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  1. Not a V8, but I think a 2JZ-GTE swap would be cool.
  2. I wish I were closer, but a 4+ hr drive both ways just isn't possible.
  3. After doing some more homework and getting some seat time, I opted for more of a cruiser vs the v-rod. This morning I picked up a 2011 Heritage Softail with just under 13k miles. Weather tomorrow up on this side of the state is going to be stellar, so the wife and I are going to put a few miles on with a couple of friends & their SO's.
  4. The wife and I spent yesterday afternoon motoring around the back roads of west central Wisconsin. I've not owned a bike for many years, but last night I found myself using craigslist and google to find one. I have the feeling that when I get home from travel this week I may have to get one. Specifically looking at a 2012 Harley V-Rod "muscle". Damn it...
  5. It sounds like your fleet of cars needs a tune up.
  6. Have you pulled & inspected the plugs? What happened to the car?
  7. Check out the "peak to peak highway" for a very nice drive. If your car is up for it, suspension wise, you can get the adrenaline pumping pretty well. We lived in Castle Rock, which you'll drive by/through on your way from Denver to CoSprings and back.
  8. I'd love to own one, but I have no space to store one, nor do I have the discretionary funding to purchase one. However, growing up I did get to bomb around on a Ski Doo Olympic 320. 318ccs and 18 massive horsepower!
  9. Sorta? There is no sorta, there is only I did and I didn't.
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