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  1. AJK430

    New guy with E30 in Madison

    I also think I tried to buy this car... Was it email only? No phone number? He never emailed me back
  2. AJK430

    New guy with E30 in Madison

    Welcome, I've got a 1991 iX also. Bought it crashed and cant figure out what to do with it. I just cant bring myself to part it out or sell it. Haha. Im always in Madison and my shop is in Baraboo if you need help or want to help!
  3. https://appleton.craigslist.org/cto/d/appleton-e30-5-speed-1986-bmw-325e/6776999364.html
  4. Brand New Avant Garde 19x10 M359 I only have the one... $275 Brand new Ill take $225 Local Pick Up/Meet Oshkosh Wisconsin
  5. AJK430

    Style 58 18" Wheels x 4

    That looks great! Thanks for sharing. Maybe ill keep them around haha.
  6. Yep. Still toying with the idea of parting it out. I have a frame guy out of Hartford going to do an estimate on pulling it straight and welding in a new core, but if I can unload it I wanna focus on my S52 e30
  7. Yas. Brought them up to my dad to see if he wants to put them on his X5. Otherwise theyre for sale. Style 58's. Traded a dude on here for the KMAC Camber Plates
  8. AJK430

    Style 58 18" Wheels x 4

    Style 58's off an X5 took on trade. Will trade for BMW z3 steering rack or e30 stuff. or cash
  9. These were off the parts car that I bought for my S52 E30. I know they were not on the E36 for very long... Just got rusty when I trailered the car on an open trailer in a blizzard then sat. So the bearings and bushings should be like new. Just some corrosion externally due to the reason above. Wash, grease and go. $200
  10. AJK430

    Re-engaging in the community!

    Curious if anyone can help me identify these rear trailing arms by part number. Ive searched around and nothing comes up with this part number or any variation of it.. They're thought to be off a 6 Cylinder Z3 for my 5 lug swap, I just want to confirm so I order the right bearings but nearly all of the trailing arm part numbers start with 333. These start with 385... if you drop the 7. Haha. The numbers end in 762 and 761 for right and left which is consistent with the other trailing arm part numbers ive found but nothing starting with 385... And those 7's look an awful lot like 1's... Im embarrassingly confused. Help PLEAAAAASE!
  11. AJK430

    Re-engaging in the community!

    Hahaha. Well i drove the car I pulled the engine out of.. Happened to do a few donuts on the way to the garage. Its strong.
  12. AJK430

    Re-engaging in the community!

    Also what is this bracket for on the drivers side frame rail!?! I don't recall removing anything useful from there and I'm having a hard time seeing it in other e30 bay pictures and it doesn't exist on my 1991... you can also see it in the last picture I just posted above... this picture below is NOT mine. Not sure what hes doing but its the only thing ive found that references this bracket! Just want to know before I hack it off for my tuck!
  13. AJK430

    Re-engaging in the community!

    Alot of behind the scenes progress so to speak as far as acquiring information and components for my harness. I've got the harness out of the donor car, ill be working on getting that crossed over to utilize the C101 to mate to the chassis of the 86 e and deleting whatever isn't necessary. Also a ton of time spent cleaning up the engine and bay, deleting brackets for a mild wire tuck and chipping off and wire wheeling 20 years of crusties off the S52 cast block. Also still have to swap the pan and sump, build a dipstick with CCV and safety wire the oil pump gear on. Im working on a complete list of things that have yet to be done so I can logically go about completing them so I don't have to back track! Ill get my list together and post it up so if you guys can help me out that way that would be awesome!!