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  1. Typical teenager
  2. Saw that too but thought I'd let @jc43089 have it.
  3. I think 1994 in Canada was euro spec s50 but only 50 or so, read that along the journey years ago. Rest was the same junk as the us
  4. Thanks for doing my Craigslist search for the night.
  5. I'll do the headers first. To clarify these headers are for an e55, which is slightly smaller then my s55. The price tag for the s55 was 3.5x the price so I figured I'd make them work. this was the first issue on the passenger side. Subframe heat shield I was able to cut that out, the smooth one, and push down the ribbed one onto the subframe. It's not by any bushings or rubber so it really doesn't need any protection at all. Then removed the bolt and shaved it so it was flush with the nut and gave the pipe the one two with a hammer for decent clearance. The end of the header was resting up on the bottom of the car. Used a floor jack on the floor pan to make some extra room. That's about as far as I got on that. I'll have pictures within a year. Now onto the BBK. supercharger off the car Got it mocked up where I want it, this BBK is a tight fit. Notice in the bottom left it is almost touching the fpr, on the right it is touching (what they call a surge tank in Mercedes land) but I would call intake manifold or intake runner. I have to shave off the protruding engraved bbk logo, very little, too fit. I'm basically going to fill the shit out of the little snout where the throttle body connects and have a machine shop bore it out so I can drill and tap mounting holes. Obviously I will have them machine the matting surfaces flat. Open to recommendations on machine shops. Comparison of old vs new.
  6. They cut the bumper out and used it as a spoiler
  7. Well any progress is good as Jason would say. Got the new in tank fuel hose installed, cleaned out the engine bay, and repaired some wires.
  8. Hood dump
  9. Some people just don't have time to do everything themselves even though it means saving money.
  10. Hopefully this will bring down the prices of early z4s