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  1. Dinan BBK is just a rebranded brembo. So same in that aspect. I prefer brembo over stop tech, stop tech replacement are cheaper tho which is a huge plus. Willwood I don’t know, It’s a option I don’t consider on my cars.
  2. Looking for a NICE (no reps no junk) set of wheels in e36 fitment. Tires a plus. Got cash ready, what ya guys got!
  3. Here’s a little more info Lang Billet Stroker Crank CP 12.5 pistons Carrillo Rods Farrea OE sized valves Lang stage 2 head Schrick 288/280 cams Dinan Large Bore TB’s Beisan VANOS upgrade
  4. Hey guys! Haven’t been on here in a while! Thought I’d share my current junker.... 2005 M3, ast coilovers/ fully modded suspension, Dinan bbk, HRE r43s, Lang racing stroker build (Being rebuilt currently) , Dinan throttle bodies, 4.10 gears, oem CSL bits, carbon roof, sparco carbon spx, carbon airbox, KMP steering wheel, cage soon, so so so much more to list. Will update with more soon! Should be a monster on the track. Hope you guys are doing well.
  5. Yah idk what to tell you guys, it appears so on the pictures in the park but the car is all one solid color.. Gotta stop using the HDR feature on my iPhone lol
  6. It’s the lighting from the sunset behind the trees. Car was recently polished so its like a mirror up close in certain angles. See how it looks in different lighting the hoods silver and the sides have a tan hue lol.
  7. Thanks!!! Took a little work to get it how I want it but it was well worth it.
  8. Here’s an update with the car. She’s coming along beautiful, wheels refinished and a nice detail and she’s done.
  9. My brother posted it up... doesn’t know much about the car and posted some terrible pictures. Told him if he’d sell it I’d give a finders fee lol. I’m going to repost it on bring a trailer soon with the proper info. If I get a high price I’ll sell, if It doesn’t I’ll keep it not in the rush.
  10. I don’t recommend them to be honest. The wheels came out excellent but the first time was TERRIBLE clear drips everywhere. Made them come back and I supervised like a hawk lol. I’m happy now though.
  11. Thanks for the photos, now sell me your headlights.
  12. Do you know if the e30 lights fit the e24? I want to get some new headlights. Maybe euro ellipsoid's
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