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  1. ChrisO

    An E36 Investigation

    2nd on the pics and story behind where the car came from
  2. I'm just going to say that I hate how much automakers change designs now. They are constantly redesigning front and rear ends of cars literally yearly. I hate that shit. Seems like every day I see another car that has been completely face-lifted after just a year (not just slightly updated) I know that it's good for business, I just hate thats how it is. New stuff doesn't satisfy anyone for more then a year now.. They change car designs like iPhones Heres a quick example that comes to mind because I work with Elantras so much 2016 2017 2019 Lets compare 80s/90s bmw now 1984 3-series 1992 3-series I know that the e30, e36, e34, e39 etc. received several small design changes over the years, but not complete front/rear end overhauls yearly.
  3. ChrisO

    Chapter GMW | E30 LS1 (starting on post #1427)

    Whats the story on the M5?
  4. Wow looks disgusting but seems like a lot of fun for the price.
  5. I like that a 2'x2' section of sheet metal has been cut from the side of the car Also it makes me cringe when they pick up cars that are going to be rebuilt with a forklift. Cant be healthy for suspension components or fuel/brake lines, depending which way they fork it... not that they give a shit Also it pisses me off that shift knobs, key fobs and emblems go missing from literally every auction car 😡😤
  6. "never been tracked" -He did the BMW's euro delivery program -Nurburgring sticker on the back Maybe he just did the ring tour 🧐
  7. https://sheboygan.craigslist.org/cto/d/1999-bmw-concertible-328i/6756966758.html Always like seeing e36's with the M-sport package
  8. wtf $27k? Even being generous and assuming that swap cost $10k, $17k for a 300k mile 325ix with flares and pretty Apex wheel seems insane. Even with KW suspension components. Still a sick car tho.
  9. Guy is asking $2k firm now, seems like a great deal for 370whp.
  10. ChrisO

    A purists nightmare - E46 drift build

    Hard Motorsports makes flares moulded off the e46 m3 body, and they sell just the rears Here they are on a sedan but they have ones for the coupe I had there e36 flares on my old m3 and they were also moulded off the e46 m3, perfect imo. Used small color matched sheet metal screws to mount them
  11. Rust free ti shell. Needs a door and some body work but $600-700 seems like a decent enough deal to not have the burden of rust holes everywhere
  12. Someone on here owned this? Guy said the alternator went on it and it’s stuck in a gas station parking lot, he claims he has no money or a drivers license and tomorrow the gas station is gonna have it impounded. Sounds like he’ll take $2k... jk
  13. ChrisO

    Joined the Club Today

    With you on this one. A line on my old m3 rusted in one spot and I pieced in a section with unions. Every double flare tool I touched was junk, and of course the one good double flare I made I forgot to put the threaded nut piece over the line before I flared it 😓 was one of my least favorite times I ever worked on my car
  14. I figured I wouldn’t even touch it, just rock it as is cuz individual. It’s so bizarre to see a e36 with non-M stuff in Dakar haha