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  1. BMW Sienna 2.5i build

    Won't it steer the opposite direction now? Also concerned about acremen... Did you think this through?
  2. Lifted E30 V2

    Try to temp it when the engine is operating at take out.
  3. Ice rally X

    FYI, event on Poygan this weekend is cancelled due to high temps: http://www.fvscc.com/forum/showthread.php?p=21204#post21204 WAG event on Sinissippi also cancelled https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1921483281195622&id=114105318600103
  4. So, what are you listening to?

    In the middle of reading Kim Gordon's autobiography/memoir. Reading it made me feel like I knew her less than I did just from listening to the music. It's not the story that I was wanting to hear (kind of boring compared to what I had imagined...) but it definitely adds meaning and depth to things. Watching a live performance from back in the day makes me see things a little differently... "Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star" and "Washing Machine" were the only albums of theirs that I spent much time with back in the day, so hearing live versions of "Bull in the heather" and "Skink" was exciting for me...
  5. 2.1 high boost m10

    Maybe... I'd want a drawing or something more to go on than the blurb. If that's a picture of the actual kit, I'd check on the pins too. I know when you order custom pistons, you can choose different pins for lightweight/high rpm, or something a bit more stout for boosted applications. Good luck with the project btw. I've read a lot about engine building over the years, but don't have much experience myself. Some day I'd like to get crazy with the cheez whiz and build something cool like this.
  6. 2.1 high boost m10

    If your planning on making 100hp per hole I wouldn't think taking 1/8" off the deck is a good idea. Loss of rigidity in that area could make HG sealing an issue. I'd spend the extra money to get pistons made...
  7. chit chat thread

    not the pic I was looking for, but this is pretty much how I would roll if I had drugs to sell, minus the goofy front plate, and add excessive window tint of course.
  8. chit chat thread

    with no power steering even. a mans car... if it wasn't so small an effeminate... if it wasn't for rwd and lift-off oversteer, i might be questioning my life choices right now...
  9. chit chat thread

    @0:33 Hazard switch broke Should have used a 6-er. Looks more like a drug dealers car IMO.
  10. Ice rally X

    Good to know. I've always gone to the FVSCC events because I know some people up there and they're good peeps. Will have to check out one of the WAG events. Definitely closer to home now that I'm living farther south...
  11. Ice rally X

    Wisconsin autosprts group. https://m.facebook.com/Wisconsin-Autosports-Group-114105318600103/ I might be able to go... would have to borrow a helmet...
  12. Ice rally X

    I also did not go. This weeks weather has me questioning whether it's worth buying new snows this year... Would still like to get on the ice this year regardless.
  13. M52 Swap Time

    also, aren't there meltable things inside the booster? Like a big diaphragm? Don't put a hole in it with a piece of weld spatter.
  14. tinted windshield more interested in the e9 in the last pic
  15. M52 Swap Time

    Someone mentioned tubing expanders, so I'm posting this. Possibly NSFW...? 7hOXm1o.mp4
  16. Lifted E30 V2

    ^^^ All you need to know. Ice races MR2s and thinks he's a badass cause he's faster than a FWD Impala.
  17. Winter AutoX

    How is the $15.83 lunch rated generally? I have a company-sponsored drinking event to go to, so I'll never know.
  18. Not sure if I got tired of waiting for the right one to come along, or if I just got sick of driving the POS e34, but I finally bought a TI. Isn't white or a slicktop, but is a manual and has black interior, so close enough. Allegedly a California car, but had Texas plates on it. High-mileage, has one bad rust spot in the usual location, but the undercarriage looks really clean. Seats are garbage and it needs rear subframe bushings, but otherwise pretty clean (not counting the dog hair...). Haven't decided what my plan is yet. I'm thinking e30 sport seats, because I think they're comfortable, supportive, and perfectly tolerable for a daily driver. Never really shopped around for seats, so I'm open to suggestions there. Other than than, just maintenance for now.
  19. Can't seem to keep the rage drifts under control. Looking to replace a banged up wheel before putting fresh snows on.
  20. Tapatalk sucks. That is all. Also, I've never actually used it. Thanks.
  21. Lifted E30 V2

    I haven't researched it at all, but I would think you'd be able to get a tach signal from a Hall effect sensor, without the need for an ECU.
  22. chit chat thread

    Deep, introspective life thoughts right there bro. Time only travels one direction, so you can never go back. Question is, is it better to not be able to go back and cut the wires, or better to not be able to go back and not cut the wires?