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Found 3 results

  1. So fellas I bought my first car. It's a 1999 323is. I bought it from the ORGINAL OWNER! Came with window sticker and a bunch of service manuals. Whole suspension was replaced. Needs nothing but a seat belt buckle because an airbag light is on. Has 180k I plan on replacing headlights, clear corners and such. Possibly m3 front bumper and definitely wheels. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  2. Offering affordable BMW repairs. can do motor, transmission, suspension, and interior swap, repair, or upgrades. auto to manual swaps, motor build, brain box reprogramming, interior color swaps, suspensior upgrades or repairs, even minor odds and ends Anything BMW, no job too big or small let me know if I can be of your assistance in any way. Thank you.
  3. My name is Jake and I'm from the Fox Valley area. I'm sure you've all noticed me posting every once and a while for the last couple weeks. I am here to showcase my $1,000 1996 328is. She's a fully loaded 5-speed with 240,000 miles. I picked it up before the snow started to fall and beat the ever living crap out of it. Slidewayz by Jake Spence Photography, on Flickr FOR RENT by Jake Spence Photography, on Flickr School status. by Jake Spence Photography, on Flickr Slangin. by Jake Spence Photography, on Flickr Carousel. by Jake Spence Photography, on Flickr Now that the snow has melted, I can finally give her some much needed attention. She came with some nasty purple Walmart tint and some fake carbon fiber vinyl on the roof which I don't have any pictures of. I couldn't stand it and ripped most of it off in the middle of winter (not my smartest idea). Here she is in her current state. Winter took a real toll on her. Beginning of the Bimmer by Jake Spence Photography, on Flickr $1,000 by Jake Spence Photography, on Flickr Both Ponies by Jake Spence Photography, on Flickr Yep, that's my track slut lurking in the background. A boosted Miata. I'd love to line her up against some Bimmers on here Backed Up by Jake Spence Photography, on Flickr That's all for now. Expect some updates very soon, I have some parts waiting in the garage
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