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  1. YoungCR

    E46 Things

    In 4 EV swap
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  2. patsbimmer1

    New build! E90 M3

    I drove the car every day last week and nobody has given me the finger once yet! I have some DCT maintenance stuff on hand to change that fluid out, some bushings on order and some exterior parts on order so far. The oil plug repair is holding strong with no signs of any leaking so I feel safe to say that's fixed. I need to do new struts/shocks but still deciding on coilovers vs OEM+ Bilstein set up with my H&R springs.
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  3. B C

    E46 Things

    Back to daily duty
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    Time for a change

    It was weird, I browsed the whole site, then when I viewed this thread, the style changed. I like it!! Looks good. As for CL style classifieds? I'd vote no, especially with the added cost. -I prefer a simple forum post type ad. It seems to keep the info and pics in an easy to read format -Most members don't post things FS here. I see so many things on FB marketplace that should/could be here but aren't. Not sure why....exposure? -I dislike when I click on a tab/forum and the format changes from everything else on the site. Just a preference. -It forces the seller to be
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