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  1. Update Did a few things the past week, I found out where my interior water leak is coming in. I first cleaned my cowl and cowl drains in the firewall, and unfortunately the water is coming in where the AC/Heat unit goes through the firewall. There is a gasket that goes between the firewall and the unit and mine has failed apparently. When water goes into the cowl under the windshield, most drains out like it should but a good portion leaks past the gasket into the cabin. This is a stupid big job, and now I have to get my AC released and drain my coolant as well as remove my whole dash and dash bars to remove the unit ๐Ÿ˜“ Also the foam gasket I had to order was $44... Anyway, for now I have to wait over 10 days for my gasket to come from Germany. Most places wouldn't ship it until late June. I'm still going to move forward with the car and just keep it out of the rain until my gasket comes. I put my glass headlights in and aligned my front end up the other day My shifter was supperrr sloppy and hard to find gears, I found out that it's possible to replace the shift lever bushing from the top so that was a good start. Feels much better and is tight, but 3rd gear is pretty hard to distinguish from 5th. The shift linkage will need further work, my previous M3 shifter felt much better I want that feeling again After I picked up the car from Chicago, the car started Idling like shit pretty much right after I got home. I found that the ICV hose had cracked in 4 places where it connected to the intake. While I was at the junkyard I cut a chunk of ICV hose from a e36 and cut off the cracked part of mine and made this. This seems to work great, and I made sure it doesn't hit my throttle cable. I wasn't about to pull my intake manifold... 3.5in maf came on this car for absolutely no reason also No pics, but my LTW seats wouldn't just plug into my new M3 because the seatbelt plugs are different on a 98.5+, so yesterday night I swapped pyro seatbelt tensioners from my vaders onto my LTW seats that had mechanical tensioners. It was absolutely horrible and involved me having to constantly remove and replace my 700lb electric vaders in the car so I could adjust them to swap bolts around from the seat frames. It took forever, but if you take the time to swap everything over the seat frames are the same. Managed to stay airbag light free Finally, today I threw in my rear BC coilovers and leaned how to set preload on the springs and adjust the shocks. Never had nice suspension before, so that was fun. Deja vu, basically looks like were I was at with my old car lmao Final rear ride height, digging the wing.
  2. ChrisO

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    The would have been good to know about 3 hours ago haha @SteelBlue We cut them in half with a Sawzall
  3. ChrisO

    E36 seats

    Thanks for the responses, I ended up going the safe route and spending hours swapping around the seatbelt bolts, it was horrible but at least it'll be safe now. For anyone wondering, if you are going to swap pyro seatbelt tensioners on to seats that originally had mechanical tensioners, you have to swap the seatbelt bolt too because they are different for pyro and mechanical. The seatbelt bolt in a mechanical tensioner seat is shorter and doesn't allow the pyro tensioner to sit flat and tight with the seat rail
  4. ChrisO

    E36 seats

    When I had my 97 M3 my 95 LTW seats with the mechanical tensioners plugged in fine to the body harness My 98.5 M3 has the side airbags and pyro tensioners, I was in the middle of swapping the pyro tensioners onto my LTW seats because the plug styles on a 98.5 are completely different then a 97 but the pyro tensioner bracket wont sit on the older seat frame nice. How do mechanical tensioners work? I'm tempted to just put the mechanical tensioners back on the LTW seats and put them in my 98.5 M3 and stare at a airbag light when I drive. I don't understand why the drivers side mechanical tensioner on the LTW seat still has a wire coming out of it also, if they are mechanical. Could doing this be unsafe or make my airbags not work if I got in an accident? Basically the only wire that would plug into my new M3 is the passenger occupancy detector.
  5. $1500 without the aftermarket parts?? The best thing you could do with it is drive it to the scrapyard at that point IMO ๐Ÿคข Also, this https://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/cto/d/98-bmw-m3-set-up-for-drift/6613904538.html Poor M3, "minor surface rust" The quarter panel looks pretty rusted out to me... The stickers make me laugh, like I'm pretty sure not one part on that car is Recaro, Brembo or HKS ๐Ÿง
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    Time to roll her on her roof in the parking lot for the subframe and diff
  7. Quick little update The Mulberry interior in the car was disgusting to me both physically and mentally so it had to go. I have a full black interior, the LTW seats and a 99 wheel to go in. Lots of random stuff was broken in the interior of this car, and It's nice because I can replace it immediately with stuff from my old M3. e36 interiors are super easy to pull and put in Doesn't look to bad here, but it was. The power vaders sit much higher then normal vaders even at the lowest setting I'm pretty sure, they felt really weird. I like sitting close to the floor. They weigh probably 80lbs and I'm really happy I can get them out of the car right away. I think I will be shaving off an easy 100lbs between swapping the seats out, removing the spare and removing the sound deadening. I wasn't planning on removing the sound deadening, but I noticed that the drivers side floor pan was wet. Most of the sound deadening just came right up because moisture was underneath it. I wasn't going to mess around water and my floor pans so I decided to pull almost all of the sound deadening out. Thankfully there is still absolutely no rust, but I have to find where the water was getting in. I'm saving that for tomorrow, doesn't look like or smell like coolant. New interior wont go in until I'm certain it's not leaking anymore
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    Official Sighting Thread

    Lmao @GunMetalGrey
  9. I get to use my BC's and all the parts you ordered me!
  10. Might as well pick up from here. Got my dad to drive me down to Chicago at 8:00pm last night to check out a "rebuilt" SMG e46 M3 coupe that was $5900. The guy told me it was a rebuilt title, until he sent a pic of the title and I saw that progressive total loss insurance was the last title holder. One $39 carfax later I found out the car hasn't been registered for 3 years because it's still a salvage title. This dude had it registered with plates on it and everything and it was still a salvage title car that progressive had only signed off on. Sketchy. Once I confronted him he told me that he knows a guy who will brand the title anything I wanted for $100 lmfao. Told my dad to turn around. Literally 5 minutes after turning around I found a 98 M3 coupe 5-speed with 153k miles in Chicago on Autotrader. The car was at a dealer and was just shipped here from Georgia. Was titled in California and Washington from the day it was sold until 2015. Not a spec of rust ๐Ÿ˜ We turned around, got to Chicago at 1am, and by 11am this morning I was on my way back in my new car, running late to work by 2 hours. Looks pretty familiar. Cosmosschwartz and Mulberry ๐Ÿคจ Will have a back interior soon
  11. Lmao. "Some rust", 400k miles. The e36 M3 market is getting out of hand. Finding a deal on a decent rust free 5-speed is going to be a journey.
  12. Found IRL, I actually forgot about this car, but now that I'm looking for a new project I'm attempting to contact the owner of it. It has been sitting outside of what looks like a vacant warehouse for 3 years. It's either this or another e36 M ๐Ÿ˜ฌ 5-speed Cosworth
  13. e90 M3 sedan, 6-speed with 232,000 miles! https://charlottesville.craigslist.org/cto/d/bmw-m3-sedan-2008-manual/6604108374.html
  14. ChrisO

    1997 M3

    I'm working with @SteelBlue he's either getting the whole swap and trans or the whole car. This has been a pretty big mess and I'm sorry to anyone who wanted the driveshaft, trans, or radiator in specific lmao. I'm not good at parting out cars ๐Ÿ˜ซ
  15. ChrisO

    S52 222k Miles

    WI Bimmers D๐Ÿ˜–E๐Ÿ˜ˆA๐Ÿ†L Z๐Ÿ˜ซO๐Ÿ˜‚Nโ˜น๏ธE Before I post it up to the flakes on E36 World $1000 for the motor, full accessories, harness and computer. You can also have the steering column, original key, security system etc. if you want. Whatever it takes to make it run in your car. SteelBlue wants the trans ๐Ÿ˜ฌ