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  1. Good point, things are crazy right now. I've driven by a few dealers that had actually spread out the cars to make the lot look fuller than it was. I just go back to the last time I tried to trade this thing in three or four years ago. Nobody wanted to touch it because of the manual trans and rwd. Two dealers flat out said I would be better selling it myself and weren't even going to make a trade offer and one offered me $1200 (and this was at least three years ago when it only had like 150k on).
  2. CAR IS GONE/SOLD Hello. Up for sale is my '07 328i manual transmission, rear wheel drive e92 coupe, 180,000 miles. Space grey with saddle brown dakota leather, sport package. The car has never been raced, autocrossed or otherwise beat on in the time I have owned it. I am an old man who just puttered around in it back and forth to work. It's been my DD for about 7 years, garage kept. Used in winter but washed regularly, used very little in winter the last three years since I started working from home. Wheels shown have never seen salt. The car is very clean, there are rock chips in the front bumper cover and leading edge of the hood, commensurate with a car with half to two-thirds the mileage. There is a small (1/4" x 1/2") chip in the trailing edge of the driver's door that has been touched up and a small scratch in the lower edge of each mirror. The car has never been in an accident, it is all original paint. There are no dents or door dings. There are some small chips in the wheels but no curb rash. There is a chip in the windshield that has been epoxy filled by safelite. There is virtually no wear in the driver's side seat bolster. Engine runs well and doesn't burn oil. A/C works. Brakes are good but I was planning on doing them shortly for cosmetic reasons. The clutch feels good and the delay valve has never been removed. Recent work includes the oil pan gasket and two new front tires. New front control arms. New Bilstein shocks and struts with all new mounts and spring rubbers @ 160,000. Water pump and thermostat done @ 150,000. Regular oil changes, trans/diff oil changes and brake fluid flushes. The car comes with a set of winter wheels and tires. Black "sport edition" 17" wheels with TPMS and have Yokohama snows on with 6-7/32" left. They are in excellent condition with no rash. The car also comes with one of those custom fit windshield sunscreen things to keep the dash from getting toasted (I only mention it because I noticed it sitting behind the driver seat in the pictures). Thanks, Wally.
  3. Needless to say, right after making that post...SJM actually called me and said the reman house shipped the driveshaft to their supplier (napa, I think) last Friday. It will still be another 8-10 business days before it makes it into their hands. SJM said there would be no hard feelings if I canceled, which I think I am going to do because I am not going to get my money back on that deal. I know the driveshaft is on it's way out, and will disclose that to anyone I would sell it to because I don't hose people, I don't want that bad karma following me around, but the reality is it's not that bad, I've driven several people around in that car and none of them even noticed it. Hi Rekpoint. My Dad did come to his senses last weekend, or my Mom laid the smack down on him, and he finally agreed someone else should own the car. I will be putting it up for sale shortly, here first, and for less than the low end of the above suggested ranges.
  4. Useless update here... So the car is still setting in my garage nearly a month later still with a bad driveshaft. I have been waiting for my mechanic, SJM Autowerks in IL, for over three weeks now to get the parts in. I check in with them weekly and the last two times they have completely blown me off, meaning they said they were going to check with their parts supplier to find out where the hell the driveshaft is and call me back, then never called me back. This is really getting irritating.
  5. Thanks Pat. I figured it wouldn't make much difference on a car with this mileage when it's time to sell, this isn't going to be a top dollar car which get scrutinized on details. I just hoped someone here had experience with them to make sure I wasn't buying a problem. It's going to be over a grand for this job out the door, they are going to warranty the work with the Cardone part(s).
  6. Well this plan sort of hit a snag. For years, my Dad has been saying he wants to buy this car from me. I thought he was kidding, I mean he has nowhere to keep it, he has a couple of nice cars including a Panamera to drive, etc. Well when I told him I was going to sell it off he got all upset and reiterated he wants it and is serious. My Mom just rolled her eyes. Until this shakes out I figure I had better get the driveshaft fixed to at least it's safe to drive. I am NOT doing this job myself. The shop I use wants to put in a Cardone, I guess that's what NAPA sells them. I always associated Cardone and Dorman with crap parts, but honestly never actually used either. I don't want to end up in a situation where people will turn their noses up if/when I go to sell it because of that axle reman choice. Any thoughts?
  7. Sorry about the delay, this is the only emissions related sticker I could find under the hood.
  8. Thanks guys! Are y'all taking into consideration the driveshaft is hosed? The follow up question to that would be if it would be worthwhile to fix it, meaning would I get more for it fixed than the sum of as-is plus the repair. To be honest, I was thinking quite a bit less than that. Maybe I should just list it here and somebody who feels like doing the driveshaft job could get a deal.
  9. Hi guys, I know I haven't been around here much and this is probably frowned upon to make these sorts of posts but... I need to get a new(er) car with automatic for a variety of reasons. Therefore this thing has to go. The edmunds true car won't give me a value for it for whatever reason so I have no way to know if I'm getting hosed by the dealer (if I trade it in) or what to ask for it if I try to sell it outright. I know it's not worth a whole lot. I was looking at a 528i automatic several years ago and that dealer didn't want it because it was manual trans. It's an '07 328i sport package with manual transmission, rear wheel drive. Space gray with saddle leather (obviously). 178,500 miles. The car is cosmetically clean with just the normal chips in the front bumper cover. It needs a driveshaft, which is kind of prompting this. It is currently drivable but it's on the way out, there is the "rust colored powder of death" coming out of the rear u-joint. There are some other minor nits, but the major stuff like the a/c works. If it ends up going for sale here I will disclose all said nits as I'm one of those dreaded completely honest type guys. It had shocks, struts, water pump/thermostat at ~150k, and within the last 3k front control arms, two front tires plus I just had the oil pan gasket done. Any thoughts? Wally
  10. Got your point, still don't understand given the population density in those cities how it couldn't spread like wildfire before they realized they needed to go on full lockdown. And to reiterate, I don't believe their numbers, but it just seems it would have been so out of control by the time they went on lockdown, they wouldn't have been able to hide what was going on.
  11. One thing I've never understood from the beginning of this is if the disease is so infectious and deadly, why are there jillions of people dead in China? Those people are packed in like sardines in the cities over there. I fully realize their socialist/communist/whatever the hell they are now government is going to bury the truth about how many people croaked out but there are so many American and European corporate interests over there at this point, there's NO WAY they could hide the numbers that should be dead. If nothing else they should be smelling the tens of millions of rotting corpses in Japan by now, right?
  12. That's awful, sorry for your loss. Like Chris said, this is the first actual death I have heard off line of the media.
  13. I got some good news last week Thursday, and I think we all need some good news about this. I only know one person who had this disease, a friend of my Dad's/acquaintance of mine. Heard from my Dad that last Thursday he has fully recovered. He went into the hospital on or around April 30th and tested positive for coronavirus. He went home. The guy is a friend of my Dad's from the VFW, a Korean War veteran who is 90 years old. When my Dad forwarded me the e-mail that Mr. B had contracted the disease, I thought he was for sure a goner given his age. Unfortunately I don't know a lot of details about how bad it was and such. My Dad is pretty freaked out about this so I didn't drill him for a whole lot of answers. I hesitated to even type this given the only other person I told immediately slapped me down with "WELL PEOPLE HALF HIS AGE ARE DROPPING DEAD LEFT AND RIGHT!". But whatever, I understand some people are really concerned this is the end of the human race. With the talk here of hundreds of millions of people dying from this, I decided to take the chance and put out a positive note.
  14. Update... They sold the car a few weeks ago and ended up netting me $500 more than the last time they "sold" it and things fell through. Yes, I actually got paid for it and everything. Somewhat unbelievable given we are in the midst of the coronavirus lockdown but they did it. I don't know where it's going. I still have the MT 328i e92 so y'all won't be getting rid of me that easy. Later, Wally
  15. Well the third customer told me he is going to try to find someone else to do the job rather than wait. I've been down this road before and the way this industry is saturated now, odds of me ever seeing that guy again is low. Oh well... After that I heard from my data source in Illinois that his boss is defying the Governor's order and making them come in to work! It will be interesting to see how that plays out.
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