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  2. Thanks. It was an inexpensive menards product. I cut it on a chop saw with a masonry blade. I used 'omnigrip' from home depot to put it on the wall. No grout. A pretty nice and easy install considering I had never done it before.
  3. I've got tires, 205/45r16 BFG Sport Comp II, 2 are like new & 2 are 50% $200
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  5. Wow. I don't know how you spotted that. Yes they are. Had to buy a new set a few years ago because my old ones wore out.
  6. Nick_08

    1990 e30

    My bad, in the third picture, which is very close up; that is taken at full lock.
  7. The stone on the wall looks really good. Almost like a nice restaurant feel. Im not sure I ever remember seeing that done before but I like it a lot
  8. Primo meat tenderizer pedals! Haven't seen those in ages!
  9. In non-absurd news, I got some new headphones today (Sony MDR-7506). I don't usually buy many sony products, but thought I'd give 'em a whirl. The department I work in now (my title officially changed to "electrical engineer" last week, whatever that's worth...) is super quiet 90% of the time, but we have one guy who (amongst other annoyances), feels the need to speak three times louder than normal when he's excited about something. I needed something to help me maintain sanity when he gets in to a 45-minute conversation with the 70-year-old maintenance guy about custom-built RFID garage door openers/the best snowblower ever built (throws snow 60+ feet!)/chainsaws that cut concrete/Edison batteries (it's a conspiracy!)/etc. So i needed a closed-back headphone to replace my old go-to Grado SR-60e's. Despite reviews to the contrary, I find the bass to be excessive, although I agree with the reviews that the treble is accentuated. Lately I've been digging into some dark techno stuff, and they work great for that, but overall I prefer my old grados. Much "smoother" sounding IMO, but I wouldn't fault anyone for preferring one over the other.
  10. Did a ton of work ourselves which saved a lot. We had a major and 2 smaller vacations canceled so we had a little boost to the budget which was nice. Wife uses her fancy wide angle lens to take the pics so it looks bigger than it is.
  11. also, what's the plural of kolsch?
  12. I don't have a basement, but I have the internet. Why is the internet? I don't even.
  13. That basement looks fantastic. It’s huge. I do wish ours was a little larger to accommodate some other things than just a playroom. My wife gave me the entire garage to do whatever I want to with, though. So I can’t complain.
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  15. Gentlemen, It has come to my attention that there are some among us who have fallen on hard times and need a bit of support while their circumstances improve. Starting today, we will be collecting non-perishable food items for the @REKIII family. Donations can be made in person at the Black E46s of New Berlin satellite office 2860 S 108th St, West Allis, WI 53227 *please no more than 3 dented cans per donation. Bulged cans must be within 10% of their original diameter.
  16. Oh....here was the bathroom. Just needed a good cleaning at the end.
  17. These are some neat projects. We finally finished out basement as well. Bought the house 7 years ago. Basement was sorta finished, but just very white-box-ish. So after a couple years we added a bathroom, then demo'd the rest, then it sat until the end of last year. Finally got moving and finished it. Basically how it started last year....we have pics of what it looked like when we moved in somewhere. The whole ceiling was dropped and had conduit everywhere. In these pics, the ceiling is gone and I relocated all the wires into the joist like they were supposed to be. Here I have a bunch of the bar framed in and the plumbing pretty much done. Had to dig a sumpcrock into the floor then route everything overhead. I hired someone to do the framing but did the electric and plumbing, just to keep the project moving. Ran a second zone of HVAC too. Opened up the stairwell and added stair lights. Exercise was staying the exercise room so it became a temporary home to a lot of crap It was not fun getting things down the stairs, but having it opened helped A LOT The movie room stayed the movie room but we had to fix the back wall (left side in pic) and the ceiling got insulated and painted black. I hired out the drywall too. Movie room sucessfully blacked out Decided to add some stone walls: The wifes design pallet It was a long wait on the cabinets, but they started to roll in. Tin/copper ceiling was tricky Then added more stone and more tin: Then the big wait was for the counter tops. So we finished a bunch of the other stuff Finally the tops came in so we could finish the back-bar....more stone and cabinets. Haha Movie room got furnished Appliances Crown to finish off the ceiling Finish work on the stairs Then....the coolest part. We unpackaged everything we had been storing for 7 years from our old house. Got it all organized. Installed my lights and shelves in the towers. We are still working on some things. Decorations. I want to build a bar sign for between the 2 towers. It was a fun/stressful/rewarding/expensive project.
  18. How long have you been going to the Madison cars and coffee for? I used to go often, but haven’t really much this past year. What did you bring out in the past?
  19. Excellent, I'll definitely watch for that. Thanks everyone! MAYBE if I'm back early enough I'll swing by Madison Cars & Coffee on my way home, though attendance has been sparse lately to say the least. Not as easy when you can't hang out in the coffee shop.
  20. I think it was required. I remember pushing for shorter basement walls to save money, but I think they ended up being this size because of how the engineering came out. Idk.
  21. wow, would have never expected 9' basement walls. in that case, scoring is pointless and 6' panels would be perfect.
  22. wow, never seen an s50 e28, very awesome!
  23. Oh hell yeah! Excited to have another E28 owner, don't see many of them swapped either. Enjoy the drive home, keep an eye on the weather too.
  24. Welcome! Looking forward to seeing this one in person sometime!
  25. This was actually pretty good!
  26. You have no idea. The original part of the house was built in 1900. My wife and I are 5’6” and we could JUST barely walk through the original basement without hitting our heads on the joists. I grew up in old houses, too. This is my first basement where I can walk freely without worrying about hitting my head. I circled where you can see the old part of the house in the new basement and the blue line is the bottom of the house/basement.
  27. Almost looks like a basement I could walk through without hitting my head on something
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