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  1. Morzada

    Redline ATF and BMW Car Cover

    Off Midvale Blvd in Madison
  2. 1 gallon redline D6 ATF, unopened, still in original shipping bag - $20. BMW car cover - fits e36, as it came with my car. Several years used - $50.
  3. Morzada

    1997 M3 Sedan Part Out

  4. Morzada

    1997 M3 Sedan Part Out

    After looking more closely at the photos, let me revise my question. What condition is the driver front DS2 wheel?
  5. Morzada

    1997 M3 Sedan Part Out

    What condition are the wheels in?
  6. Morzada

    Redline bottles and pump alternatives?

    Just found these on Bavauto's site. On sale!
  7. Morzada

    M52/S52 oil recommendation

    I run this in my e36 M3 and my e91 328. It used to be a BMW approved oil, but BMW has since pulled all the non-BMW oils from their approved list. Switching to this weight/manufacturer in my e91 cut my oil consumption from about a quart per 7000 miles (my change interval) to near zero.
  8. Morzada

    Redline bottles and pump alternatives?

    I've used the methods from both post 1 and 2. The option from post 1 is best and least messy.
  9. Morzada

    My BMW is trying to kill me

    Volume of cars, I suppose. Freaked out wife didn't help.
  10. Morzada

    My BMW is trying to kill me

    Yeah. At the end, we got out of the habit of checking in with the dealer and we seldom check our home Vmail messages (no one calls the home phone that we want to talk to!) and we ended up waiting closer to 8 weeks to actually get our car back. They finally called my office and left a bit of a nasty message about wanting their rental back! I'd we'd have known, we'd've been there the minute it was done. Crappy Chevy rental.
  11. Morzada

    My BMW is trying to kill me

    Middle of last summer, when we brought my wife's Honda in the wait for the replacement was over 6 weeks. That was the height of things though. Probably a lot faster now.
  12. Morzada

    My BMW is trying to kill me

    I just checked and my 2007 is under recall too; actually two recalls. Not airbag, just burst-into-flame. My wife's Honda had the airbag recall. She got a crappy Chevy SUV for about three months and hated every minute. I wonder what Zimbrick will give me for the BMW.
  13. Morzada

    E30 M52

    Is it just me, or did your oil filler neck switch ends?