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  1. MattY

    E30 Picnic 2018

    Also down. Will be in the fiesta though, Calypso is with @GunMetalGrey now
  2. MattY

    Secret Santa 2017

    Better late than never! I got this badass cutout vinyl clock from Jeff, with pez to seal the deal which always rules. I'm curious to what the vinyl sounded like considering I have no idea what it says lol. Thanks Jeff!
  3. MattY

    Recent pc build.

    ehhh... barely Also, just saw this on Reddit:
  4. MattY

    Recent pc build.

    I'm too much of a puss to do my own custom loop. More because I can scream at NZXT if my AIO cooler fails and leaks everywhere, then they'll buy me a new GPU
  5. MattY

    Recent pc build.

    NZXT fuckin rules. i7-6700k GTX1080 32GB DDR4 512GB SSD
  6. MattY

    Devil's Drive 2017 Sat. October 14th

    I've been waiting to piss through those S curves leaving devil's lake, and it was definitely worth it even with the rain. I'll post my pics soon
  7. MattY

    chit chat thread

    lol? https://www.instagram.com/p/BZ9oXjqAqMe/?taken-by=sleepydub
  8. who wants a racecar? https://m.facebook.com/groups/1056842037663446?view=permalink&id=1794710080543301
  9. MattY

    Garage cleanout/1991 318i parts car

    wow jk im dumb, i thought the bumper was on the available list nevermind
  10. on the bright side, looks like ya boy here gets to save $60. should i be okay with just the oil pump upgrade?
  11. G260 with the sachs m20 clutch kit (https://www.ecstuning.com/b-sachs-parts/clutch-kit/21211223102~sac/), I've got the trans brace from ben already. i have an e34 oil pan but i personally wouldn't know if that's rear sump, haven't ordered the oil pump parts so no worries if I screwed up.
  12. real talk though i'll stop shitting up the group chat and get my m50(b25tu) maintenance sorted out here. currently todo: head gasket vanos seals, rattle repair kit (besians) thermostat housing replacement hydraulic alternator tensioner conversion upgraded oil pump shaft (achilles) reinforce oil pick-up (also achilles) thermostat and water pump / pulley are replaced already. am i missing anything big? motor has 140-160 on it iirc
  13. another alpine sedan?? i'm out boys cya