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Fantastic! Print it! Where do I paypal my $15?
Only maybe should have a little bit of yellowing/fading?
The yellowing/fading would be the tough part I'd think. Not sure I even have the means of making shirts with this many colors in it.

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I have my work physical fitness test today, if I pass it today and again this fall I get $500 from the City's "Wellness" fund.

1.5 miles in under 15 minutes

300 meter sprint in under some amount of time

30 sit ups in a minute

1 bench press of 2/3rd my weight

Vertical jump of at least 10"



Not too bad for about 1.5 hrs worth of work.. Sad thing is, that fund has XXX amount of money in it, so the more officers that do it, the less money we each get. We probably have 5 Patrol Officers that couldn't pass the tests if their lives depended on it.

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15 minutes ago, snap said:

I think I could even do that!

Yeah it's really not that hard, biggest thing is the 1.5 miles. My Sgt usually runs like 1.5 laps, walks/jogs a little bit, then runs again. He usually has 40-50 seconds left to spare at the end.

5 minutes ago, YoungCR said:

Is there a required test for hire? I've had to do a couple fitness tests for some driving jobs. 

Yep, that's the same physical test we take during the application process, along with the written tests.

The PD can't require we take it every year, so they have to offer a bonus incentive for doing it 2x a year. I was nearly able to do it last year with torn shoulder but I couldn't do the bench :(

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