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  1. Got your point, still don't understand given the population density in those cities how it couldn't spread like wildfire before they realized they needed to go on full lockdown. And to reiterate, I don't believe their numbers, but it just seems it would have been so out of control by the time they went on lockdown, they wouldn't have been able to hide what was going on.
  2. One thing I've never understood from the beginning of this is if the disease is so infectious and deadly, why are there jillions of people dead in China? Those people are packed in like sardines in the cities over there. I fully realize their socialist/communist/whatever the hell they are now government is going to bury the truth about how many people croaked out but there are so many American and European corporate interests over there at this point, there's NO WAY they could hide the numbers that should be dead. If nothing else they should be smelling the tens of millions of rotting corpses in Japan by now, right?
  3. That's awful, sorry for your loss. Like Chris said, this is the first actual death I have heard off line of the media.
  4. I got some good news last week Thursday, and I think we all need some good news about this. I only know one person who had this disease, a friend of my Dad's/acquaintance of mine. Heard from my Dad that last Thursday he has fully recovered. He went into the hospital on or around April 30th and tested positive for coronavirus. He went home. The guy is a friend of my Dad's from the VFW, a Korean War veteran who is 90 years old. When my Dad forwarded me the e-mail that Mr. B had contracted the disease, I thought he was for sure a goner given his age. Unfortunately I don't know a lot of details about how bad it was and such. My Dad is pretty freaked out about this so I didn't drill him for a whole lot of answers. I hesitated to even type this given the only other person I told immediately slapped me down with "WELL PEOPLE HALF HIS AGE ARE DROPPING DEAD LEFT AND RIGHT!". But whatever, I understand some people are really concerned this is the end of the human race. With the talk here of hundreds of millions of people dying from this, I decided to take the chance and put out a positive note.
  5. Update... They sold the car a few weeks ago and ended up netting me $500 more than the last time they "sold" it and things fell through. Yes, I actually got paid for it and everything. Somewhat unbelievable given we are in the midst of the coronavirus lockdown but they did it. I don't know where it's going. I still have the MT 328i e92 so y'all won't be getting rid of me that easy. Later, Wally
  6. Well the third customer told me he is going to try to find someone else to do the job rather than wait. I've been down this road before and the way this industry is saturated now, odds of me ever seeing that guy again is low. Oh well... After that I heard from my data source in Illinois that his boss is defying the Governor's order and making them come in to work! It will be interesting to see how that plays out.
  7. I got some good news this morning that two of the three active jobs I am working on will not be cancelled, the customers are willing to wait until my source in Illinois opens back up again on April 7th. Haven't heard from the third guy yet. Bad news is my wife works at my daughter's school and she was furloughed without pay when this whole "shut everything down" thing started. So far they haven't said when they will open back up again. I wish someone could explain to me this fixation on hoarding toilet paper. Are people thinking it's going to be the post-apocalyptic currency? Maybe where the single ply Scott's will be like $1's, Angel Soft $5's and the Charmin Ultra-Soft will be like $20's? I've heard stories of black Friday style fights in Costco over cases of TP. WTF??
  8. Not at all, I greatly appreciate any and all input about selling this car. I have a tendency to just give things away to get rid of quick and move on. Unfortunately, in my current situation I can't afford to do that with this one so thanks for taking the time. Their contract states the commission is to be a MINIMUM of 12.5% of the asking price or $2500, whichever is higher, so in this case $2500. I went into this thinking that I needed to store the car anyway since I already bought something else (non BMW 😞 ) and my garage is full. If they could sell it for what I needed to get out of it, then great, if they couldn't, then I just got 6 months of heated indoor storage for $395.
  9. No. The contract is pretty clear about having it for sale "on the side". Basically if you pull the car before the contract is over, you owe them the commission. They also have a clause that if you sell it to someone who saw it at Gateway after the fact, you owe them the commission. Not sure how they would ever enforce that. I just signed up for another 3 month term with them, which doesn't cost anything. It it isn't sold by May when this three month term is over, I will probably yank it and send it through BaT.
  10. Thanks, eh. Needless to say it's still for sale at the consignment place. They have it priced in the stratosphere but insist it's priced correctly. I wanted to argue with them but a US spec '82 320is recently sold on BaT for like $35,000. It was a nicer car than mine but who knows. E21's selling for more than $10 or $15k?? The world has officially gone crazy.
  11. Not exactly a storage fee. There was a $400 fee for them to do the walkaround video and IMO not very good pictures and then do all the listings. That's for a 3 month term, then if it doesn't sell, you can re-up for additional 3 month terms for no charge for up to one year. You can see the pictures on the Gateway Classic Cars Milwaukee website. They were taken indoors under sodium lamps, flash wash out, let's zoom up on the one rusty bolt that the car has, etc. No mention in the ad of it being a factory sport package, etc. There's no need to comment on their asking price, not my idea and that's their procedure. I don't know if it has 100% fallen through but I was told the 30-day buyers contract expires next week, I don't know if they collected a deposit. My plan it to Bring A Trailer it if this doesn't work by next May or so.
  12. Question: How do you know a salesman is ________? Long story short, the car is NOT sold. I got a call some two weeks after going in to sign the paperwork, title, etc that was supposed to be "come pick up your check" instead it was " there's a problem". Now I have a car setting over there on a signed (open) title and no insurance with all the spare parts including a minty set of wheels in the trunk. Yes, I did specifically ask if there was any financing involved that might cause the deal to fall through and I was assured there was no financing involved and it was a done deal.
  13. After those pictures it went on consignment at Gateway Classic Cars Milwaukee location (which is actually in Kenosha, but whatever). The guys there shit when they saw it, Ruben and his crew did that good a job on it. It sold within three weeks for more than I originally expected out of it, despite their poor pictures and relatively poor description. Seeing as they tack their commission on top, they must have gotten a lot for it. Well, a lot for an e21, borderline e30 money. The car is being shipped to California, at least that's what they told me. It kind of sucks I had to sell that car, but it was a poor choice from the beginning. I should have bought a less nice one with more miles so I wouldn't be afraid to drive it.
  14. Picked up the car from Ruben today. It looks friggin' unbelievable! They are artists.
  15. Thanks guys! I will call around next week. edit: car is going into Ruben next week Thursday for engine compartment and outside polish and detail.
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