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  1. I've got a 98 M3 convertible that I'm noodling over selling. Kind of an 'unmotivated' seller, but interested in checking the market. I'm looking at purchasing a new daily soon and am attracted by simplifying my 'car life' and off-setting the price of my new car. Silver with dove gray interior, black top - 125,000 miles. Car drives wonderfully. Exterior is a 9/10. No rust No dents/door dings. There is a pretty good scratch in the hood between the washer nozzles. About an inch long, marginally touched up so it is passable. There are two places where an overzealous detailer over polished the paint changing its quality - one on the hood, one on the rear passenger fender flare (you have to look to find them). Couple of scuffs on the wheels. The worst part is someone must've used a screwdriver to scrape off some stick-on wheel weights in the past The interior is an 8/10, conservatively. No tears in the seats, but they just look a little tired. There is one odd light patch on the driver thigh bolster. Door cards are in great condition Carpets could use a thorough cleaning (which I could manage for a sale!) Mechanically the car is about perfect. Zero leaks, could eat off the engine (but I wouldn't) Recent suspension overhall - tie rods, shocks (OEM Sachs), swat bar links Recent complete cooling refresh - radiator, water pump, thermostat, main hoses (all but to heater core) Recent valve cover and OFH gasket replacements Recent power steering refresh Recent replacement of all belts Recent replacement of all 4 o2 sensors New tires I can post photos if there is interest. Thinking $10K. Would greatly prefer selling to an enthusiast.
  2. For sale - 2007 XiT AWD, Auto $5,000 175,000 miles Extremely well maintained including recent replacement of valve cover, water pump, and battery. I have all the maintenance records. Car presents extremely well - looks almost as new. Notable detractors: Headlights beginning to yellow (although I'm sure they could be polished just fine) One small door ding on passenger rear door (PDR only partially removed). Rear sun roof actuator failed and during its last cycle part of the front sunroof guide cracked, so sunroof is a bit rattly on rough pavement (rear glass has now been disabled). Oil filter housing gasket has begun to leak. I'm the second owner of this car and have owned it since 57,000 miles. It has arguably been the best car I've ever owned. I can provide additional details on request. Thanks for looking, Eric Madison
  3. For those of you that like this sort of thing: https://autoweek.com/article/car-life/patron-saint-how-bmw-e30-m3s-sudden-popularity-was-decades-making
  4. I have style 156 wheels on my e91 (AWD wagon) and I've never really thought they looked great. I'm going through the usual 'should-I-keep-it-for-a-while-or-sell-it' internal debate with the car as it is starting to get up there in miles, but it has really been a great car. Currently, I'm leaning towards keeping it and replacing the wheels would certainly help me with that decision. I found a set of style 268 wheels on craigslist for a price below the 'consult-with-wife' limit, but style 268's have an ET 31 while Style 156's have an ET 34. Both wheels appear to be standard wheels for e90's . Anyone have any idea as to whether this will be a problem? Thanks!
  5. according to the map, that's like a block from my house. I'll have to go looking.
  6. Has really grown. I didn't manage to get there at all last year. I just got back from there this morning and it must be three times the size it was last time I was there. Kind of a limited BMW turn out. Very few older cars. Two E30s (one wagon), one same generation 5 series, and two E36s (one mine). Nothing older that I saw. My favorite of the day:
  7. how much repair? How is its appearance?
  8. Still working on this. Interestingly, I went to double/triple check the hood switch and swapped it out with a spare I had. Nothing to put in the success column, but oddly, now instead of chirping one and locking/unlocking, then chirping three times and unlocking/locking - the chirp sequence is backward. I now get three chirps, then one.
  9. Bump. I'm in the middle of a bunch of little summer projects on this car and wanted to put a feeler out again. Still need 99% of the item from my original post. One thing that I'm semi desperate for is the actuator and lever to release the passenger seat to fold it forward. The previous owner super glued the lever to the actuator. They actually did this to both sides - in performing some work on the driver's seat I discovered the same situation and it was simply impossible to remove the lever and so access the seat internals without destroying it and the actuator. To possibly broaden my net - I'd be willing to entertain outright buying a pair of dove gray front seats. I don't really care about the leather condition, as I would plan to rebuild one set of seats from my current and those I would purchase. Thanks!
  10. Thanks. I'm aware of #1, I'm not sure what #2 means. I just checked #3 and both doors activate interior lights. I checked #4 and even locked my cell phone in there as suggested - light goes off. As for #5, I checked that too. The hood switch is unplugged, so that should avoid the issue with #6. I have a spare one from my previous car, I guess I can try that...tomorrow.
  11. Some new information: when the car is locked and I hit the unlock button, I get one beep and the sound of solenoids, but the doors do not unlock. Then I get the three beeps and the doors unlock. It's almost like the car doesn't know it is locked and first tried to lock, somehow fails, and then unlocks. when unlocked, it will beep and lock, then three beeps and unlock. I've got a new driver window regulator and motor coming this week (hopefully). When I have the door panel off, I'll try to futz with the actuator on that side. Hate taking the panels off. I feel like they'll turn to dust one time.
  12. 98 M3 Convertible - 3 button fob system purchased from a WIBIMMERS member. Install seemed to go off without a hitch, but when I hit the lock button I get one chirp and the doors and trunk lock (or unlock) - then about a second later I get three chirps and the doors and trunk unlock (or lock). The fuel door and glove box lock/unlock with a key in the door, but they do not function with the remote. The function is the same if the hood or trunk is open (the trunk will lock then unlock if I hit the fob button with the trunk open). If either door is open I get nine chirps, but no lock or unlock. I've tried adjusting the [glass break?] sensitivity switch and all the dip switches inside the main box and had no change in effect. Ideas? Thanks!
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