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  1. BMW E30 M-Tech-2 M-Technik Style Side Skirt

    I'm pretty sure that's what happened. I'd much rather be able to use them, but I don't want to cut them or try to put them on incorrectly. It will just be better to sell them.
  2. Hey All, I think I am going to skip the skirts and go with the original moulding on the rocker panels. Anybody have the two strips that will fit on the vert? Get in touch!
  3. BMW Scale Model Thread

    OOOOH MAN! That is one sweet rig!
  4. BMW E30 M-Tech-2 M-Technik Style Side Skirt

    Sorry about the absence! I'll hold them up to the car and try to get some pics tonight. I think I might just try to hunt down some of the stock rocker panel moulding.

    I am all about the grass body panels and the grill. Drive that beast to Lambeau for a tailgate.
  6. Seriously something's wrong here

    Awe man. Those hurt. There is a special place in hell for people who are willing to door ding/vandalize someones car.
  7. BMW E30 M-Tech-2 M-Technik Style Side Skirt

    It's a long story. Couldn't send them back. They would look pretty rad had they worked out.
  8. Hey All, I got these skirts online but they didn't fit my Vert. The ad stated they would... but alas they do not. They will however fit other E30's. Spent $175 on them. Looking for $125. They have never been mounted. I am including pics and info from the original ad. BMW E30 MTECH SIDE SKIRT SET FOR COUPE AND CABRIO Great fit on BMW E30 Coupe, Cabrio, Convertible. Finished in white primer Comes without fitting kit Made from top quality GRP fibreglass Comes as a set of Right Skirt And Left Skirt No Fitting kit but quite easy to install, you should fix them with black windshield glue or high temp. silicon
  9. E30 4 Bolt Rims for Sale

  10. E30 4 Bolt Rims for Sale

    Hey All, I am selling my 14 inch E30 wheels after picking up a different set. I have 5 with tires and one without. I can supply pictures of each rim individually if needed. Bolt pattern is of course 4X100. I am looking for $60 each OBO. Let me know if you're interested!
  11. E30 Rear Valance

    Thanks for the tip man! I'll shoot them a message.
  12. E30 Rear Valance

    COOl I think that's what I am going to end up getting into. I want the car to look as stock as possible in the end, but my current rear end doesn't match the body lines of the rest of the car. It's difficult to find something that will look good with the current set up.
  13. Guilty pleasure

    My goofy guilty cars would totally be...
  14. Man I just went through this whole thread. SO BADASS.
  15. E30 Rear Valance

    Awe man. Looks like I'll be looking for other options. I really didn't want to get into a whole kit. The car was pretty hobbled together when I got it so I'm not surprised.