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Found 31 results

  1. So Ive tried to write a build thread before and im not the greatest at depicting a good story so try and hang in there with me. For those of you who aren’t familiar I have an E30 vert that I more recently swapped a 1JZ into. Now that that car is nearing completion, I realized that I am too worried about actually doing much with the car other than driving it to a fro rather than tracking it (I mean it is a convertible anyways). So this is where I made the terribly unwise decision to buy my new “deathtrap.” Now I got this car ONLY because it seemed like a good idea at the time and the price was more than fair. But it has such a massive list of good and bad I was 90% ready to walk away until I drove it around the block. It’s a 199X BMW E36 318is with a ford mustang 5.OHHHH with a T5 trans. Pretty common swap and there are write ups all over the net for this conversion. I figured with fullbody coilovers, M3 rear end, aluminum drive shaft, sticky tires, on paper this was recipe for a fun machine. Upon arrival the car obviously looks just as bad as I thought. Rusty quarters, flat black front end, various dents and scratches, it was worn, which I was somewhat hoping for. I didn’t want another clean car that I have to worry about leaving in a parking lot because some soccer mom was too busy dealing with her offspring to realize her cart just rolled 50’ into the side of my car. We opened the hood and boy what a mess. Looped coolant lines, wires exposed, the coolant overflow was a plastic water bottle, missing blower motor and fuse box covers, a terribly painted intake manifold, the intake was just dangling inches from the exhaust manifold, and man oh man, there was a lot of zip ties. (at this point, any normal person including myself would and should walk away) But I didn’t. So getting in, I found 60% of the interior missing, and what was left, was utterly destroyed. The shifter location was under the dash, where the OBC use to be, the headliner was gone but all of the maps lights and buttons were plugged in and dangling, , the door panels were gone, the window switches didn’t work, the drivers side door was held shut with a bungee cord, none of the gauge cluster worked except for the fuel gauge but luckily there was an aftermarket tach, H2O temp, and oil pressure gauges where the HVAC controls use to be. (Here is where I made the mistake, by not walking away) I turned the key, and nothing happened. Theres two random switches floating around in the center console where the OBC use to be. That’s how you start it. Ones the starter, the other is…….. a mystery according to the previous owner, but it needs to be on as well. Okay started it up and it sounds just like you would expect, a crowd munching mustang V8. Driving it around the block, made me complete forget about the 983468397 things I just listed wrong with the car. It was quick, loud, and pretty fun to drive. The suspension was responsive, and the tires gave it great grip and the shifter felt great besides its bad placement. Looking through the shattered glass windshield and gripping the wheel till my knuckles were white to prevent the poor alignment from pulling me into the ditch, I started to picture a futuristic madmax style E36 competing at track events, creating massive burnouts, and carelessly tapping walls, all with a giant grin on my face. So I did what any Day dreaming idiotic man would do. I bought it. Here are some pictures of the car followed by some inspiration from KHYZYL SALEEM (If you havent head of this guy I suggest you google his name) of what I plan to make the car look like.
  2. I have a niche business called Krista's Custom Kreations. I make some pretty awesome shift boots. Made to order. Esy install. Check out my business on fb or Instagram : @kcustomkreations Contact me via here, insta, or fb for inquiries.
  3. So, this may or may not turn into a build thread of my car. I just have some time today and figured I would share some photos. I have a swap waiting to get torn down and installed next winter, but as of now, I am focusing on the suspension. The car is a 1993 BMW 325IC e30 Vert. This car is an original all options machine (besides a LSD ) that I picked up almost two years ago. I have slowly been repairing the little things that go wrong with a 20 year old BMW while trying to improve it to my liking at the same time. Bare with me as I use this thread to post slow progress as its made....on to the photos This is what it looked like when I got it. Check the horrible tint and reverse rake..
  4. Here is my 2009 135i 6mt, tons of modifications but basically full bolt on and custom wrap. In the Appleton area but make my way around the state.
  5. So.... I acquired this car last year after it exchanged hands about 4-6 times before landing on my doorstep. The poor fella was in desperate need of TLC and an owner that would actually take the time to sort out his quirks. I dont know if I'm that owner, but I am certainly going to try to be (for now). And although I dont really have the room for him in my stable, I took him in with open arms. With that said, the car also didnt have a title when I got it. The story is that it went to auction, and the highest bidder left it on the lot abandon and a towing company removed it and took over possession of the car. Here is where it was sold and jumped around title-less for a few years until yesterday that is, when I finally made the journey back through all of the previous owners to find out what I just explained. The towing company gave me all the necessary paperwork and after a simple trip to the DMV, I now legally own another car. About the car itself. Its a 1984 633CSI E24 5 speed coupe. The car is fairly rare from what I have researched. Only 1173 manuals were sold here in america, and of that, the color combination is almost none existent. Alpine white exterior with Cherry red AKA"Ox Blood" interior. Pair that with the Zender kit and it seems like a pretty cool car. UNLESS you have to work on it. So basically I am starting this thread more to help myself document the process of getting it running again and returning it into a nice factory condition. First day I saw it: First day home:
  6. 4 set of bmw wheels. Hankook Ventus V12 tires. 225/45/17 Asking $300. Obo Tires in good shape. About half life left. Rims need a little cleaning. Wanting these gone. Moving to Denver and cannot bring these with!! Please buy these!! One wheel leaks a little, but only when it's sitting for a while.
  7. Hey everyone! I actually joined the forum a few months ago as I met Brian. He directed me to your community here, but I never introduced myself. My name is Matt and I am new to the BMW forum as well as being new to BMW ownership. I bought my first Bimmer last August and she's a wimpy, but cute, little red '92 e30 318i vert. I'm a local to Milwaukee, born and raised, and I was looking for a place to get more involved in the auto industry. This seems like as good a place as any! I also [used to] write articles and post them to my blog (hate that word) of industry news, features, etc. My website is downshiftmke.com if any of you are interested in checking it out. My latest work has been a more visual medium since no one likes to read these days. Admittedly, a lot of my initial work was garbage, but I'm happier with the way things are developing more recently. I recently filmed an F80 M3 which was a lot of fun, and this week I'm releasing a comparison video of that M3 going head-to-head with an Alfa Giulia QV which is my best work yet. Here's the link to the M3 video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdCtiK8_r0U (I'll include a link to the comp video if you guys are interested) Let me know if you think it's garbage or if it doesn't completely offend you! I'd always prefer the latter, but I'd like to improve my craft so any feedback is welcomed! Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and say hi! Matt
  8. So I am going to be picking up a wheel this weekend to be making it into a wheel computer case like this. 19 inch CSL for 20$
  9. I'm throwing my hat into the Alpine arena. It's a CALIFORNIA (!!!) 1990 Alpine 325i Sedan. Automatic, and the M20 has about 260k miles on it + a leaking head gasket. But these are perfect conditions for a M50 5-speed swap. We picked up this guy around the end of December before Christmas, however with the fact that we have two E34's to attend to and the calypso e30, my project schedule was pushed back a bit The driver's side of the valance is forked pretty badly, so I'll be swapping that with a brand new one. Other than that, this body is pristine. I don't have any solid pictures of the interior but it has gray cloth seats, which the driver's seat is a little tattered but nothing horrible. Let's get up to speed: Dec. 20th, 2016 We found the car on a farm outside of Verona sitting under snow, which we had come to learn had been sitting for quite some time since the guy had a lot of other project cars. But to our disbelief, there is zero rust on the car and it started up immediately after wiping off the snow. Somehow this car sat on Madison Craigslist for two weeks without anyone even coming to check it out?? I swear I thought it was a scam, it was quite literally a Christmas miracle. Chris survived the drive back on probably the baldest and rotted set of spare tires I've ever seen. Cleaned it up to get rid of all the salt, cause it'll never be seeing a winter again. Dec. 22nd, 2016 Since Ben was home from SC for the holidays, we pulled the M50 from a parts 95 E36 325i we had sourced a few weeks prior, which was put out of commission due to the hood flying up and smashing the windshield while driving. The motor was running a week before it was picked up, however it's believed the starter went out, which doesn't matter since I need a new one for the swap. Removing it was a breeze with four people and the core supports sawzalled off. that e36 is mega scrapped by now. Feb. 19th, 2017 The E30 twins currently sit together. I took this the day we got the Calypso M20 running. Forgot to mention around this time I scored some side skirts from Dan, which you can see leaning on the wall next to the E28. Mar. 18th, 2017 The M20 pull has begun. Andy stopped by to drop off the set of 15'' Weds Bavaria 4x100 rims he no longer wanted. I think they look fresh as hell, and are a perfect fit for the Alpine. I'll be looking into powder coating them in the future, but for now they're in perfectly acceptable condition to run. I found a thread on E9 Coupe that pointed out that 68mm BMW center caps fit these guys perfectly, so I ordered a set of them. Very excited to see how they look on the car. I also picked up a pressure washer today. Hoping to get a good engine bay wash going once the motor is pulled. Here's my WIP parts list so far if you're curious of my plans. I'd tell you that this is for you, but it's actually for me. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1g5PsFmSzEas-rl7x8jwDGZs5WF2SzdOdVU6ErX8QxGI/edit?usp=sharing
  10. My Lexus sucked. My RX7 is still getting its new ECU wired up in Illinois (going on week 5 now), I needed a daily and I wanted something cool and wanted a wagon. So, here we are. I'll lower it and get cooler wheels for it at least. Black grills and some bi xenon headlights would be cool but with how fancy the electrical stuff is on these cars idk if it's an easy swap or not. But anyways, look at what I bought.
  11. So a while back I found this site looking for some random picture of some rare random part. I have since visited back many times due to the awesomeness of the e30s and the great details. I just thought I would share it in case anyone else might have missed this site and wanted something to gawk at. Enjoy:) https://drive-my.com/social/groups/item/49-bmw-e30-club.html?tag=2014
  12. Brew city cruise night's BMW night is tonight at 'The Nines' in Mequon tonight (www.brewcitycruisenight.com). There is typically a pretty nice turnout, I'll be there in a shamefully dirty e36...hope to see some of you there!
  13. Hello fellow wibmw owners. This is my first post and sadly it's me needing help, and a lot of it. Unfortunately my head gasket is junk on my 98 bmw 323is 2.5L i6 and it needs to be replaced asap. I havnt looked into a lot of shops because frankly I'm not sure I trust local shops with a bmw. I'd rather do it in someone's garage with someone who's done it before where I can help get the job done. I'd try and tackle it my self but I've never done a head gasket. Anywho reason for my post is I either need a really well know shop who has experience with e36 head gaskets or someone's help on here in doing the job. I don't have much money but will get a loan to get my beloved bimmer back up and functional. thank you in advance for any replies and help. I was at the last wi bimmers meet this year as well had a great cruise with most of you.
  14. Anyone in the area? Would love cruising with some other Bimmers.
  15. Ive talked to quite a few of you from the site and think it is about time to post an update on how my swap project is coming. motor is built, tube chassis is done, front suspension in the works. Here are some pics so far.
  16. I'm Danielle, a former Subaru owner (go ahead throw garbage I deserve it) BUT happily and gleefully now the proud owner of a 95 e36 M3 Very excited to make this M my own and have already begun the process of window shopping for parts, making my list and checking it twice before deciding what direction to take this fellow. Needless to say, it's been a little over a week and I find myself enjoying the car more every time I drive it. Anyway just saying heyyyy.
  17. Hey guys, I've been lurking around the local scene forum and wanted to share a few photos of my new M3. Her name is Scarlett. First pic is best representation of actual color.
  18. Hey everyone, Just dropping an intro about myself for the group. I purchased my first BMW back in may of 14. It is a 2009 BMW 335xi. Current mods are alpina flash, some various custom coding, JB4, DCI, and a little bit of a custom exhaust. It is sitting on the sport wheels with a M-tech lip and spoiler and Tein S-tech springs. Overall this car is probably the most fun to drive of any car i've owned (why I bought it). As far as planned mods, the car probably will not get much more. I am avidly trying to get into the "big leagues" of car audio competition so most of my free time and money goes there. I have a guy I work with that has been pushing me to get on here, so I figured it was about time to do so. Hope to meet you all eventually!
  19. I was curious if any of you can or know someone that can remove small minor dents and scratches for cheap. Not looking to spend much at all, just hoping they can be fixed real quick. They are very minor things, but they are fair enough to be bothersome to search for a helper. Located around the Milwaukee area.
  20. I finally am open to public! Snyder Automotive LLC. $75/ hr 9203792678!
  21. Well, it seems as though everyone goes on vacation in August, and I decided to go back to where my roots are: Germany! I was born here and my father's side of the family is all over here. It's so awesome seeing all of the different types of Bimmers rolling around. It's really too bad though because my favorites (late 90's M3) are according to my cousin not very cool cars over here for the typical German due to all the Turkish "thugs" buying them up and causing a ruckus. Oh well, all in all it's going to be an awesome trip though and I'm hoping to get a bunch of BMW gear while I'm over here. Anyone ever want anything from Germany that you couldn't get over in the US? I'm trying to think of what I can snag... M318 told me he's looking for a huge BMW flag for his shop so I'll be looking for one of those.
  22. Hey all! Just traded my E30 for this guy: More pics to come... So you're probably thinking... what the heck is so special about it? Well, from the factory it was a 525it with an auto transmission; BMW didn't make E34 Wagons with the "big six" M30B35 motor. So one of the P.O's had to go through hell to swap it (yes, apparently its very hard to do on a 525it). Whats done to it thus far: Rebuilt M30B35 50k miles ago Getrag 260/5 Manual trans Brand new M5 Clutch Brand new clutch master cylinder brand new slave cylinder Aluminum lightweight driveshaft M5 Rear End Wheel Studs M5 LSD Bilstein Shocks with H&R Springs 08 5 series wheels (Style 138 I believe) Heavy duty sway bars front/rear Poly Suspension bushings all around Poly shifter bushings Straight piped to an Eisenmann Muffler
  23. I just loaded my gallery up with eye candy for y'all. Enjoi!
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