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  1. Since everyone else on here has white coupes I figured I'd join the crew! I was sitting in Oregon on a job site and came across a posting for an E30 from Cali, claimed one owner vehicle, with some mediocre pictures. Chatted with the seller, got more pics, a video or two, and I sent him some money to hold the car for me to arrive. Two days later I show up to his place in California with a trailer, worked out a deal, and left with the least rusty E30 I've ever seen. I was surprised on arrival to find two spots on the exterior with clear coat gone, but only on the hood and trunk which is
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    E46 Things

    Philips 4300K out Morimoto 6000K in because I need to signal to the world that I am a hot boi street racer. This is what they look like when they are on This is what they look like when they are off
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  3. Drove the car to Elkhart Lake Saturday as a scouting run for the up coming season. Couldn’t be more excited for RA to be 100% back this year. While I was on my way down, I was passing through Chilton and saw a woman waving me down just past the Kwik Trip. Wasn’t sure if it was a wave for the car or if I was doing something wrong, or something wrong with the car. Turned out it was the lady that I bought the car from. She texted me and we agreed to meet into New Holstein which is only 10 mins past Chilton. She was thrilled with the condition of the car and loved that it was with s
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  4. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/cto/d/big-bend-1995-bmw-touring-wagon/7318508016.html
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    I Have a Problem

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    E46 Touring Life

    Finish line is in sight
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