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Found 2 results

  1. So.... I acquired this car last year after it exchanged hands about 4-6 times before landing on my doorstep. The poor fella was in desperate need of TLC and an owner that would actually take the time to sort out his quirks. I dont know if I'm that owner, but I am certainly going to try to be (for now). And although I dont really have the room for him in my stable, I took him in with open arms. With that said, the car also didnt have a title when I got it. The story is that it went to auction, and the highest bidder left it on the lot abandon and a towing company removed it and took over possession of the car. Here is where it was sold and jumped around title-less for a few years until yesterday that is, when I finally made the journey back through all of the previous owners to find out what I just explained. The towing company gave me all the necessary paperwork and after a simple trip to the DMV, I now legally own another car. About the car itself. Its a 1984 633CSI E24 5 speed coupe. The car is fairly rare from what I have researched. Only 1173 manuals were sold here in america, and of that, the color combination is almost none existent. Alpine white exterior with Cherry red AKA"Ox Blood" interior. Pair that with the Zender kit and it seems like a pretty cool car. UNLESS you have to work on it. So basically I am starting this thread more to help myself document the process of getting it running again and returning it into a nice factory condition. First day I saw it: First day home:
  2. Hey everyone, I just purchased a new bike, and bikes are expensive, so I've decided to sell my set of BBS RE 847 wheels. I would really like to keep them (aka hoard stuff), but I don't plan on running them any time soon so they are the first things to go. Specs: 18x8, et35, 5x120, 72.6mm center bore Some details: These are the die-forged version of BBS's CH, and are lightweight for their size (approximately 20lbs per wheel, with much of weight concentrated in the center to reduce the moment of inertia) and very strong. They look awesome too! You can find them on BBS's website here: http://www.bbs-usa.com/road_wheels/wheel_details.cfm?wheel=8. These are usually around $800 each new, and ECS just recently started selling them for $3k per set! They come with the original black/gold 3D center caps, and the original BBS metal valve stems. The tires are pretty much junk (225/40/18 Continental Extremecontact DW, down to the wear bars, you could easily fit wider rubber on an e36). They have very little rash, a few scratches here and there, and clean up pretty well. They do have some paint peeling on the sides of the spokes near the back edges, its not terrible but a refinish would be needed to make them perfect. These fit my e36 M3 perfectly with no rubbing or spacers needed, and would also fit great on an e46, e9x and many others. They have massive amounts of clearance for large brakes as well and would make for an excellent/lightweight set of track wheels. There are no bends or cracks. Pics on my car: Here is one of the wheels from when I picked them up, the condition really hasn't changed. I only ran them in the summer and am very careful about curbs/potholes/etc: I will get updated pictures of the wheels and any/all blemishes by the end of the weekend! I'll have them up on here first, and they will go to facebook/craigslist in about a week. Asking $1000 obo (active WIBIMMERS member price, will be posted higher elsewhere). I am in Milwaukee. Not really interested in any trades, unless you have stuff I need from my swap parts wanted thread, then we can figure something out.