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  3. HipMF

    E46 Things

    Lettin' the bees out. All of my cultural references are from 20 years ago.
  4. Turns out there's a reason that a gen 3 camaro in racing livery just doesn't look right. God does not approve. -or- "cheeeze Gromit!"
  5. Interesting details on M1 ownership
  6. This is right down the street from me. And when I first got my e30 I knocked on their door to see if they’d want to sell it so I could have some spare parts for mine. At that point it was sitting for a few years. I’m not sure what, if anything, could be saved on this thing.
  7. Don't check in here as often as I used to, but I still feel like I need to post a bunch stupid, off-topic crap before I leave.
  8. Oh man, don't get me started on white engines... I love seeing when people go 100% OCD and spend hours smoothing out the casting and then spray the block pearl/metallic white. Not that I have the ambition for that kind of stuff. I also considered painting my block white, but then Ben talked me out of it. To make up for it, I cleaned the hell out of all of the aluminum castings and then just left them bare, uncoated metal. Shiny stuff is nice, but the patina that comes with age and use can be nice too.
  9. Yesterday
  10. I sent my DME to Kassel Performance for a full CSL hardware/firmware conversion. They have awesome products and customer service. The cat cams have the same duration as CSL, but more lift. I'll also be running a CSL MAP sensor from them. https://www.kasselperformance.com/product/mss54-mss54hp-full-csl-hardwarefirmware-conversion/ I built a flash harness and can do some adjustments as needed, as well. https://github.com/saildot4k/MSS54-XDFs
  11. Clever oil cooler mounting. What is the plan for the tune? Remote dyno tune or an off the shelf tune?
  12. The steel breaded AN hose is a challenge to work with, very tight. The setup fits on the original condenser mounting points, no modification to the radiator support or valance.
  13. Alright I made some progress on the engine! Rings, rod bearings, and bottom end. Head gasket with ARP. I installed the 288/280 cams and vanos. New oil pump is on. I also ceramic coated and wrapped the headers. I found a spot on the block the e30 cluster temp sensor screws right into, I'll see how it goes(may read too hot?). I have the adapter harness ready to install, as well, with a CAN module. I'm setting up my oil coolers in front of the condenser fan with some brackets. 2x 10 row coolers linked together. I'll also be running a puller on the radiator.
  14. Last week
  15. Anyone have a set of front pads laying around? I’ve had a pretty good rattle from the front that I’ve narrowed down to the brakes (is completely gone with the brake pedal slightly pressed). Anyways, just want something to get me through the last couple months.
  16. patsbimmer1

    1990 e30

    Well that is awesome. A buddy of mine has had them on his procharged S197 mustang and it's quite possibly the greatest thing ever. Everyone should have cutouts.
  17. YoungCR

    1990 e30

    Love it! Gonna be fun turning heads with the flip of a switch.
  18. I'm not defending the looks because they're just downright miserable and I'd like to slap whichever group of bean counters thought THIS was the best design. I will also say that the difference I see in your statement is that looks are subjective while performance is objective. There will be people who sit and argue that it's not that bad looking and of course they'll be wrong but at the end of the day if it performs phenomenal from behind the wheel then that becomes fact and the looks become a great debate. It also becomes less of a debate when someone figures out how to fix that mug. Our beloved non-M e30's also look like Honda Accords of the same generation yet everybody swoons over the performance potential of them. I can't knock someone for buying something because of its performance although in that same breathe I know the vast majority of these new M cars are sold for status and not outright performance when new.
  19. B C

    1990 e30

    Good man! Cutouts are very under-utilized. loud is not always good.
  20. Nick_08

    1990 e30

    Alright I've entered full on sleeper mode. I added the 3.5" cutout and a full 3" exhaust with a resonator/bullet muffler and a walker sound fx 18160. Thing is so quiet, driving down the road can't hear the engine at all. In fact. this made me worried because now I can hear all these e30 noises I haven't heard in a long time. Subtle transmission sounds, rattles, its crazy. The car has polyurethane mounts everywhere. Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the rear section when I had it out.
  21. Nick_08

    1990 e30

    You sir...you're a gentleman!
  22. the grill/ugly appearance should be talked about. i think what's terrible is that people will excuse how bad it looks because of how well it performs. it IS possible to have both.
  23. Just wait till you see the m-performance accessories they offer. yikes.
  24. What's truly terrible is that grill will be all anyone can talk about regardless of how well it performs and based on what the S58 is doing in the X3/X4 comp this is going to be an excellent car. I do like that they're offering actual colors and the carbon seats in the M4 look badass. I'd say it won't be long until someone "fixes" the front end. I heard a podcast and I believe it was the owner of Vorsteiner who said something would be out sooner than later.
  25. the new m3/m4: not even going to give them the satisfaction of reposting the photos. too ugly.
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