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  2. Video of my fastest run + results from morning/afternoon session. rewatching, there are definitely areas I could’ve picked up time, but that’s the way it goes lol https://youtu.be/Kx92QsOeiwc really happy with how the car preformed, excited to finally have my own car back in action cant get the YouTube vid to embed for whatever reason, probably because it’s unlisted(?)
  3. To make the R134A AC update, did you need to do anything additionally? I have not tried my A/C, but will be on the old stuff. Would be nice to have if I ever needed it. Are you no longer running the clutch fan? Can you turn the fan on without having the A/C on?
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  6. What was the tune/injector combo you went with on this? *Saw the BimmerBaron eBay link for the injectors, was any modification needed to fit those injectors? What was the chip you ended up going with? Still this one you had linked previously? I'd like to something of this nature that is relatively cost effective and easy to install for some better throttle response and feel.
  7. were you in MKE this weekend? thought I maybe saw your car!
  8. Finally had a chance to drive and take care of some minor maintenance items. Tune: Wow, its freaking amazing. I wish I had done this 2.5 years ago when I bought the car. The tune/injector combination provide increased power throughout the rev range but especially below 4K. Its better everywhere without adding any harshness or reducing daily drivability. (cant say the same for the M5 tune) Battery replaced: Finally I dont have to jump the car every time! Coolant Reservoir: 32 years is old enough for that plastic.
  9. RT660s were great, drove pretty similar to an RE. Settled around 31 hot, which doesn’t mean much without using pyrometers but that’s where the car felt the best for me. one issue I did have which was super frustrating was when the car would be super gripped up in a corner, the inside tire would spin up a bit. Almost felt like an open diff. the skid plate also slammed on some corners (better than the oil pan though) which is quite the shock mid corner. Shawano is quite the “roller coaster” though so I wouldn’t expect this to be normal behavior at 90% of the events we run. If it keeps happening I’ll raise the car and get it re-aligned.
  10. Yea, sadly it did and that was one of the hardest things I had to do. So far loving the f10 tho
  11. 528 but could not pass on the deal. 2016 with 22k miles for 22000 I would love the 535 but I am ok with this knowing I will get a project soon. Looking for a 330
  12. It was a fun day. only one car made it through the fence and into the bleachers area
  13. calculated about 23ish mpg running like 3700-3900rpm for 2.5hrs straight. ZF trans/3.25 rear end/m52
  14. Well that took a quick left turn. Sorry to hear. Hope the next car is fun. The f10 is a great cruiser.
  15. B C

    Nick's e90 build

    Ah bummer. I probably would have bought it off you. 535? what kind of E46 are you thinking? 330/M3?
  16. Sadly yea, trasfer case and front diff were bad on top of the slipping clutch. Ended up with a f10 and will be looking for a project e46 in the future
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    Nick's e90 build

    @Nick_F I saw your for sale thread for the steering wheel. Did you trade your 335i in this weekend?
  19. _DSC0190 by Glen Jakober, on Flickr
  20. Front 18x8.5 fp8000 225 40 18 Rear 18x9.5 fp8000 255 35 18 These have oem tpms and have 95% tire tread. These were on my car for less than 1000 miles with zero curb rash and these did not require hubcentric rings. They come with Ohtsu fp8000 tires which are owned by the same company who owns falken. They do grip great in the rain. I can take more pictures if needed. These are 5x120 Asking 900
  21. This is an oem shift knob directly from the dealership. Asking 70
  22. Bought this about 8 months ago and it absolutely transformed the car but sadly the car is gone so this needs to go as well. I'm posting it here first but it will end up on facebook also. asking 275
  23. Got the new aux fan in and now it comes on with the ac button. I also got the r134a adapters and I’m wondering am I supposed to remove the valves from the original fittings and thread them into these?
  24. Hopefully see a few familiar faces tomorrow. Should be a perfect day for it
  25. My bad. I'm going to say its for a 3" MAF as it measures around 3-1/8"
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