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  1. borrow trailing arm bushing press, madison?

    May be a dumb question, but are you replacing the bushings? if so, usually putting a flame to them and burning em out does the trick.
  2. the one and only e30 s52 engine swap

    I'll start off right away by saying that dash repair, is not as easy as it seems. I spent right around 8 hours total body filling and sanding the shit out of this thing. Many times I came upon more small cracks I hadn't noticed before and had to go back and open them up and fix em. All in all it ended up turning out really great and I couldn't be more pleased. The dash flocking was pretty straight forward as there is a pretty well written instructions that comes with the kit. I would say the one and only struggle about the hole process was the amount of time I had to get it done. You get 15 minutes total to get the black undercoat and the fibers on. Luckily I had a friend help me with the painting and so it took us about 10 minutes to get the painting done and the last few minutes to frantically get the fibers blown on before the undercoat dried. I went overboard with the fibers as the kit advises u to in order to cover all the areas. The cure takes about 15 - 17 hours before u can shake the excess fibers off and another 72 hours to a week before u can install it back in the car. We'll see how she looks tomorrow once I shake it off. On another note, got the driver side rust hole fixed up, 16 gauge worked so much better and welded up with little issue. Subframes and trailing arms back from blasting! Reinforcement time... Front subframe all welded up before calling it quits tonight. All credit goes to my buddy Forrest and his master skills with a tig welder... Gonna help finish up the reinforcement welding tomorrow as well as two other small rust holes on the passenger side that need to be cut out and welded up. Also praying that my parts show up from fcp so that I can get the timing cover back on the motor. Was suppose to get a few parts I was having powder coated back about week ago but it seems that their oven broke down and was unable to get it back up and running tell about a day ago, so once again, I wait.
  3. the one and only e30 s52 engine swap

    Thx for the info! Hopefully the original cleans up well. Got the part number. Called up the dealer, 35 dollars for a piece of foam. Ya, no. That's exactly what I want to do. Thanks for confirming it.
  4. the one and only e30 s52 engine swap

    Ya, so things have been a happenin... By the way, thx for the tip on that bolt extractor kit for getting the last bolt out on the gas tank. Worked like a charm. As well as the rest of the aluminum subframe sleeve... To get it out I used a tig torch set on AC (usually used for welding aluminum) and it pretty much just heated up really fast and blasted it out all at the same time. After getting that done, I was able to pull all the rest of the brake and fuel lines which I should say were very crusty and in dyer need of replacement. In fact once I started to pop the fuel lines out of the brackets they immediately started to leak in 3 different spots. Gonna be replacing all the lines with copper nickel line 5/16 for the fuel and 3/16 for the brake. Ordered a bubble flaring kit from Matco the other day. Hoping to see it here Monday or Tuesday. For the interior, as you've seen above I got the dash and carpet pulled. Carpet is a nasty mess , Gonna try cleaning it today back at home and see how she looks. Not really sure about dying the carpet as I am a little leery about how it may hold up over time. Also came upon a website while researching carpets for bmw's called stockinteriors.com. They will make a molded carpet with the foam for an e30 for about 170 bucks, only thing I would have to do is cut in the necessary holes for it to fit, something I may have to consider if the original carpet doesn't work out. As for the dash, Got it completely dissembled last, dremeled out all of the cracks with a grinding stone. Will begin body filling the cracks tonight and sand it down. Order dash flocking kit, check. Also started to clean all the foam for sealing the duck work. Anyone know where I can get a good replacement for that kind of stuff? And onto the rust repair... So far this is all that I was able to get done for repair so far. Tough thing I learned my lesson from is the fact I decided to use 12 gauge steel instead of something a bit liter like 16 or 18. It still ended up turning out alright and welded up nicely with just a few issues where the amperage was to high and burned holes in the original body metal because of how much thinner it was. Will clean it up a bit more with a paddle wheel and paint on the por-15. There are about three more spots that need to be cut and welded up with new metal on the passenger side floor panel. After that, on to the driver side which I have began cutting out where the rust has ate through. After learning my lesson, gonna be using something a bit liter on this side like 18 gauge. Gonna weld much better to the original metal and bend nicer. A couple other things done... removed the entire airbag system and got the hole drilled, tapped, and helicoiled on the timing cover. Still waiting on new gaskets to reinstall it as well as hand full of other parts including all new 95a poly bushings, motor mounts, and trans mounts from revshift! Still waiting on my frames to get blasted which were suppose to be done this last Friday but it seems everyone I have been getting work done by recently have been telling me they would get it done by this time and end up not having it done when I call them on that date, some people's kids I tell ya.
  5. Re-engaging in the community!

    Not in yet, working on fixing and refreshing a few things on the car before the motor goes in. Still got the bushings, shoot me a message and we can discuss bidness.
  6. Re-engaging in the community!

    Welcome back! You won't remember me by username but I am the guy who bought that tranny off you from your 86 way back when. What happened to the original plans to do an LS swap?
  7. the one and only e30 s52 engine swap

    Welp, the tap and die failed. I guess you were right Ben. Although the tap and bolt welded together was a really good idea that did work by cleaning up the threads, It was at a point where they were no longer really savable. So Saturday I pulled the timing cover on the motor. This morning I ordered new timing cover gaskets, steering rack reseal kit, rear wheel bearings, last of the gaskets I need for the motor as well as a few other things to keep me busy. Gonna head in to auto zone this morning and find myself a helicoil kit and then I'll be on my way. On another note... I haves a question. What I want is to get rid of that charcoal canister and with it the fuel line that runs to it from the gas tank. The canister itself is pretty much shot and the fuel line running to it is rusty as can be. I honestly don't want to pay to order another line and canister when the only purpose for it is to lower emissions. Can I just delete the system back to the tank, run a tube with the purge valve attached to it off of that piece, tuck it away and let it vent to atmosphere? Not sure how it would but will that cause a vacuum build up in the tank? I also know of the other method people chose to do which is simply deleting the canister leaving the purge valve between the two lines running to the the throttle body. Other people also commented that this will cause a vacuum build up in the tank. What have you guys done for this part of the car? Thx!
  8. Tuning m52 turbo advice

    Well I told my buddy about what to consider with this car if he buys its and some of its flaws right off the bat and after some thinking and discussing he decided to call it off. Thx again for everyone's help, much appreciated.
  9. the one and only e30 s52 engine swap

    Trialing arm bearings out as well as everything else that was still on them. Taking everything in to get blasted tomorrow and then reinforcement time. Rear firewall soundproofing rubberish thingy removed as well as the heat shield underneath it revealing some glorious surprises. Got an angle grinder with a wire wheel sitting on the bench, yets see where that gets me tomorrow. On another note... I completely forgot to mention it but I did end up getting the e36 m3 steering rack. Yes the rack is in pretty rough shape right now but after a reseal kit and a little TLC I think it'll turnout alright. Didn't mention this yet but I am planning on repainting the engine bay. Still deciding on what color to go with though.
  10. the one and only e30 s52 engine swap

    Lame update. Just to keep the thread alive. Moved old motor out of the shop into storage, where it will continue to leak its oil everywhere. Focused on the engine bay today: Pulled Front valence off. pulled master cylinder and booster as well as the throttle cable. Does the M42 throttle cable long enough for the swap or am I still gonna need an e34 one? Moved all the wiring over by the fuse box out of the engine bay. Vacuumed. \ Had a good time figuring out how to press the wheel bearings out of the trailing arms. Only got the hubs out today. Misplaced my snap ring pliers somewhere and after about an hour of searching the entire shop I called her a night. Got a new bolt for the motor. Also in the process of getting the shit bolt and tap welded together, thank you for that idea by the way! Will have that done tomorrow. Just hoping I manage to save the threads enough for them to be effective.
  11. Tuning m52 turbo advice

    So later this week I'm gonna help a buddy out on looking at a car that he is interested in possibly buying. The car is a 2000 bmw 328i with a turbo setup. The motor has been swapped out, due to it being blown, for a m52tub28. He's also converted the entire motor over to obd1 including the ecu (413 dme) which has a ostrich 2.0 emulator plugged into it. So far all he has the car tuned for is e85, other than that it has not really been messed with (the guy has no experience with tuning). I have no idea why he is selling it other than he owns a hot rod shop and just doesn't have the time. He said that the car runs strong up tell about 3500 rpm and then starts cutting out like its losing fuel. My buddy has been wanting a project car like this for some time now and thought this would be a fun one but has no experience with the tuning part of it and neither do I, besides plugging a chip into a ecu...if that counts. I'm really just looking for a few pointers on how I could help him if he does end up buying it. I have always been decent at the wrenching side of things but when it came to the programing and tuning, not so much. So far I have been told that the ostrich emulator has kind of limited capabilities and is really weird plugged into a 413. I'm also slightly familiar with what TunerproRT is and understand that if I were to start from scratch I would need to find a xdf file to build off of. I read about the miller w.a.r chip and mega squirt being good alternative options as well for turbo m52's but curious how that will get along with the dual vanos. Any info is much appreciated. Thx! https://appleton.craigslist.org/cto/d/2000-bmw-328i-turbo/6435139190.html I was told this used to be Andy Hundley's car I guess who is also a WI bimmer member if I'm not mistaken.
  12. the one and only e30 s52 engine swap

    So I went over to the shop this afternoon to mess around with the motor for a few hours and maybe get the thing timed. Everything was going smooth as can be, everything smooth as can..... Its the longest of the 2 bolts that hold the upper chain guide in place. This occurred after threading it into the hole by hand and then having to use a ratchet to get the bolt back out because of suspicion (I should also add that I had put some lubrication on the threads before installing it). Now I'm trying to figure out what I'm gonna do to fix the threads that are screwed up in there. I'm gonna go get myself another bolt on Tuesday and hope that some miracle happens cause I have no idea how I could fit a tap or a thread chaser down that deep of a hole to fix the threads, unless there is a tool for this particular type of thing that I just don't know about.
  13. Makes me curious how much boost he's running on a stock motor like that. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  14. the one and only e30 s52 engine swap

    I honestly don't know. There a way to move this thread over to there?
  15. the one and only e30 s52 engine swap

    According to the machinist the block surface was in good shape and in no need of a resurfacing. That would be great! I could definitely use a expert look over after I time the motor to make sure everything is correct and good to go as well as getting that vanos rebuilt pronto.