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Found 5 results

  1. Okay dudes, the time has come to create a build thread. So the story leading up to the current shell I will be building is a bit long, but Ill keep it short and sweet. I purchased a 2001 330i back in June of 2017. The car was decently clean but pretty hacked up from the previous owner, the reason for buying the 330i was because it had quite a few decent mods that would transfer over to the end goal of the 323ci shell that I had also worked into another deal. The 330 i ended up needing a new engine before we finished the deal but i still bought it, with that being said I located a whole new m54b30 long block to drop in. While the engine was out I did a few upgrades including headers, condor engine and trans mounts, GAS Disa rebuild kit, HD clutch and resurfaced the aftermarket single mass flywheel the previous owner installed and a RK-Tunes performance flash. The idea behind the 330i was to get some good practice in without having to build a car from the ground up to get my feet wet at the track. The chassis came with a MG Solutions max angle steering kit, some custom true rear coils (and a somewhat reinforced subframe/rear strut towers), an ASD dual caliper hydro set up and a few other odds and ends. By the end of the season I had installed my Buddy Club bucket seats from my civic into the car as well as changed the diff to a 3.46 and picked up some StanceUSA XR1 coilovers for the front. Fast forward to the beginning of November and this 330i was completely stripped to nothing and the shell was taken to the scrap yard. Now why would I strip and scrap what appears to be a perfectly good shell? Because I was able to get hooked up with a 2000 323ci from North Carolina! Ill drop a photo below, all I have to say is dont judge a book by its cover hahah. I have alot of plans for this little 323ci, some of which will be happening over this winter and others that are more of a long term end goal for the car. As of right now the plan is to swap over the m54b30 as well as convert the 323ci to a manual transmission using all of the parts from my 330i (another reason the 330i was an important car to have for a bit) The 323 will be getting the suspension swapped into it as well as all bushings replaced and a subframe reinforcement. The engine bay is going to get done up as well. I previously had a 95 civic hatchback that I owned for 7 years that had alot of attention to detail in many forgotten areas so that being said this car will end up the same way. I plan to update the thread regularly as parts come in and are installed as well as making moved on the build that dont necessarily mean buying parts is necessary. I am extremely excited to get the car done and add my personal touches that may be a bit out of the ordinary compared to many bmws!
  2. So... I've got this beast sitting in storage right now: I originally bought it to use as a winter beater because it was RWD and a manual. Ended up daily-driving it for far longer than intended. Mechanically, it's a pretty solid car. Suspension is fresh. Drivetrain seems solid. Needs a CSB, ECU, and has a rotor that is starting to get warped. 290k+ miles. Other than that, it runs and drives just fine. Despite it's age and all the faults that come with it, I've actually become somewhat fond of it, and I'm having a hard time just getting rid of it. Especially, since it's monetary value is pretty insignificant (basically a oilpan, pickup and dipstick tube with car attached...). I've had two people threaten to buy it to use as a drift car, but so far no one has put any money in my hand. Sooo.... What the hell should I do with this thing? It's had 3 WIBimmers owners so far. Seems like a shame to just sell it/part it out/scrap it, but it's not worth much more than that financially. Open to suggestions/looking for ideas here...
  3. Hello everyone! My name is Troy and i just bought my first bimmer. I live in Kewaskum Wi and have a few friends that have been into BMWs for quite some time. I personally am coming from the honda scene, I had my 95 hatch for 7 years and I just recently partially parted out that car to take on this e46 drift car build. I purchased this 2001 330i which has been already partially modded for drifting, but we already have plans in the work to build on this original purchase. The car actually had a bad engine when i bought it which the owner did not figure out, long story short from my brief research I know that the m54s have oiling issues and this one decided it had enough with 188xxx on the clock and ate a cam (the intake cam on cyl 4, 5 and 6 was completely dry and full of aluminum shavings) along with cracking 2 of the cam caps. So that being said the car is on stands getting the engine pulled. I was able to pick up another m54b30 with 116k on it and that will be getting a few gaskets and then be thrown in for the remainder of the summer. Im super excited to tr something new after being in the honda scene for 7 years. Im sure I will have some questions along the way but regardless I am excited. I attached some photos of the civic that I was building for 7 years and recently made into a rolling shell along with a few photos of the e46 i picked up. Hoping to make a build thread to keep track of the progress as well!
  4. I got this california e30 325e 1987 for $450. Motor was seized. Got it to turn and start. Head gasket was blown. Replaced head gasket and did not deck head. Head gasket still blown. Bought and installed new e motor from Schmidts in New London. Head gasket was blown. Returned motor. Bought e motor from craigslist from wibimmer member. Installed motor and runs good after I adjusted the valves now starts in half a turn.
  5. When is the snow drift this year on Sinisippi? I am preparing an e30 just for this event!
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