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  1. Have fun today guys! I’m so bummed that I cannot be there! I finally have an e30 again and I’m not going to make it. My trip delivering boats to the east coast has taken a day longer than anticipated. I can’t wait to see all of you next year or at another event this summer!!
  2. Picture taken last night after taking the first drive in the e30!
  3. I found a set of wheels! Picking them up on my next trip to California.
  4. E30 Parts List WTB: driver’s side B pillar panel - 4dr Black premium rear speakers - actual speakers not needed, just looking for the housings and grills Steering wheel MT-1 or 2, alpina or maybe wood Gray full carpet - sedan White trunk lid (non Vert) IS (or other) skirts, front lip Maplight mirror Decent dash Dead pedal Ellipsoid headlights Late model fog lights
  5. Thanks!!! Do you know the date yet?
  6. I sold it to Jenny Morgan. Is that who you got yours from?
  7. Awesome!!! Thanks! I’ll send them a PM. I’d prefer to find parts locally if possible.
  8. You are both correct! I’ve owned 18 different E30s over the years. Sold the last one approximately 8 years ago or so. Just bought a 91 318i in CA. Where should I be searching for wheels (and seats etc) these days?? A lot has changed since I’ve been out of it!
  9. Thanks Dan! Great talking to you the other day!!! Spending some time in the basement today, figuring out what cool e30 parts are still down there. I’ve found e36 window switches. That’s a cool start!
  10. Sorry, I should have been more clear. Looking for 14” weaves, 15s would be great but I’m sure they’re crazy rare these days and $$$$. I’d think 16s even more so… I don’t want to mess with adapters or a 5x120 swap. Old school I guess!
  11. I think I have a rear seat. I’ll check and post pics asap.
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