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  1. Parting out 99 M3 e36

    PM on its way
  2. Parting out 99 M3 e36

    Still have alot of good parts! Sorry to those that I havent responded to as I was working internationally. Im back in Wisco and trying generate some cash to buy different car parts. Seats are gone, tail lights are gone, still have alot of interior parts and misc hard parts off the chassis, still have the wheels. Sell or trade!
  3. Parting out 99 M3 e36

  4. Re-engaging in the community!

    Hey for all of those that asked... I’ve got a e36 m3 part out thread going in Parts for Sale section!
  5. Parting out 99 M3 e36

    Nice chatting with you. Ill get back to you here in a minute.
  6. Parting out 99 M3 e36

    PM Sent
  7. Parting out 99 M3 e36

    Bought this thing to keep most of the drivetrain for my S52 e30 swap... I have some doubles of things and I wont need repeats so inquire regardless. Keeping most of the drivetrain including engine, trans, driveshaft, rear diff, brakes and suspension and exhaust. I'd like to keep the DS2's unless someone is super stoked about them... Theyre rashed a bit but workable. Im m50 manifold swapping it so the throttle body is available as well as a hydro dipped s52 intake manifold. also have another black s52 intake manifold. (I have 3 sets of front calipers, and a spare set of rotors so let me know if your looking for brake stuff) Other than that everything is up for grabs... you can assume that every body panel is dented but most of the are workable... trunk looks good but has a kink in it might be able to see in pics... Minimal rust.. only one front fender on it. Headliner is really nice black. Door panels are okay but not perfect.. Glass is all good. Seats are rough but no blown stitches... theyre just dry cracked a bit. Steering wheel isnt pretty but itd be worth sending out to have re-done if you've been looking for an M wheel. Has a brand new H&R sway bar on it... Has DEPO "style" headlights I think they're ebay ... Id prefer not to sit here and list out all the parts and put prices unless the admin makes me. I just want to accept reasonable offers and not go back and forth for days.. Im willing to make deals to move alot of this stuff fast but if you low ball me don't expect me to be fair in my response if I do even respond. I typically just look at ebay for comparable parts and take an average favoring the mid-lower price range for local pick up. As far as those that have already inquired regarding the shell its likely going to be a salvage title, and I have to sort that out yet before I can promise yall anything... Located in Oshkosh, however willing to meet.
  8. 1991 325ix

    The grinder laying out may lead you to believe I’ve cut some things... the core support did indeed shear on impact nearly symmetrically on both sides... when I get I chance I’ll be measuring some things, I have my 86 to reference but if some of y’all have some cars apart keep me in the loop.
  9. 1991 325ix

    Moar progresss. Still stripping her down. Found the whole ignition cover destroyed. Timing case is cracked, and I’ll need to figure out how to get what’s left of the fan clutch off... any recommendations? As of now I just want to get it running, I’ve got some spares from a couple of other m20’s I’ll use to get this engine sorted out. Anyone familiar or have experience with some sort of pyrotechnic or fuse that shorts a circuit that disabled and shuts off the engine upon airbag deployment? I can only find information on newer chassis regarding that... I don’t think I have power to the starter.
  10. 1991 325ix

    Thanks so much. Yeah like the other guys asked... if im going to do all this work I might as well keep it and enjoy. Maybe have it on the road this summer? that might be the goal as of right now...
  11. 1991 325ix

    Probably keep it
  12. 1991 325ix

    Right on thanks for the recommendation! I've actually sourced a hood and fenders... They're pretty straight and rust free! I'm in Oshkosh but the car is at my hangar at the Baraboo Dells Airport so thats where I'm slowly setting up shop to work on this and a few other projects...
  13. 1991 325ix

    Ill keep that in mind regarding the core support when I set out to pick one up. Also just uploaded photos from my phone. I'd have taken the bumper off but ill have to grab the T50 or T55 to pull those big ones straight out of the bottom to get the composite crossmember off?
  14. 1991 325ix

    For those of you that missed it in the intro section... I'm working on a 1991 325ix that was crashed. I bought the car post-crash from a man that let his daughter drive it, she soon put it underneath a semi trailer. I bought the car last spring and sat on it til I found some time and came up with a bit of a plan and found some motivation compliments to m42b32 and his alpine e30 build/progress thread and a few others that suggested it was definitely repairable. Here are some pics from when I bought it in Seattle. Had it shipped back here for right around $1000 in an enclosed semi car hauler. Made just a bit a progress yesterday. I pulled the hood and fenders off to further assess the damage. When I get chance next is pull bumper and rest of front end off including radiator to get access to the core support. I plan to buy a brand new core support for around $340 to assure I have a straight piece to rebuild on.