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Found 5 results

  1. Staggered wheel/tire setup with ACT 17x7.5 rims 4x100 bolt pattern ET38 offset. 215/40 and 235/45 Kenda Z rated tires. Great condition, low miles! A little dirty from sitting in storage. These are hard to find, period correct German made wheels, not cheap knockoffs! Unfortunately the center caps are long gone, and I’ve tried for years to find replacements. Be a great addition to your BMW, or other car. I’ll entertain offers!! $375 Thanks for looking! -Timmer
  2. So, I need another BMW since 4 isn’t enough. The story starts when my wife’s boss lets her know about a storage unit auction that has an old BMW in it, and sends her a link to the website. So I check it out and find a 1982 320i; looks to be fairly straight, but hard to tell since the video and pictures were taken with a playschool “my first camera”. I ran a carfax, and the last entry was in Virginia in 1996 for an emissions test, with no major issues. As it sits there is no title, but it isn’t to difficult to get one as the car is considered abandoned. The current bid was at $61, so I figured I would watch it and see where it goes. As of 9:00pm last night, the auction ended, and I am now the owner of the storage unit contents for the sum of $252. I guess we’ll see where this goes! https://bid13.com/storage-auctions/wi/appleton/stor-it-storage-appleton-nordale-drive/unit-4005 -Tim
  3. Looking for front and rear seats in tan if anyone has anything... I’m hoping to save the carpet and door cards, but may need those also. I’ll start a list, lol. Thanks! -Tim
  4. I unfortunately receive Motor Trend magazine. The latest edition has an article on the new M2, which I know some of you guys are interested in. Y'all can search for it should you be interested. I decided not to create a log in on the Motor Trend site and receive enormous amounts of spam indefinitely so I figured I would post here and punish you guys instead regarding an inset of the M2 article entitled "The Dreaded Second Time Flubs: Looking Back on BMW Hits and Misses" Link to it: http://www.motortrend.com/news/bmw-hits-and-misses-dreaded-second-time-flub/ As one would expect, the writer goes on about how great the 2002 and the e30 were and that the e21 "was a dud" with no metric as to how he was determining that. I realize as time goes on, the average "born on" dates for these automotive writers is going to continue to climb and first hand knowledge of previous models when current is going to fade away. I don't understand why a writer for a major automotive magazine like this would even comment on something he clearly knows nothing about. Hey, I realize the guy can't print "I would comment on the 2002's and e21's, but can't seeing as I wasn't even born until 1980-whatever shouldn't..." but fer Christ's sake at least the guy could have spent a few minutes doing some research before going to print with what he did. They sold 1.35 million e21's in 7 years, which is obviously way more than they sold of '02s, almost double on a units per year basis and actually very similar to the number of e30's on a per year basis. I don't understand how that would be considered a "flop". I guess he could have been talking performance, but again, if that's the case he would again be showing his ignorance of the times. Styling maybe? Well there are both exterior as well as interior styling cues that first appeared on the e21 that are still found on BMW's today. My guess is he is basing his comment on current resale values and nothing else. The guy is full of crap. Thank you for enduring this post, Wally
  5. Ive talked to quite a few of you from the site and think it is about time to post an update on how my swap project is coming. motor is built, tube chassis is done, front suspension in the works. Here are some pics so far.
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