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  1. Didn’t race the e30 at USAIR, it needs an alignment and I’m too lazy, so I co-drive the gfs evo x. took 1st in XSA & 2nd/113 for raw time. This thing scoots and the suspension/power changes she made over the winter were definitely noticeable from last year Watching it back, I had a few sloppy corners and let off in a few areas that I usually don’t - idk what I was doing
  2. Ban away, they are objectively better lol
  3. They already are. Basically from 2008, build quality feels like 1998 still better than the 80s shitboxes lol
  4. USAIR was a blast today. Evo is even faster this year with the changes the gf made. makes a person want to not bother with old cars lol.
  5. So nice of you to let people leak fluids onto your brand new concrete
  6. I have 1 set of aluminum “traklite” wheel spacers from Motorsport hardware that id like to sell set 1: 10mm hubcentric I used these on the front without issue, but I measured wrong by like 2mm, so they have about zero use. I do not think they would work on the rear unless the Rear hub protrusion is ground down on the e30 https://motorsporthardware.com/product/10mm-traklite-4x100-57-1cb-spacers/ set 2: sold! $50 shipped
  7. New suspension on so I could get it over to the next garage spot lol
  8. First time I log back in after weeks and it looks different. my boomer is intensifying edit - thanks for all you do Mr Young
  9. Maybe. Still haven’t started my winter projects yet
  10. mk60 is the stuff of dreams
  11. Just remembering all the issues that came with putting 20lbs of poo in a 10lb bag
  12. Oh god I’m having flashbacks
  13. You could make a solid weekend out of that trip. These are just a small bit of fun roads on your way to Greer
  14. Fishing lures must be right up your alley
  15. It was nice meeting you! I really wanted to see your E70 ice race haha
  16. Calm down pal, WiBoomers takes precedent
  17. My eyes deceived me lol
  18. Just wanted to check lol. Didn’t see any pics of the wheels turned 😁
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