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  1. Crazy Find

    Clearly in need of some work, but didn't look too bad
  2. Crazy Find

    Look what I spotted in the wild the other day!
  3. Stock Radio CLUSTER F***

    Ran the car tonight for an hour and entered the code. Even with the antenna power and the (hopefully) functioning tape deck I'm not getting any sound. I found a thread about replacing the lights within the deck, but want to get some sound before I go through all of that. http://www.bimmerboard.com/forums/posts/145593 Looks like I need to figure out the amp situation and move forward from there.
  4. Stock Radio CLUSTER F***

    Thanks for the clarification on the diagram. This is my first run at fixing a stock radio using existing equipment. Got the antenna power attached, but the radio is now asking for the code and looks like I'm stuck in the hour waiting period. I was using that picture as a reference as well. So IL is going to be my backlight power? Damn I hope that isn't shot. As far as the amp goes there are wires hanging and it looks like the mounting brackets are there. Part of me wants to just rewire the whole damn system.
  5. Stock Radio CLUSTER F***

    I am not seeing on the diagram where you determine that there are loops, but they are there in the plug. The amp is gone. The 2 wires are White and Brown and Blue and Grey. They originate from the same plug ( +12V) as the Violet and Brown that go to the power distributor box (on the left side of the diagram). My backlight is not powered. I wonder if the 2 pin is for that? I don't have a corresponding solid white wire coming from the rear of the radio.
  6. Stock Radio CLUSTER F***

    I I have figured out where most everything goes. Except 4 of the speaker wires do not come from the (8)plug. There are 2 loops in it and the other wires are coming from elsewhere. Also, I have a plug or cooresponding wires that don't appear to be on the schematic. I'll include a picture. I also have a mystery white wire with no other markings coming from the dash. I know for a fact that 2 of the speakers worked with the previous head unit. Let me know your thoughts.
  7. Stock Radio CLUSTER F***

    Sorry. Forgot to quote in my previous response. I've been hunting all over for a picture of what the wiring for that plug is actually supposed to look like.
  8. Stock Radio CLUSTER F***

    My car is a 1991 325i and the radio could have been in the car. The radio is a CM5908. I did cut all the wires back and I have 3 extras, but that plug is definitely an issue Bulkhead on the DS of the trunk? My trunk in pretty rough I wouldn't be surprised if it was gone. It's hard to tell, but that plug is still there. Where did you get the fader switch?
  9. Stock Radio CLUSTER F***

    Hey All, Still working on getting the stock radio working in my E30. I've gotten power to the unit and it seems to be working, but I have no sound. I have a few wires that are not connected, but 2 speakers should be working. I'll attach a before and now picture as well as the schematic I am attempting to use. (If there is supposed to be an internal amp in the dash I am F*@#$%). If anyone has any insight I'd appreciate it.
  10. BMW Stock Radio Code

    That thing looks pretty awesome!
  11. BMW Stock Radio Code

    I just called Zimbrick in Madison. Just contact Umansky's parts dept?
  12. BMW Stock Radio Code

    I'll have to give that a try. I am hoping to get it installed over the weekend.
  13. BMW Stock Radio Code

    That's who I talked to. They told me they couldn't do it. Have you had to get one before?
  14. BMW Stock Radio Code

    Hey All, I picked up a stock cassette deck for my E30 online. I have yet to get it installed, but from everything I find online I need to have a code to unlock the radio. I called the dealership and they were less than helpful. All I have is a SN (F90555980C) from a metal plate on the radio. If anybody could provide insight on where I can hunt down a code it would be much appreciated.
  15. 335xi