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  1. This is as high as I've ever seen an e21 sell for, think about the sticker price new in '82 would have been like $16,000: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1982-bmw-320i-21/ It still puzzles me how some of these sellers can get the undersides of these cars so friggin' clean.
  2. I use whatever my owner's manual says to use. Here's the recommended lubricants page from one of my cars, I'll just swing by Wal-Mart and pick some of this up:
  3. "This is going to protect the car if I get rear-ended my a modern SUV..." https://utica.craigslist.org/cto/d/utica-bmw-3-series/6876391548.html
  4. It also appears the strut tower brace has broken and been duct taped back together.
  5. wally509

    ISO E21 Tan interior bits

    I hate to be a guy that pee-pees on somebody's fruit loops but the odds of finding intact cloth seats of any color for an e21 are really slim. Any that are still intact will probably be found in a pretty pristine low mile car, meaning not being parted. There is a better chance of finding some pleather seats in tan, but even those will probably be starting to go off at this point. My opinion is your best bet is to have the seats redone by a local interior shop in some sort of a funky, period correct, houndstooth or pepita pattern. I realize that's going to cost money beyond what most e21 guys are going to want to spend, but... Sorry.
  6. Interesting, I thought you could buy turn key replicas for how much they want for this wrecked one? Unless the RCR ones are that much better than era or Superformance, but I don't see how that could be as I remember my buddy who knows a lot about GT40s once said the Superformance replicas were closer to the original cars than even the Safir continuation ones were. The RCR "deluxe plus" GT40 kit is not even $50k.
  7. Sold on BaT a month ago for $6250, I guess the buyer backed out. Sounds like BaT is turning into another ebay. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1984-bmw-318i-7/
  8. Check recent BaT results, even safaribeige automatics make $4k these days. An "S" package car can make $10 grand+, if it's the right car, which this one is not due to the aforementioned "theme" and the 175k miles. My opinion is given the miles and the un-doing that would need to be done, it's a ~$6000 car, if he "un-whited" the bumpers and grille he could potentially get $7500. The thing I find the most interesting is that this car was for sale when I first decided I was going to get another e21, this was every inch of 6 years ago, maybe even 7 or 8 and he was using the exact same pictures and ad back then. Only the price has changed and maybe the mileage. I don't remember what it started at.
  9. wally509

    Stories from Retail Auto Service

    I commend you for not hitting the guy with something along the lines of: "Wait a minute, you get God on the line, and instead of asking what the meaning of life is or how we got here or how big the universe is...YOU ASK HIM ABOUT YOUR FUCKING TIRES?!?"
  10. This ^ I bought an STS in my early 30's and drove Caddys for.....well, let me know if you want me to tell you how this plays out. I don't want to spoil anything for you.
  11. Not disagreeing with you but I'm a sarcastic smart-ass and can't help myself...not sure if it warranted a "repeat" because I don't think it's really relevant to this discussion. If VW/Audi said they were phasing out IC engines in 2226, then maybe. The ability to extract it from the ground and/or refine it into something burnable by the current form of internal combustion engines being (effectively) legislated out of existence is, however, a definite concern as that can happen at just about any time in the future. So we're all going to drive electric cars, and that electricity will be generated by burning coal. Sounds like a plan...
  12. 1) I sort of decided that after an N52 powered car, I was giving up on BMWs. I don't want to mess with turbo and direct injection. Part of why I am looking at a 2011 f10 528i. Of course I said I was giving up on BMW forever when the e36 came out (whenever that was) because at the time I thought it looked like BMW was going to be building Hondas from here on out. And here I am with an e92 and looking at... 2) Right now I think it's easier because just about everything has a turbo on it. Crank up the boost and bolt on a bunch of junk and you're flying. 20-30 years ago you had to do some serious and extremely expensive engine internals to do what a computer chip can do now. Not sure if that's what's meant by being an "enthusiast". If you're talking enthusiast in the traditional sense, it's way easier now with the internet. ~30 years ago you had to join a marque club and if you wanted to actually converse with anyone, you had to go to a once a month meeting and then you'd only talk with the guys who were the type that went to meetings and were local to your area. The rest would come from the club's usually crappy once a month (or worse) magazine. Now you just jump on a forum and can interact with hundreds or thousands pretty much immediately.
  13. The seller re-wrote the ad based on what was said here on the forum: https://appleton.craigslist.org/cto/d/2011-bmw-528i/6765554534.html My previous comment about the car being a "deferred maintenance nightmare" was inappropriate, I apologized to the seller for that. That came out because I consider the water pump/thermostat, coil packs and oil filter housing gasket on N52's to be "maintenance" and not "repairs" since pretty much ALL of them will need to be done at some point. Whoever buys this car will have those to look forward to, more than likely sooner rather than later. Just because those haven't been done, doesn't mean it's a bad car or that the seller wasn't properly maintaining it.
  14. I contacted the guy about the car and have gone back and forth with a couple e-mails. After this exchange, I believe you guys are 100% accurate. No real additional information has been passed through other than the oil has been changed every 5k with liqui-moly products and that the car was ceramic treated (with no mention of how long ago that was). I asked specific question about the water pump, transmission service, plugs/coil packs (forgot to ask if the oil filter housing gasket has been done) and the response in a nutshell was that it has been super reliable, needs nothing and has led interior lights and tinted windows. Oddly, I am still considering it even though it sounds like a deferred maintenance nightmare. However, given how you guys have pretty accurately read the score, it's not something I am super excited about and the price has to be right especially considering I will probably be stuck holding my e92 until Spring. edit: I also feel this car in general is in somewhat of a "black hole". I mean, it's a very basic, low performance sedan that's not really old enough to be cool, so it doesn't really appeal to younger buyers. Yet, it's sort of too old/high miles to appeal to older buyers (read: with more dough to spend) who will probably just say, screw it, for $5-$10k more, I can get one X years newer, with fractions of the miles and maybe even with some sort of warranty.
  15. Me either, I was going to give up on BMW after this one (meaning the e92) because I typically run my cars to 200k+ and don't really want to dick with turbo and DI systems. I also don't have a problem with RWD, with good snows never had a problem. Hmmm...wonder if I could get anything for the e92, getting tired of the MT.