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  1. I've decided to make my M3 functional so I'm looking to sell the Rays I just bought. I know not many people in here would be interested in these but I'll give it a shot. On a E36 they require flares and a solid amount of camber as the final offset is +7 Brand new basically, they were delivered to my door step in July from an importer. I paid $1304 for the wheels and over $300 for the adapters and lug nuts. 17x9 +22 Rays Gram Lights 57DR Gun Blue 5x120-114.3 Ichiba adapters Muteki SR48 Lug nuts in Titanium Black Tires are 215/40r17s, I'd consider them junk due to all sorts of uneven wear but aren't close to showing wire at all. Looking for $1000 for everything
  2. Value in parting out?

    Thanks for all the input guys, I have a year of school left after this year and you guys convinced me to continue to enjoy the car for now! I store it in the winter so at least it's not getting much worse. After I graduate I'll look for a clean shell or move on to another car
  3. Value in parting out?

    I would love a slick top 4 door but I remember seeing the shell on craigslist in Chicago and I'm pretty sure it has body rust/ holes in the rockers and footwell areas. (If I'm wrong about that I'm sorry wasntm3) 17x9 +22 Rays Gram Lights with 15mm Ichiba 5x120-114.3 adapters, definitely a stretch making them fit even with the Hard Motorsports flares. If I part out I'll message you first before I post them up I wouldn't consider the repaired rusted out sections like a driving danger, but If I put a jack to it I'm sure it would bend/not be safe. I'd love to find a coupe shell but the timing is just never right. I'm in a tough position being in college where I'd only have the space for 2 cars from July to August, and I also have never seen a rust free coupe shell in Wisconsin with a clean title. My dad sold his truck with a hitch, and I have no trailer also. I think you are right about the part out. I really feel like I'd be ripping people off trying to get $3500-4000 for the car (without the $1300 wheels), and also wouldn't be able to sleep at night knowing some kid just put a jack stand on the jack pad I reconstructed with my welds. If I was completely honest saying that this car isn't structurally all safe I doubt anyone would want it for more then $2800
  4. Value in parting out?

    When I do I'll be taking a flight west or south.
  5. Value in parting out?

    Hey guys, I'm thinking that after 5 years of owning a E36 M3 thats full of body filler and has patched sheet metal all over I might want to move on. The shell is done for and will never not have rust somewhere. The rear jack points in the rockers had rusted through, and although I cut out the rust and welded 16 gauge plate in, I wouldn't trust my welds supporting the weight of the car. I feel like it wouldn't be safe to sell the car to someone else nor would I get much with the shell having 100 rust hole patches on the floor pan and rockers. Those of you that have parted out E36 M3's, how fast did you move all the parts and what kinda money did you make? I'm assuming it wouldn't be too hard to hit selling like $2000 worth of parts in the first month or so including the motor and trans, but I'd like some input. The car is a '97 coupe, 5 speed with 220k miles. It has a few aftermarket goodies and a nice complete black interior with heated vaders, the s52 runs smooth and has 170+ compression in all cylinders. Really nothing is wrong with the car other then the fact that the body is rusting into the ground. Tons of stuff has been replaced. I'm just trying to figure out if I want to keep driving it or if it's worth it to part it out (worth it to me is making like $3500-4000). I don't really have a feel for what the demand of parts is like. I don't wanna just sell the seats, diff and motor then have the rest sit for a year I've seen a few of you guys parting out E36 M3's in the last few months Posting this makes me wanna cry after 5 years and 25k miles, but I can't stand the rust.
  6. Style 32 wheels 17x7.5 17x8.5 +41

    Bump, nobody has even looked at them yet
  7. Style 32 wheels 17x7.5 17x8.5 +41

    Located in east Green Bay
  8. Style 32 wheels 17x7.5 17x8.5 +41

    Thanks! It about to be even more of a steal because I guess nobody is interested $200 for a set of style 32's...
  9. Style 32 wheels 17x7.5 17x8.5 +41

    Style 32's that just need cleaning and paint, $275! Can't get better looking BMW wheels that cheap. I inspected the wheels and 1 rear wheel has the slightest bend on the very edge of the lip, hard to see. Wheels have always balanced out and never shaken at 100mph+.
  10. Style 32 wheels 17x7.5 17x8.5 +41

    Pics fixed, prices OBO, shoot me a text at 920-471-sixthree21 for more detailed pictures! I also have a front subframe off a e36 m3 coupe in decent condition, no rust $40
  11. Set of 17x7.5 +41 17x8.5 +41 style 32's off a Z3, Had them on my M3 for awhile with 20mm spacers. They are all dirty and need new paint, and one had a inner lip crack welded. I have all 4 center caps not pictured. Tires will be removed. I'm not sure whats fair, $350? Then I also have 2 brand new Firestone fr710 205/50r16 tires, they were $73 each, $100 for both