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Wheel refinishing

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Right place for this? I dont care, Im posting it here

So, I bought a set of style 42s for next to nothing....they need refinishing, lots of it.

Anyways, so I started the tear down and Ive got a few questions.

Firstly, it looks like someone may have attempted to "refinish" these at some other point by spraying the whole wheel silver. The lips are peeling, but it isnt just clear coat, its paint (right?).

Secondly, it appears the bolts have paint on the heads that is beginning to chip during removal. These were bare and not painted from factory, correct?


I was under the impression these bolts had loctite from the factory. They released with a bit of effort w/o heating. The thread do not look like they have any sort of threadlock on them. Maybe they have been dissembled in the past?


The bolt holes have quite a bit of corrosion in them. What is the best course of action to clean the threads out?


So, thats the start. 

Anybody have an ideas on the best way to remove the paint from the bolt faces? Soak in paint stripper, rinse, then tumble/polish?

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I have an untouched style 42 sitting in front of me. The bolt shouldn't be painted and the lip should just be machined with a clear coat. Soak the bolts in aircraft stripper.


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