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  1. mke_m2

    Newish M2 to MKE

    I would likely get a set of apex ec-7 wheels, 18” which are about $1,500 then a set of blizzaks are about $1,200ish. So $2,700 without mounting approximately. Sorry for my over estimate. But then again, I may just get a second car for the winter. Haven’t decided yet. Nevertheless, I don’t have to worry about that for some time and can enjoy the upcoming nice months. Does anyone know about upcoming meets in Milwaukee or Chicago?
  2. mke_m2

    Newish M2 to MKE

    Has nothing to do with any of that. Didn’t have the disposable income to buy a set of winter wheels and tires following my wedding, honeymoon, purchase of the car, and the aftermarket parts I installed upon delivery. And at ~$3,000-$4,000 for wheels and winter tires, I may just buy a designated winter car. I drove my 135i in the winter and my 2008 mustang gt during high school during the winter with winter setup and no issues. I just don’t know which route I plan on going. And I don’t plan on selling the m2 for many years, if at all.
  3. mke_m2

    Newish M2 to MKE

  4. mke_m2

    Newish M2 to MKE

    The waitlist period was dreadful. Haha. Took so long but any earlier wouldn’t have worked for me either because of my wedding and honeymoon, so it worked out very well in the end. On my 135i i was running KW V3s. The m2 has KW HAS kit with 10mm macht schnell spacers all around. I’m raising the front slightly though because the shitty roads in MKE are not conducive to such a low car with a front lip.
  5. mke_m2

    Newish M2 to MKE

    Thanks! It is still a work-in-progress. Exhaust is next, starting with a downpipe the day I take her out of storage. Hopefully wheels by the end of the summer, but the wife says i spend enough already on the car. haha
  6. mke_m2

    Newish M2 to MKE

    Hey Guys/Gals, My journey to ownership of a M2 was a long one. I started my BMW journey in college with a 2010 135i m-sport (see attached photo). I quickly fell in love. However, shortly after graduation I sold it to buy the wife an engagement ring (priorities right?). After 1.5 years without a car, i told the wife-to-be that as a wedding gift to myself I was going to get the M2. I jumped on a waiting list at BMW Milwaukee North in February of 2016. Fast forward 19 months and my 2018 M2 LCI had finally arrived two weeks after my return from my honeymoon in mid-September 2017. I drove the car through November, racking up only enough miles to meet the required break-in period, and into storage she went. I have again been without a car for the last 4 month and irking to get back in the driver's seat. Who else is looking forward to spring?! Cheers! Rob
  7. mke_m2

    Bimmers in Wisconsin Official Photos Thread

    New to the Wisconsin forum, looking forward to taking her out of storage at the end of the month.