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  1. Pretty sure you’re correct. There is a stock “proportioning valve” on the main run to the rear line IIRC
  2. This x 100000 it’s a plague
  3. Your toes and shins stand no chance at 3am Lol
  4. I’m removing my abs. (6pack delete) it currently does not function. it’s fine during autox, just have to be conscious that you can’t stomp the pedal like a caveman. I’m completely removing the pump and making new lines. Also adding in a remote adjustable bias dealio.
  5. As far as I can tell, the event is one planned drive and then basically car shows?
  6. As @wasnt m3 will tell you - if it will make it around the block it will make it around the world. last time I went down there in the e30 we put on like 3400 miles. Err, 7.3 if you counted from my odometer
  7. This looks neat. Really close to some of the best driving roads in the country too
  8. Hopefully you never have to use it Or it’s one of those situations where it’s the only thing you save from a car fire because of how rare it is
  9. Is there not a good efan solution for those cars? Is it a space constraint?
  10. He won’t hear it over the Ed Sheeran he listens to
  11. What a nice guy @wasnt m3 are you planning on selling it lol
  12. So uh, do you have a spare ZF now? And are you planning on selling it to me lol
  13. Will the replacement shocks need to be revalved for the spring rates? Or are they an off the shelf setup
  14. Those 200tw RS4s will be roached after getting cold cycled
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