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    ILC's E92 M3

    Ok so everyone else is doing cool builds and as usual I don't have anything unique to add to the conversation - just basic beta bitch mods like bolt-on superchargers. I walked away from the deal for the used 625 kit that had the red painted manifold. It looked good in photos but I know it was also a $15 rattle can job. Not a professional paint job like you'd get from iND or something. The guy wanted $6250 for his kit and on top of that you need to drop $1000 to get a new tune from ESS because they are locked to a VIN. I just couldn't fully bring myself to spend that kind of money for a used supercharger kit compared to the price of a brand new one that comes with a 2 year warranty. So I called up EAS and they quoted me $7720 shipped for a brand new kit (which includes a tune). It's a no-brainer at that point to just buy it new. The extra $500 guarantees no missing parts and everything works. I also ordered a set of BE rod bearings and ARP bolts. They were back-ordered until March 31 (i placed my order on March 22nd or so) and I'm glad I did because as of now they are already backordered again until July 1. Lots of S65 owners are buying up these bearings because they have increased clearance, but not so much that there is any real impact to oil pressure at high rpms. The supercharger showed up earlier this week and I'm still waiting on the bearings. Install plans have been delayed because ....well I mean just look outside. It's cold in my garage too. I will be outsourcing the rod bearing install to Efab Motorsports in Lake Zurich. They are doing a labor special on rod bearing service for $700 during the month of April. I'll have them throw in new motor mounts while they are at it because for whatever reason the mounts on this car are a 50k mile maintenance item and the subframe will be down already. The shop owner has a VO 1M that I am excited to look at when I go down there. I am scheduled to drop the car off for RB service on May 1 and pick it up May 3.
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    New build! E90 M3

    Mods, ban this user
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    Going to Road America?

    I work with the track, so I am there quite frequently for all of the main events through out the year. Always looking for other people to walk around the track and drink with. If you're going to any events, reach out to me and let me know, would love to put a couple names to some faces. If you aren't going, I am inviting you to do so. You're on this forum because you like cars, come watch the best cars at the best track in the best country. Believe me, folks. But for real, Vintage and Indy Car are the big ones. Let me know.
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    Transport Services - Gigi Line Inc

    At the request of @YoungCR I am putting up information about my recent GREAT experience with a transport company. I always buy used cars from non-rust states so transport services are becoming more necessary. In full transparency, I went through a broker for this one but plan to go direct and save money next time. It cost me $1000 (most companies quote $1200) to ship a car from the Bay Area to Madison WI. Going direct I was told the price would come down to between $800 and $875. My driver, Alex, makes California <--> WI runs every week and I really appreciated that he was a fellow enthusiast, see Instagram. Their trucks appear to be newish and can support lowered cars w/o damage. The driver was professional, polite & kept me informed. I'm not 100% sure they have enclosed trailers but it's worth asking them. Contact Information: GIGI LINE INC 2719 Seiler Dr Naperville, IL 60565 MC Number: 895783 Phone: 847-378-8901 Email: gigiline.inc@gmail.com
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    GOd that looks so much better now lol. I cannot believe how much wheel gap comes from the factory
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    New build! E90 M3

    I wanna come too!
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    The shipping for this lip was gonna be like $70 if I wanted to return so I figured I would just keep it and try to make it work. Started out by painting it. Got one can of the correct paint from the automotive paint store which ended up being the perfect amount to do this lip. Bought a kerosene heater just so I could take advantage of painting on my day off. I think it came out really well, you can really see the flake in the Black Sapphire Metallic. Just need to work on mounting it, don't know if I'll be doing that anytime soon considering its still December outside and these past 4 months have been a simulation. Not bad for a $30 rattle can job.
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    New build! E90 M3

    I think my favorite part about this, is how excited you are to be able to share the car with your wife! That’s so awesome. Wish Rolls was like that [emoji102] I really need a ride in this thing when we get the chance. Every time I brought the idea of purchasing one of these to Mitch I was always immediately talked out of it lol. Sounds so good!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    M3 owner/broken BMW fixer

    For whatever reason the retention isn’t great for new members - Basically the ones that end up staying are pretty good folks Don’t fuck this up!
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    What is your ideal build?

    extra highway MPGs will pay for the ~$1500 cost of the 6sp swap. rough guess says it will take you 60,000miles....worth it!
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    What is your ideal build?

    Pretty much this: The guy actually put a feeler out for the car on facebook a couple years ago for $20k... https://www.facebook.com/groups/E21Legion/permalink/10154473400971757/?sale_post_id=10154473400971757
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    H&R sport springs installed. I think the car rides very similar to stock, very happy with the way it came out. Window tint is up next.
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