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  1. Random question, are any of the GT40 style cars that race during the vintage weekend authentic originals? I have no idea how the world of vintage GT40's works but it seems like 90% are kit cars When I was at the last vintage weekend the whole time I was like is a million dollars really ripping past me rn
  2. Drilled and bolted in with lock nuts, the brake pedal is steel so it’s extremely solid. The gas pedal cover is just screwed in
  3. Graduated college and moved back to Green Bay for a month, then Ill be moving down to the Madison area! Went to the local pick and pull today to get some parts for my Passat, and found a 99 vert out in the yard. It was 100% rust free and I managed to snag the x-brace, the guy behind the counter let me have it for free It had a bit of surface rust so I cleaned it up with the wire wheel and sanded it down for paint Painted it with some high temp caliper paint Nice that the M3's have the mounting threads in the subframe already, and thankfully all the holes lined up perfect. Took maybe 15 minutes to put it in, start to finish Pretty happy that I now have an x-brace and it cost me nothing and took little effort to put in!! I was also looking to get a x brace soon because when I dropped my exhaust I found that the OEM cross bar had taken a nasty hit at some point and wasn't even close to straight anymore
  4. Damn, nice garage I'd be worried about jack stands on rubber tiles not sitting very flat or slicing into them
  5. Just saw this sold for $32k I can't even wrap my head around that, beautiful car tho
  6. Saw this 95 M3 being parted out on marketplace, check out that rust hole in the pan 😬
  7. Oooooooo what lenses are we talking about? I've been a long time collector
  8. I have oem e34 m5 bumpers and skirts 👀
  9. I was checking out the pics and it looks like all of the rust problems are around roll cage plates, must have not been prepped good, gotten wet in the interior and sat forever
  10. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1995-bmw-m3-142/ Rusted out LTW on BAT!! Crazy to see one so crunchy
  11. The weather has been great the last few days, not ready to hit the roads but I was able to pull the car out and give it a wash Super happy with how the car looks Heres a shot of the black Bimmerworld pedals up close And a closer shot of the shifter set up
  12. Small update Old shift linkage is out, new dssr and RTD shifter are in! This shifter is absolutely worth the money and it feels great I also wanted to make sure everything lined up good so I put in the poly trans mounts first. Really pleased that they only took about 5 minutes to put in Crawling around under a car really takes a lot of energy 🥵 last weekend I picked up the Max Velocity Evo front lip and will be messing around with that tomorrow
  13. Heres my year and a half update lmao This past summer I basically did nothing to the car, my Passat sat dead in the street and I just daily drove the M3 in near stock form. In early November I got the Passat going and the M3 went into hibernation, I've slowly been doing random things here and there and put in a big order recently My goals for the spring are to have the suspension completely sorted, lose a ton of weight and do some engine upgrades to try and make a little more power, I really want to get into doing some autocross and make a all around nice street car for the weekends that feels a little bit more raw to drive The first thing I did was a deep clean, the interior and engine bay got pretty dirty driving the car every day last summer The LTW seats are going to be washed and extracted soon. For a while I really wanted bucket seats but I decided the best thing to do for the car is to just keep the full factory airbags and restraints in place. Pulled out my broken SAP and got the delete plates The harness for my HK amp was cut when I got the car, and the radio was missing. All of the speakers were replaced with cheap Infinity ones so I just pulled them all out. I dont really ever listen to music when I drive the car, and believe it or not I probably saved about 40lbs between all of the speakers, the amp and the cassette player Factory LTW radio delete panel Next I wanted to pull some more weight, so I moved to the rear of the car to pull out all of the trunk carpet, sound deadening and rear seats. I want to keep this clean, so the factory wires will all be loomed and I'm thinking the rear seat area and trunk will be sprayed and glossed in the factory color by a friend of mine at a body shop in the spring everything forward interior wise I'm keeping, all of the carpet and interior panels I've been looking into light weight batteries so I can shed another 25lbs from the rear I'm going back to plastic headlights because they weigh a lot less then my glass ones, and they also look gross missing all of the inside covers Brand new floormats New flex disc, center support bearing, fuel filter, all the bolts and exhaust hangers etc. For power upgrades I picked up a bimmerworld 3.5" intake elbow and got rid of the asc throttle body. I also picked up a AFE intake used, but unfortunately the head shield weighs like 20lbs, is rusty af and it doesn't fit quite right with the 3.5" maf even with trimming the bimmerworld elbow a ton. The intake is for a 3" setup, but the inside diameter of the pipe is close to 3.5", it bottle necks right before it to probably around 3.25", but I don't think it'll make a noticeable difference? As long as I can prevent heat soak Picked up a M50 manifold kit from bimmerworld, and Gibsons came through with a absolutely perfect M50 manifold for like $10 Soon I'll be looking into getting some headers and a tune of some sort I also picked up a UUC clutch stop, poly trans mounts, shifter rebuild parts and the bimmerworld pedal cover set in black (that I forgot to take pictures of installed) I'd couldn't recommend the covers more, they are super grippy, not flashy and improve the pedal feel so much After 2 months, my custom race height RTD V2 shifter and DSSR came in the mail, so I'm really excited with how it's gonna feel Another thing that I had to wait for and got lucky with, a factory BMW motorsport shift knob to go with the RTD shifter. @Rekpoint sold me some kind of GT style low rise wing, probably gonna try and get risers for it Also tracked down a pacific BMW plate frame, from the dealership that my car was sold new at Andddd on Saturday I'll be picking up a first gen Max Velocity Evo splitter from the Plymouth area! Sorry this update is all over and I'm a incompetent writer
  14. UWEC did the same thing. My last semester and I'm pretty much done going to campus I guess. Gonna be interesting
  15. Located in Eau Claire, WI. Go ahead and shoot me a text and we can talk more? 920-471-6321
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