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  1. Great ad for a reasonably priced TI in need of some love. Well done, sir. https://chicago.craigslist.org/sox/cto/6389549710.html
  2. 1000th post!
  3. Not sure if I got tired of waiting for the right one to come along, or if I just got sick of driving the POS e34, but I finally bought a TI. Isn't white or a slicktop, but is a manual and has black interior, so close enough. Allegedly a California car, but had Texas plates on it. High-mileage, has one bad rust spot in the usual location, but the undercarriage looks really clean. Seats are garbage and it needs rear subframe bushings, but otherwise pretty clean (not counting the dog hair...). Haven't decided what my plan is yet. I'm thinking e30 sport seats, because I think they're comfortable, supportive, and perfectly tolerable for a daily driver. Never really shopped around for seats, so I'm open to suggestions there. Other than than, just maintenance for now.
  4. I picked up a whole new set of the exact same seats from Earl. No magic necessary other than cleaning a little rust off of the rails and touching them up with some black paint.
  5. 2.8l swapped TI, asking $4k https://chicago.craigslist.org/nch/cto/6366402007.html
  6. Picked up a nicer set of seats from Earl. Not my first choice in terms of comfort or support, but I do like the fabric pattern, and mechanical adjustment. Regardless, it's a big improvement over what was in there... Also picked up and UltraGauge to check out the codes. I had a catalyst efficiency code, and a camshaft position sensor "pending" code, After clearing them, they stayed off for a couple days, but both have come back now. Unfortunately, M42 and M44 camshaft sensors are different, so I can't just swap it out with one I already have. I'm a bit concerned that it might be worn timing components, and not the sensor itself... After driving around with the UltraGauge plugged in waiting for the codes to come back, I also discovered that the engine was running cold. It seemed to take a long time to heat up, and never seemed to get over 175 degrees. I put new thermostat in yesterday, and it's now running steady at about 208. The old thermostat looked to be relatively new and in good shape, so I think it may have just been a lower temperature unit. I seem to recall that being a thing that's recommended for high-mileage engines, but can't remember and haven't bothered to look it up yet... Found some janky car-audio guy stuff going on with the rear speakers (gotta love the "twist and tape" soldering technique). Got that semi-fixed up. Also did the most glamorous and exciting car mod out there... cabin air filter replacement. Boom!
  7. I don't know what's happening here, but I like it.
  8. I don't feel disturbed...
  9. ^^^ That was one of my favorite cars in GT5
  10. I like #9
  11. The stuff that they are changing are the lookup tables for fuel and timing. The chips contain both the tables and the the code that the cpu/microcontroller is running. The code is machine code which is difficult, but by no means impossible, to pick apart so that you can actually understand what it's doing. Ifa tuner only changes the tables without changing any of the code, it's easy to find exactly what they changed by comparing their file with the unmodified one. So to "protect" "your" code, you have to alter the machine code to obfuscate the changes you've made, say by finding the offset that tells the program where the tables are located, and moving them to a different location, or by doing some simple math on the values before they're used so that all of the values in memory look completely different than the unmodified tables. Some of the tuners probably deserve to make a little money for the actual work that they've put in, but the business of selling tunes is by no means an honest one. Most of the people who've done the initial work are just hackers who do it for fun. It's easy for some less honest person to take the work that's already been done, make it difficult to reverse engineer, then call it their own and charge people $300 for it...
  12. Unless the handbag belonged to Bosch or BMW like the 90% of the code on the chip that they're trying to protect. They take the stock code, tweek a few bytes here or there, slap their own "copyright" on it, and then get mad when you copy it. I'd be really interested to see what would happen if a tuner tried to sue someone for stealing "their" intellectual property... I'd be curious to mess around with it. You don't need to copy the board if you can get the unadulterated code and burn it to a normal chip. The ECU doesn't know anything about any of it, so I can't see how the chip and board together could read different than a normal chip... ..but yeah, most likely a copy-prevention device... carry on.
  13. Damn, I knew I should have held out a little longer: https://racine.craigslist.org/bar/d/95-bmw-318ti/6358472729.html
  14. Stock LS engine with an auto would be cheap to buy. Depends on if can get it to work with the stock oil pan and headers. Regardless, I think you should challenge yourself to actually find the problem here and fix it instead of throwing your hands in the air and giving up.
  15. Does the compression gauge rise slowly as we get closer to Christmas, and then drop suddenly on Christmas Eve?
  16. Car was overdue for a wash, so I spent a couple hours getting it clean up today. It's official now, she's one of the fold.
  17. Timing chains themselves aren't a problem, but the guides definitely get worn down pretty badly with high miles/poor maintenance. I know they revised the timing case for the M44, but I think it was likely for NVH reasons more than anything else. Regardless, nice buy. Those tails look weird, but they should fit the car well.
  18. e36 M3 slicktop sedan does seem like a rare bird.... but an e36 M3 shell is no different than any other e36 shell, so I don't see why anyone would pay a premium to get one vs the other... Anyways, it's at least 1 too many doors for my lifestyle...
  19. If it was a slicktop, I'd consider buying it to make a FuturisticDesigns Art BMW with a V8. It certainly has the required... um... patina. I'd put a Northstar V8 from a FWD Cadillac under the rear hatch... Just kidding, that sounds like a lot of work....
  20. just send it.
  21. And also sexist, but this is a BMW forum... I still laughed out loud.
  22. Probably not helpful, but I've heard that if you hook a 6 volt horn up to 12 volts they're extremely loud.
  23. Who's this Dylan character putting down fast times in the e36? Why no pictures of that car? :|