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  1. Didn't know you bought a brand-new bimmer when you were like 14. Damn, that's baller, son.
  2. what? Who's using Jake's computer? Totally confused here... Also, I need to know what floor mats those are.
  3. "No." sounds like the correct answer. However, I have been diagnosed as a man of few words, and an asshole, so...
  4. They don't look that bold to me. I was expecting day-glow orange or something.
  5. What is that valance, and why is the license plate holder 2 different colors? Don't know anything about the car, but I suspect you're got some work ahead of you...
  6. Not sure if I got tired of waiting for the right one to come along, or if I just got sick of driving the POS e34, but I finally bought a TI. Isn't white or a slicktop, but is a manual and has black interior, so close enough. Allegedly a California car, but had Texas plates on it. High-mileage, has one bad rust spot in the usual location, but the undercarriage looks really clean. Seats are garbage and it needs rear subframe bushings, but otherwise pretty clean (not counting the dog hair...). Haven't decided what my plan is yet. I'm thinking e30 sport seats, because I think they're comfortable, supportive, and perfectly tolerable for a daily driver. Never really shopped around for seats, so I'm open to suggestions there. Other than than, just maintenance for now.
  7. So... nüb question here. My check engine light is on; what's the easiest way to pull the codes on these things (early '96 model)? I'm assuming the good ol stomp test doesn't work anymore? This OBD-II life is new to me. It's different, and I don't like it.
  8. I found a pair here for $275. Might be okay after a thorough cleaning. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ank/pts/d/2005-bmw-330xi-parts-car-or/6252890049.html Hasn't turned up much for me yet, but this is an interesting resource: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recaro#Cars_with_OEM-installed_Recaro_seats
  9. #Merica If you got some angle iron, a welder an a come-a-long, you can fix anything.
  10. Those would probably look more at home in there than the e30 seats. I might see if I can find one to try out. Is there any difference between the M3 seats and "regular" sport seats? These look pretty nice, but it looks like the guy doesn't really do them anymore: https://www.r3vlimited.com/board/showthread.php?t=359721 I do kind of prefer cloth. Mechanical adjustment is also a big bonus over electric for me. Hadn't noticed that the price of e30 sport seats has gone completely insane on ebay. I could probably find another pair of e21 Recaros for less ...or a brand-new pair of GTS-IIs for that matter.
  11. Leaning towards yes, but not sure. Will probably hold on to the e34 for a while. Hoping the e34 wheels will fit on the TI so that I can use the same set of snows on either car. Interested. PM me some pics (of the seats...) Long term I'd like to do a 2.8 or 3 liter swap. First priority is still working on the e21, so I probably won't even touch this thing until after the snow flies.
  12. I'll take that u-bend if you're throwing it out. I have a similar bucket with subframe mounting points and wheel arches in it. I was gonna make a joke FS ad called "e21 parts"
  13. I'd bet it's at least 1.2x that estimate. Still hoping to get the e21 there, but I'm not ashamed to show up in my daily, even if it's a POS. Just need to make sure to leave the meetup last so that I'm not grossifying any cool pics with my rust and redneck mods.
  14. M10s are hard to even give away. I have one in storage if you get desperate. What you really need for it though is a junk M12 head and a giant snail to hang off the side.
  15. Nice. It's like Ben's daily except with half the doors and twice the engine. Coincidentally, I'll be looking at a silver BMW on Sunday. More door than yours, but less than Ben's. 2/3rds the engine of any reasonably equiped bimmer...
  16. wait, what? Windshields are usually a structural part of the car and it's generally a Bad Idea™ to replace them with plastic if you're not going to cage the car.
  17. Well, it's that time again... Time to rip a bunch of stuff apart, spend half the winter with my hands saturated in engine degreaser, and maybe put it all back together in time to have some fun next summer. This years plan is to do coilovers, wheels and tires, and a little bodywork. If there's time, I might start working on that turbo I keep saying I'm going to do... So far I've built a shelving unit/workbench, pulled the rear subframe and started de-rustifying it, and sized up some borrowed 225/45/15s. I'm thinking I'll weld on some flares off a mark one vw golf, but not 100% sure about that yet. Should be fun!
  18. I left the welding for another day, but the second side is going a lot faster than the first. I even took some pics this time.
  19. worked fine here. it was a slow burn. get vlc or something
  20. small car with a big canoe parked next to me while i was at woodmans. FVTC staff parking sticker. looked really clean.
  21. Approved.
  22. https://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/cto/d/1995-bmw-m3/6297935196.html el-oh-el https://racine.craigslist.org/cto/d/bmw-m3/6297414305.html rare 250i https://chicago.craigslist.org/sox/cto/d/1987-bmw-250i-convertible/6291669571.html love the stance on a stock e21 https://grandrapids.craigslist.org/cto/d/1983-bmw-320i/6293264264.html
  23. Was it in Illinois? I've always had bad luck looking at cars in Illinois. You didn't mention tolls, so I'm guessing not...
  24. I should really trade in the POS e34 for a POS e24...