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  1. The URo one I had lasted 2 months and that was just from the car sitting.
  2. Officially not driving in the cruise but will be at @Jdesign to collect my parts. And might make it to the brew fest afterwards
  3. I have came to the realization that it is to late to order something I've had 1 day air take 3 days during the week. I would rather not cause myself the let down and hate. You have to take into account 1-2 day processing.
  4. In my eyes the n54 and n55 are the same besides the number of turbos.
  5. Looking for a silicone elbow like this one I know someone has it. I would like to buy or borrow it for the weekend.
  6. I think it's interesting. That seat would've been first on my list however.
  7. When in doubt ground it out
  8. Ok, I like to tell people at my work about my car plans, because they tend to ask you consistently why you aren't driving that car to work.
  9. You could also do a light tint in the front the limo tint in the back will make it appear dark with good visibility.
  10. Is hobbyist plate one time fee? Is it like a collector plate, just for modified cars?
  11. I wouldn't get too tied up with Dyno numbers if the car feels good and you enjoy driving it that is a win. Ask them when the last time they had their Dyno calibrated I bet they give you a blank stare. There is no substitute for the butt Dyno, a piece of paper doesn't make me feel good. Unless something is rolled up in it.
  12. Got the snout pretty much complete on my end, I'm going to bring it to the machine shop on Tuesday. also had to make some room for the headers on the driver side by chopping a chunk out of the subframe. It was just an extra tab for mounting hydraulic lines so no structural issues. The driver side collector outlet hits the floor and I can't make any more room with a hammer so I'm going to be cutting it and welding it on at a downward angle.
  13. Another one