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  1. It's been a long time since I posted on here but want to give the local community a chance before I start shipping. Car lacks drivetrain but I may have some old M42 remnants. I have a decent collection of parts I'd like to try selling locally before shipping. I've listed some key pieces below but let me know if there are parts you're looking for. Corbeau GTS II seat pair and E30 seat brackets, used one season - $900 Depo smoked crosshair headlights, Brand new- $225 Motometer Gauge cluster - hasn't been used for 4 years. Was functional other than ODO. Chips for 318is and 325e - $250 Early model Sport steering wheel, Missing leather wrap - $100 Late model bumpers with euro trim (deletes side markers, All OEM) - $1800 IS spoiler (OEM) - $200 Mtech 1 spoiler (aftermarket, Garagistic) - $200 IS side skirts (OEM) $325 Pop-out window Set, latches aged but work- $350 2.79 LSD diff - $500 Let me know if you have questions.
  2. This is super late but still worth posting I thought. On a late season drive last November I came across ClassE30 parked on a side road and couldn't pass up the shot.
  3. Thanks for the ideas. Tried Wd-40 tonight on a small area and seems to be working better then anything else I tried. Might try some of the others tomorrow if I have time.
  4. I didn't even think of WD! I'll try it out tonight. Thanks!
  5. Not very "technical" but does anyone have tips on removing the under hood adhesive without stripping the paint off as well? I've tried Goo-Gone, simple green, paint thinners... The foam was trash so I pulled it off and I'm not sure the current state is an improvement.
  6. Congrats and welcome! Best of luck with the project.
  7. This car is awesome. I saw it at Road America last year during the Hawk vintage races. It was the day after I bought my E30 project and only boosted my ambition to get moving. Great work!
  8. Yeah the shock was toast. Body was fine though oddly enough. None the less I added reinforcement plates when I did the suspension update.
  9. Thanks everyone! Here is a fix from the previous owner that I had to reverse. He gets points for originality... it definitely explains the clunking I heard driving it home.
  10. It's called Dyno Blue Pearl (Honda factory color). Trying to get some good pics because it really pops in the sun! I did paint it myself (first time attempt in my garage, haha) so it has it's flaws if seen in person. I'm just happy it's one color! I'm going to try and drive it some this next week (weather was perfect for Throttle Thurs this week! Wish I could have made it) . Only have about three miles on as I've been trying to get it somewhat "presentable".
  11. So I've been off the forum for a bit but I thought I would hop on and give a quick update on the E30 status. Should finally be getting some miles on starting next week. I apologize that this really isn't a "build" but I hate saying I'm going to do things and then not getting it done. So I'll just show what happened Before During After Noteable updates Paint, Euro bumper Trim, Side skirts, IS lip, Shaved antenna, H&R springs and Bilstien shocks, updated rear shock mounting with reinforcments, Pop-out window conversion, wheel refresh. More to come, but probably at a slower pace...
  12. Looks great! I look forward to seeing you cruising the streets of Oshkosh (dodging pot holes).
  13. I hope I can make this. Less then a mile from my house and in my work parking lot.
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