, missing blower motor and fuse box covers, a terribly painted intake manifold, the intake was just dangling inches from the exhaust manifold, and man oh man, there was a lot of zip ties. (at this point, any normal person including myself would and should walk away) But I didn’t. So getting in, I found 60% of the interior missing, and what was left, was utterly destroyed. The shifter location was under the dash, where the OBC use to be, the headliner was gone but all of the maps lights and buttons were plugged in and dangling, , the door panels were gone, the window switches didn’t work, the drivers side door was held shut with a bungee cord, none of the gauge cluster worked except for the fuel gauge but luckily there was an aftermarket tach, H2O temp, and oil pressure gauges where the HVAC controls use to be. (Here is where I made the mistake, by not walking away) I turned the key, and nothing happened. Theres two random switches floating around in the center console where the OBC use to be. That’s how you start it. Ones the starter, the other is…….. a mystery according to the previous owner, but it needs to be on as well. Okay started it up and it sounds just like you would expect, a crowd munching mustang V8. Driving it around the block, made me complete forget about the 983468397 things I just listed wrong with the car. It was quick, loud, and pretty fun to drive. The suspension was responsive, and the tires gave it great grip and the shifter felt great besides its bad placement. Looking through the shattered glass windshield and gripping the wheel till my knuckles were white to prevent the poor alignment from pulling me into the ditch, I started to picture a futuristic madmax style E36 competing at track events, creating massive burnouts, and carelessly tapping walls, all with a giant grin on my face. So I did what any Day dreaming idiotic man would do. I bought it. Here are some pictures of the car followed by some inspiration from KHYZYL SALEEM (If you havent head of this guy I suggest you google his name) of what I plan to make the car look like.
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