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  1. sold to Ed
  2. correct
  3. My brother is selling his stock n54 exhaust if there are any 128i guys out there looking for one, or if a 135i person wants to gutt it. $150 asking. Good condition. He's in Madison. Let me know and I'll get you in touch with him.
  4. Helping a guy I know post his car. Likely a part car. He said it's a 2003 w/ 120k on the motor. It's sitting at Zimbrick of Madison and he needs to get it off the lot. No reasonable offer refused he said. Someone just needs to get it. He said the brakes are seized but the motor was fine. He has a bunch of service records from Zimbrick, serviced there its whole life. Perhaps a swap or something for someone. He also has One set is a set of lightly used Blizzaks. One set is mounted on steel wheels. This is all I have for pictures. If you are interested let me know and I'll get you his email.
  5. they all look same to me. I'll take pictures next time I have it out to show you. I'll be gone this weekend putting the vert into storage so won't have time to mess with it till Sunday.
  6. Hi all, hope everyone is doing well. Not a ton to report on the M3. Got the new trunk on. Looks much better. Not 100% perfect unless you're very close to it and know what to look for. I like it. Small m5 spoiler coming today. Back to the vanos stuff. Did it a 3rd time, confirmed chain movement was correct with compressed air. All seemed fine. Drove it for a couple weeks with no CEL. Had at least 30-40 different start and stops over the time period, so DME had plenty of time to trip early on but didn't. Then it came on again this week. Ugh, same thing, mixture deviation bank 1, misfire cylinder 5. So, I did an experiment. I changed coil pack (CP) to cylinder 2 and spark plug (SP) to cylinder 3. Put known working CP and SP from cylinder 2 onto cylinder 5. Now I get misfire on cylinder 5 and 3 (where the spark plug went) but cylinder 2 is good with the CP off 5. So, I know CP's are fine. (again all CP and SPs are new) Something appears to be happening on cylinder 5 that messes up the spark plugs. I'm going to try to clear codes and reset DME adaptations, but leave everything where it is. I'll see if they come back as 3 and 5 misfires again. If so I'll move 5 spark plug to another location to see if that follows. Maybe something with the wiring harness or could be computer related? Ugh. Would love to get this sorted out. I don't have anyway to live monitor stuff while the engine is running to see if it is truly misfiring or look at other parameters. I think that's the next step.
  7. I took my m20 head to Performance Engine and Machine in Middleton for all of the above you mentioned needing done. I think it was like $250 for everything. No idea if that was good or not as it was the only place around me I could find.
  8. yeah, this is my bolt going into vanos. I assume I need something that bypasses the oil feed line (that black line?) I was just applying air to the end nipple part with the bolt still screwed in and oil line attached
  9. well, didn't make a difference with cam locks off. Same thing. I've taken the whole thing apart again and reinstalled. Same problem. Took the vanos apart to check seals and inside. Those all seem fine. Perhaps my rig for applying air? Should I not have the oil feed line attach? I have an aftermarket oil pressure guage that tees off that, so mine is a bit different. I was able to get a hose clamp attached to that. Air doesn't leak and does go through even with the kink. Other end just connected to the compressor with 60 psi. I do hear air coming out from somewhere under the exhaust cam gear. I assume oil feeds into the head somewhere in there. But air pressure definitely escapes through there.
  10. got a video on you tube. you can see the vanos gear thing twitch with I apply voltage to it on and off
  11. Hey all, So working on this right now tonight. I followed the steps above (cam locks, backed off torx bolts, tension on chain). I wanted to check chain movement before uninstalling vanos just to see where it was at. Applying pressure and activating the solenoid the chain didn't budge. You can hear the vanos make a blurping noise and the cylinder with the gear moves in and out just a little bit. Appears the solenoid is fine as it clearly does something when voltage is applied to it. So, figured it was installed wrong, uninstalled and re-installed. Same thing. I'm very careful to make sure I'm catching the 1st possible gear. I'm surprised that 60 psi is going to move the chain. It's hard enough to move the chain clockwise with the cam gear wrench. Doesn't seem like anything will move with the CAM blocks on. I took a video but not sure how to post a video. I'll try to figure that out. If anyone has any ideas in the meantime please let me know.
  12. I clicked on the website. They want $25 to register and "search" inventory. Wonder how legit it is?
  13. Thanks Snap. That's pretty much the same response I got on the M3 forums. I'll let you all know how it goes. "Locks onE-torx looseChain tension yesThe idea is to set the position (air on, solenoid off) to lock the exhaust torx down. The same thing you did when attempting by hand. You also get to see the movement range while cycling on/off several times on the solenoid before finishing with off to tighten the torx. "
  14. I'm about to tackle this vanos yet again tonight. This time with compressed air. I'm seeing conflicting info online on the procedure though. 1. Do I keep the cam lock blocks on? 2. Loosen the exhaust torx bolts a bit? 3. Lastly, do you put tension back on the chain? If anyone knows for sure that'd be great! Thanks
  15. well damn. Injector guy just called back after testing. Said they're 100% fine. Figured since they really only have about 27k miles on them. Looks like I'll be trying my vanos job one more time. Really isn't anything else I can test at this point. Gotta track down that air tool to test chain movement that I'm reading about online. Can't find it anywhere.