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  1. Thanks for the replies. The only thing l have done was changing the ccm, since that was what l read on just about every forum post about the issue. Problem occured for the first time just a couple days ago. It’s hard to search for this because most of the threads/results are how to fix the individual codes. I’ll have to get out the ol multimeter. As for loose connection from hitting a bump this is also very possible. Seems to only go crazy with loads of codes when driving on a less than ideal road. As for the brake pedal switch l don’t think that is the case because the circuit code didn’t show up until all of the others did as well, and the brake lights are working fine along with everything else it says is wrong. However since it’s the only persistent code, and I’ve read that it comes on even when the lights do work when testing, whos to say they do every time. it’s possible that one is a real issue. Thanks again!
  2. 94 530iT On an hour drive yesterday, gauge cluster started showing me a brake lt circuit failure. Soon after, lots of other random warning codes flashed. Tire failure, door open, hood open, esd regelt, asc from what l remember off the top of my head. None of these codes were true. I have an extra CCM, and read that this relay was the issue, so l swapped it out but this didn’t fix the problem. Where should l look next? Gauge cluster, fusebox wiring? Is there another module that can cause this? Codes do not come on until about 15-30 min of driving. Brake lt circuit is the only one that is persistent after they all flash. Any ideas appreciated! Trent
  3. Looking to buy a bimmer for pretty cheap. Not looking for anything super nice, just something fun to drive for a couple years. Models I like: E28,E30, E34, E39, E46 ci Things I care about: MANUAL TRANS (not interested whatsoever in an auto. Just dont like driving them), not smoked in/interior not beat to hell, if timing guides are plastic, I don't want to do them. Won't leak on my drive. Clean title only. Things that don't matter to me: Mileage. Show me your 240k mile cars! Minor repairs needed (dead pixels, bad door seals, brakes, minor engine work) , some rust, color, year, don't care what motor it has either. Ideally spending around $3000, could probably afford up to $4000 on the right car if everything works, but this is pushing my budget and I wouldn't have a ton of maintenance money left over for the very near future. Please let me know if you have anything that fits! I know this isn't a lot of money to spend on these cars and most of your bimmers are worth more, but once again, I don't need anything spectacular. I watch the market, and I know there have been some decent bimmers out there in this price range. Please take it seriously, and let me know what you have! Trent EDIT: Located in appleton area, would travel up to ~200 mi if I can drive it home. Also, more stock the better.
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