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  1. It's amazing what some added compression would do. Love the car man. That airbox is much needed, you stand gains in that alone.
  2. Nick_08

    1990 e30

    I have factory upper strut mounts and IE3 springs. Once I get it in for an alignment this spring I can certainly come back and post a number for you if you would like.
  3. Nick_08

    1990 e30

    Thanks bud I wish I would have taken a picture from the side. Car is back on jack stands now...
  4. Nick_08

    1990 e30

    Nope just a shit picture
  5. Nick_08

    1990 e30

    Plenty of room, just need the right offset! Good info. I didn't want to risk the wheels not fitting with the 330i brakes. For some reason I get no notifications of posts even though I have the notifications turned on. Is this a common issue with the forum? Finally got the car on the ground. I approve. NO POKE!
  6. I've got tires, 205/45r16 BFG Sport Comp II, 2 are like new & 2 are 50% $200
  7. Nick_08

    1990 e30

    My bad, in the third picture, which is very close up; that is taken at full lock.
  8. Nick_08

    1990 e30

    Well if having the spring removed and the shock completely compressed counts as “under load” then yes. Lol
  9. Nick_08

    1990 e30

    Been awhile, here are some updates on the car. Finally got around to installing the remote brake bias adjuster. I got some new front wheels and tires. The tires rubbed on the factory wheel well liner so I made some new ones from hdpe. They clear with about a 1/4" to spare! Don't mind the socket spacer, I have some proper spacers on the way from McMaster along with some button head screws to replace those hex heads. Yes, transmission jack...the spring is removed.
  10. This is a badass machine you've built here. It's gotta be fun to drive around. Can't imagine the looks/comments you get. 😆
  11. Good story; good read. I keep hoping BMW is going to do one of these retro kicks like the big three have done recently. I'll take a 2025 e30 M3 :). Never gonna happen.
  12. Nick_08

    1990 e30

    Correct, the loop serves to dissipate heat from the exhaust gasses passing through before reaching the pressure sensor. It also dampens the exhaust pulses as they pass through the tubing and absorbs vibrations. I also installed a 0.04" restrictor/damper just prior to the sensor just to make sure the readings are stable.
  13. Nick_08

    1990 e30

    I did a test on the effectiveness of the venturi jet pump. It was able to pump 1 gallon of fuel to the other side of the tank in 36 seconds with fuel pressure holding solid at 43psi. There was a fu*king tornado in the tank lmao. Very impressed. I've added a turbine back pressure sensor and a 3 port boost control solenoid. All plumbed and wired in...
  14. Nick_08

    1990 e30

    Fuel lines are done again, flex sensor plumbed in.
  15. Nick_08

    1990 e30

    If you're considering or questioning what I just did...check out how badass this little jet pump is.
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