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  1. Right place for this? I dont care, Im posting it here So, I bought a set of style 42s for next to nothing....they need refinishing, lots of it. Anyways, so I started the tear down and Ive got a few questions. Firstly, it looks like someone may have attempted to "refinish" these at some other point by spraying the whole wheel silver. The lips are peeling, but it isnt just clear coat, its paint (right?). Secondly, it appears the bolts have paint on the heads that is beginning to chip during removal. These were bare and not painted from factory, correct? I was under the impression these bolts had loctite from the factory. They released with a bit of effort w/o heating. The thread do not look like they have any sort of threadlock on them. Maybe they have been dissembled in the past? The bolt holes have quite a bit of corrosion in them. What is the best course of action to clean the threads out? So, thats the start. Anybody have an ideas on the best way to remove the paint from the bolt faces? Soak in paint stripper, rinse, then tumble/polish?
  2. Canola oil
  3. Welp. Only one wheel let me have its bolts free of charge. As for the others, they were snapping even with only using the breaker bar. I even tried heat first....they were destine to break. Anyways, I said F it and just took the impact to them all. This was the end result So, not sure what I am going to do with these at this point. I still havent been able to get a face seperated from a barrel. So, if I cant even do that, nothing is going to happen. Worst case scenario is Im out $50 and I plastidip the one good one and hang it on a wall or something.
  4. It was probably posted for sale in Waukesha. Never lived in GB. Sold is ~3 years back. Always wonder if it is still kicking around or not. I havent personally seen it.
  5. That I am completely fine with...because I own a truck. I can probably sell mine for what I paid for it 3 years and 50k miles ago. Maybe thats why I am salty about e30 prices, because I want one but wont spend that kind of money on one. Thats alright, be me 6-7 years ago when I did my s52 swap into my e34. They were going for 3-5k. Thats why I ended up buying a whole wrecked m3 for 3k. Now the motors sell for 1.5k. I still kick myself for selling that car, especially for how cheap I let it go.
  6. So, do e30s come with a crack addiction these days? Or, am I missing something. I get it, its rare, but it is also high mileage and the body is in terrible shape. Parts are also becoming harder and harder to find ....for a stock 318? Really? 5.5k for a beat to piss (by the story, its whole life) vert From the previous ad " I dare you to find a 27 year old convertible that's lived its whole life in the midwest in better shape than mine. I know of at least three white e30 convertibles in Wisconsin, and I promise you that mine is hands-down the absolute best example you will see. " This one sure looks a hell of a lot nicer, and actually worth the asking price
  7. Alright who is gonna buy It? Earl? Sent from my SM-G930R4 using Tapatalk
  8. They are indeed fittipaldis. 17x8.5 I believe 5x120 et13 I think I have only come across like one other set with the same specs. They need to be finished though. I have the faces stripped and the lips sanded. Two barrels have bends or cracks so I need to get those taken care of before anything. I have been sitting on them for years. Sent from my SM-G930R4 using Tapatalk
  9. That's what I figured. They are really correded. Impact would probably be fine on wheels that aren't in such bad/corroded condition....or use a bolt and nut. First one came out fine. Second one snapped. I did the whole wheel with a breaker bar and ratchet in like 5 minutes, so not worth the risk to save mere minutes Sent from my SM-G930R4 using Tapatalk
  10. Well, I finally decided to stop staring at these things sitting in my office and actually start dissembling them. So.....just for future reference. Nobody try using an impact to remove the bolts. At least it was only one bolt. So, now I get to figure out what to do about that. Just glue the head in place once I get them all put back together? That being said. Breaker bar made easy work removing the bolts. Now, any ideas on how to get the centers out besides bigger hammer. I didnt really whack at them to hard today because, well, I couldnt find my good sledge. I also had my son with me who has to help with everything....dont need any ER trips.
  11. Those hurt my eyes just looking at them in a picture. They should be sufficient. Sent from my SM-G930R4 using Tapatalk
  12. Yes, she is real. The engine has been opened up and has internal mods. We dont exactly know WHAT was done, but the car was at one point owned by and engine builder for race cars. Hence it required to run on race fuel. My father bought it from my brother in law for like $3k when he needed cash after he got arrested after robbing a gas station. The car needs full paint, but other than that it is original sans the engine mods. I have never the car except for moving it in/out/around the warehouse. My dad also has a very nice old MGA that he restored from the ground up that just sits under a cover and collects dust. Along side that sits another MGA twincam that he has been "restoring" for probably over a decade at this point. He paid 10k for an engine for it some years back that just sits.
  13. z28 302 So sad, the car just sits....and sits....and sits. I does only run on race gas, and with the price of that I can understand not daily driving it, but it is sad to just watch it sit and collect dust. She never gets to let the ponies run.
  14. Well, if you are going that least put them in front for some ramming protection I was thinking more, since you have the red theme, something like this You know, make em light up if you want to get all ridiculous with it. Or, since apparently 'tis the season already
  15. Well, my home garage isnt really setup as my wrenching spot. It mostly consists of kids toys and strollers. Next house But, here is my warehouse where I do most of my stuff anyways. The lift, where my brothers POS audi has been sitting for months. Now that I think of it, I believe this lift has been occupied by and audi most of its useful life. My e36 in pieces More cars There are some more hiding around the place as well. Mostly my dads that just sit a rot away. Its pretty sad really.
  16. I did not. I do not have capabilities outside of the free ones.
  17. You must have some magic powers. I asked for the VIN and he wouldn't give it out...Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk I dunno. I just asked. I have been known to be a sweet talker, but I don't think it's translates well over text. Sent from my SM-G930R4 using Tapatalk
  18. Got a vin, if anyone has the capabilities to run it wbacd3321vav20206
  19. That thought crossed my mind as well. Especially with all the maintenance done "in the last 2 months" It could of gotten new plates for other reason as well. I guess without running the vin its just speculation. "surface" was the wrong choice of word I guess. Probably should of just left it at "rust".
  20. Any 20 year old car that lived in the rust belt and didnt get taken off the road in winters is going to have surface rust. It would still make a nice daily mechanically wise, as long as the typical e36 weakpoints are ok
  21. That'll buff out
  22. It's been up for awhile too. Probably location. It's also not a highly sought after car. Most people in the market for an e36 either want a nice m3 or a cheap beat up car for drifting. Not much demand for a nice clean 328. Sent from my SM-G930R4 using Tapatalk
  23. I hate people who can't take a straight picture of their car (referring to the red e39). Like wtf. Sent from my SM-G930R4 using Tapatalk
  24. You have no idea. I'm the same way. My first car was an e36. Radiator neck cracked and I kept on keeping on, not realizing. When I did realize,I didn't really know what to, the dumb 16 year old I was, kept driving home. Fried the hg, warped the head. So, that's the story about how I did my first engine swap @16. Ah,memories. Sent from my SM-G930R4 using Tapatalk