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  1. Multiple BMW ownership just means there's always something to tinker with!
  2. Couple pics of me and my car from The Vintage last weekend. A R3V member was snapping pics as cars were rolling in. A couple "artsy" shots from earlier today Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Doorman

    '88 E30

    Snapasaurus only speaks da truf!
  4. Doorman

    '88 E30

    Looks fantastic!
  5. Ready to roll to the Vintage tomorrow!! Me, my dad and my stepson. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Thanks gents!! Oil change this weekend, top off the fluids and ready to leave for the Vintage on Thursday!! Towing the e30 behind my dads RV.
  7. Finally!! Avid A-11 15x7.5 et12 206/55/15 Nice and flush at the fender tops Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. E39 528iT auto owner checking in. My favorite BMW in our fleet!
  9. That's some of the first in car footage I've seen. The footage they show on the news is less personal but pretty scary as well.
  10. Ummmmm.......in 'Merca Earl can "poke and stretch" wherever he damn well pleases!!
  11. Think of the better gas mileage you'll get too! My wife commented "I'm getting better!"
  12. Etched glass as in etched on the top itself? wont that get ruined by spilled pop, pizza, juice boxes, those little white speckles on sno-caps and mess up doing lines of coke on the top? I vote laser engraved plaque!
  13. Sup dawgs? awfully quiet in here. Did full interior/exterior on the wife's e90. Only 1 laundry basket of "shit" (coats, kids toys, etc) this time!!! I know you're all thinking......he's happy about 1 basket of shit? Its been as high as three in the past......
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