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  1. As far as the car using set parameters for warmup that is not true for obd2 it still looks at the input of the sensors and will adjust. It just will do it if it goes out of the 1-6 range instead of the 3-4 range when it's warm. Numbers do not represent actual value of a sensor. I would at least shove the o2 sensor in whatever exhaust you have. But that isn't your problem.
  2. Yes you can borrow it, you know how too find me. Mb your engine has too much compression.
  3. If you need a noid light tester let me know I'm off the next three days.
  4. Wibimmers is an unofficial official sponsor of General tire so you get your tires at the General rate.
  5. @straight6pwr and I will be caravanin from the Milwaukee area others are welcome too join.
  6. It won't make a difference with the stock throttle body. The air can only flow as good as the weakest link.
  7. Who's interested for the Oshkosh/ Stevens point events. Nothing is guaranteed.
  8. Good job
  9. Pirtek in Menominee falls will be able to do it. I'm 85.3% sure I have the crimping tool for hydraulic lines I can check if you want to make it yourself.
  10. I also have a m52 tb on my m50 manifold with no plate and boosted, with no leaks.
  11. I have a few m50 tbs
  12. Turkey baster and a 4 ft hose
  13. I think you would be very disappointed with a stock ls paired with an automatic.
  14. Quick scrolling through and saw this and thought the classic wibimmers compression test. At least it's nothing major.
  15. The URo one I had lasted 2 months and that was just from the car sitting.