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  1. KyleKruse

    Affordable BMW repair

    Personally I've pulled BMW motors, trannys, interior,unprofessionally for minor repairs and to help my uncle, but himself he has 8 years professional BMW machanic.
  2. KyleKruse

    God bit by the bmw bug

    Well thanks anyway.
  3. KyleKruse

    God bit by the bmw bug

    Lets just say " the cats and after cat o2s are not bypassed, the smog pump is not bypassed, and it's not reprogrammed to euro2 tune "
  4. KyleKruse

    God bit by the bmw bug

    With the program you can really get into the tuning of these bmws. It's pretty interesting.
  5. KyleKruse

    God bit by the bmw bug

    I guess your right that was a bad way to put it but a big spec difference is emissions. Anyway it bypasses the o2 and cat.
  6. KyleKruse

    Affordable BMW repair

    Offering affordable BMW repairs. can do motor, transmission, suspension, and interior swap, repair, or upgrades. auto to manual swaps, motor build, brain box reprogramming, interior color swaps, suspensior upgrades or repairs, even minor odds and ends Anything BMW, no job too big or small let me know if I can be of your assistance in any way. Thank you.
  7. KyleKruse

    God bit by the bmw bug

    Well, after hours of work and many, many new parts she seems to have a blown headgasket. I should have looked the motor over better. Head gasket job and the car will be doing good. Suspension, tranny, interior, and more work already complete so this should be it. My uncle has him a 528i he is building a 3.0 for, he also has a 528i with a 3.0 swap, Header, bypassed emissions, and reprogrammed to think it's a European car. It's pretty quick but our right, wait till I get in a fast one! Haha yes I'm located between Appleton and Green Bay in Greenleaf . Work is what brought me up here mostly. There just don't seem to be as much opp. In Tennessee. Also, yes, I'm looking for a decal to go all the way across the top of the back glass that reads "Black Aucshwitz" what kind of price would I be looking at?
  8. I moved up here from Tennessee and went to Illinois and picked up a 99 bmw 528i. Needed a rear main, Torque converter, water pump, heater core, and headlights rewired but I got a good deal! Got beautiful angle eyes and taillights, nnr performance coil overs, new fuel pump, radiator, and a lot more going for it. Finishing up heater core . Can't wait to be Krusin the streets this week.what you guys think? Watch out Green Bay! The black one is my uncles. 99 bmw with 3.0 swap. By passed emissions bull. Very quick car!