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Found 3 results

  1. Alright, since I’m working on the car today and tomorrow to get some preseason stuff done, I figured I would finally start a boring thread to chronicle this car and have a reference to look back on later. The car: It’s a 1989 325i convertible, automatic, (I know, I know) with a black interior and 192,xxx miles. It was originally purchased by my father about 8 years ago, then sorta handed down to me. It’s been a good car so far, as with all m20’s it can be finicky and a pain sometimes but overall it’s a lot of fun. Pretty much rust free as well. It’s had some recent maintenance work done, including: • Winter 2013-14: Timing belt was replaced, along with the water pump and tensioner. Head was removed and checked as a baseline at this time, I believe that there was also oil seeping from the head gasket so that was resolved as well. Before this, the timing belt was last replaced in 2001 at 140,xxx miles. Scary stuff! • Winter 2015-16: Refreshed rear suspension, excluding rear subframe and differential bushings. I went with all stock/OE quality parts, including bilstein shocks and I believe lemforder rtabs and end links. Wheel bearings and brake lines on the trailing arms were also done at this time. Rear brakes were also done about 6 months before this. O2 sensor replaced at this time as well. • Spring 2017: Broke the outer valve spring on the cylinder 2 exhaust valve, so the head came off at this time. While it was out, it was treated to a new cam, new rocker arms, and new valve springs. All related gaskets and timing belt were replaced at this time. While this was going on, the exhaust was dropped, midpipe to catback hardware was replaced with stainless stuff, and the CSB, transmission mounts and guibo were replaced. Fuel filter and the hoses directly connected to it were also replaced at this time. • Finally, I’m working on the front brakes right now. They’ve never been touched and I had the pads laying in a box for 2 years so I decided to finally get it done. Pics of the mess: First thing I noticed was that it appeared someone had attempted to remove the rotor set screw with a drill. Lucky me. I’m beginning to see why no one wanted to touch the front brakes. Then, when I pulled the caliper off, the pad surface fell out separate of the backing plate. Also fun, but doesn’t really matter since they’re going in the trash anyways. Finally, I’m having trouble getting one of the caliper bracket bolts out. Tried big wrench, nothing. Hammer, nothing. Heating with a torch, nothing. So I doused it in PB Blaster and I’ll come back to it tomorrow and try again, and if that doesn’t work, I’m not sure what I’m gonna do. Maybe get a bigger torch, I don’t know. Anyways, I don’t have specific plans for it right now other than just driving it and maintaining it due to a college budget. Ideally, I’d 5-speed swap it, refresh the front suspension, throw in a z3 or e46 zhp rack, put on some stuff like an x-brace, but for now it’s pretty okay. I’m in the Madison area in the summer and Milwaukee during the school year, so if anyone ever needs an extra set of hands or want to go for a drive or something, shoot me a PM.
  2. I'm throwing my hat into the Alpine arena. It's a CALIFORNIA (!!!) 1990 Alpine 325i Sedan. Automatic, and the M20 has about 260k miles on it + a leaking head gasket. But these are perfect conditions for a M50 5-speed swap. We picked up this guy around the end of December before Christmas, however with the fact that we have two E34's to attend to and the calypso e30, my project schedule was pushed back a bit The driver's side of the valance is forked pretty badly, so I'll be swapping that with a brand new one. Other than that, this body is pristine. I don't have any solid pictures of the interior but it has gray cloth seats, which the driver's seat is a little tattered but nothing horrible. Let's get up to speed: Dec. 20th, 2016 We found the car on a farm outside of Verona sitting under snow, which we had come to learn had been sitting for quite some time since the guy had a lot of other project cars. But to our disbelief, there is zero rust on the car and it started up immediately after wiping off the snow. Somehow this car sat on Madison Craigslist for two weeks without anyone even coming to check it out?? I swear I thought it was a scam, it was quite literally a Christmas miracle. Chris survived the drive back on probably the baldest and rotted set of spare tires I've ever seen. Cleaned it up to get rid of all the salt, cause it'll never be seeing a winter again. Dec. 22nd, 2016 Since Ben was home from SC for the holidays, we pulled the M50 from a parts 95 E36 325i we had sourced a few weeks prior, which was put out of commission due to the hood flying up and smashing the windshield while driving. The motor was running a week before it was picked up, however it's believed the starter went out, which doesn't matter since I need a new one for the swap. Removing it was a breeze with four people and the core supports sawzalled off. that e36 is mega scrapped by now. Feb. 19th, 2017 The E30 twins currently sit together. I took this the day we got the Calypso M20 running. Forgot to mention around this time I scored some side skirts from Dan, which you can see leaning on the wall next to the E28. Mar. 18th, 2017 The M20 pull has begun. Andy stopped by to drop off the set of 15'' Weds Bavaria 4x100 rims he no longer wanted. I think they look fresh as hell, and are a perfect fit for the Alpine. I'll be looking into powder coating them in the future, but for now they're in perfectly acceptable condition to run. I found a thread on E9 Coupe that pointed out that 68mm BMW center caps fit these guys perfectly, so I ordered a set of them. Very excited to see how they look on the car. I also picked up a pressure washer today. Hoping to get a good engine bay wash going once the motor is pulled. Here's my WIP parts list so far if you're curious of my plans. I'd tell you that this is for you, but it's actually for me. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1g5PsFmSzEas-rl7x8jwDGZs5WF2SzdOdVU6ErX8QxGI/edit?usp=sharing
  3. Hey everyone, Just dropping an intro about myself for the group. I purchased my first BMW back in may of 14. It is a 2009 BMW 335xi. Current mods are alpina flash, some various custom coding, JB4, DCI, and a little bit of a custom exhaust. It is sitting on the sport wheels with a M-tech lip and spoiler and Tein S-tech springs. Overall this car is probably the most fun to drive of any car i've owned (why I bought it). As far as planned mods, the car probably will not get much more. I am avidly trying to get into the "big leagues" of car audio competition so most of my free time and money goes there. I have a guy I work with that has been pushing me to get on here, so I figured it was about time to do so. Hope to meet you all eventually!
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