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  1. If that's true that's pretty impressive or a very forgiving Dyno. Not trying to hate just being honest. 500whp out oh an ls1 is a tall order. let alone 600. Looks like it's going to be a red build but I sure can't wait to see these Dyno sheets.
  2. Pretty sweet car. Care to explain how your are going to build the worlds first 600whp ls6 powered car? I challenge you to make 500whp with that motor. And if you do make 500 out of it the driveability will be useless. But what do i know....
  3. I dont care what any of you all say. Im showing up without a bmw....and im not even bringing a car! Try and stop me!!!! Dicks.
  4. Call hartland service. Ask for their hydraulic line specialist. I had him make me a brake line. black stainless with a clear coat case with stainless ends for my motorcycle. I know wasntm3 has used him amd i have another buddy that had hime do some stuff too. Really reasonable prices and quick turn around
  5. http://chicago.craigslist.org/nwi/bar/4476411086.html Pro street 2002? Fuck I want this...
  6. Rotella t 15w40. Its super cheap and im pretty sure my m42 loves it. So did my 1975 honda cb550. I wont use anything else ever
  7. Whiter as in....snow right? More snow out there or something?
  8. I was totally teasing about the 110. I just run mid-grade and have never had a problem with my three m42s in the last Five months hahaha
  9. Or just go to west allis on the corner of 76th and Lincoln. They sell 110 octane
  10. I just saw a 320 e46 and was all like...Huh?
  11. Yikes! Glad he said no. I couldve dealt with a halfway shitty 2-3 shift and the fender but fuck the rest of that nonsense
  12. I emailed him seeimg if he wanted to trade for the e30... just looking for cash he said
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