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  1. Ended up going with a Dinan Free Flow, no longer looking for PE. Thanks for the help.
  2. Not sure how much help this will be. But I found this today while browsing around bimmerpost looking at digital gauge options for my e90. No clue how good they are and the website has a really scammy name. But it claims to mate up to the maxx ecu.https://customdigitalgauges.com/products/race-cluster
  3. @JdesignProbably not, but North of you. I’m up in the Sun Prairie area.
  4. @B C The E30 picnic? I may go, I’m out of town part of that week so I might have things to catch up on during the weekend. Hoping to at some point get to cruise with some other members.
  5. Not too familiar with copart outside of the car auctions. Do I have to be a paid member to get parts from them?
  6. I’m pretty far out on the East side but work on the West. So you there’s a good chance to see me around. Once some new parts start trickling in I’ll start a very lame build thread so my car might be a bit more identifiable.
  7. I’m looking for an OEM N55 performance exhaust. I believe the part number is: 18102410681. Doesn’t need to be local I’m willing to pay shipping, the only place I’ve found one is BMW of Monterey for $1700 which is a bit more than I’m hoping to pu for one. Any leads you have let me know. Thanks!
  8. My problem so far has been sourcing one. I’ve been hunting for a used one as I’m pretty sure the new ones have dried up. The VSRF full cat back exhaust has also interested me but that’s if I can’t find a PE. I should post a wtb here as well now that I think about it.
  9. Mostly cosmetics, I have some OEM shadowline grilles on order and a spoiler as well as a tint appointment as it’s currently a fish bowl. I’m in the market for an exhaust too in particular a PE but might end up just doing the PE mod to the stock muffler. Other than that just a charge pipe. I’m probably not going to much internally for a little while longer. Love alpine, wasn’t my first choice when I got the car but it’s now one of my favorites.
  10. Hello, I just joined up here. I’m not great at introductions but I’m located in Madison and I currently drive an alpine white E90 335i. I’ve had my E90 a bit over a year now, and this summer I’m hoping to finally get check some things off that I’ve been meaning to do.
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