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  1. I have the Beauty, so here's the Beast

    The front of the e34 is mostly held together with bailing wire after tying the core support to a tree and putting the car in reverse to straighten it back out. I think you're being too picky.
  2. chit chat thread

    Achievement Unlocked: Level 5 Wisconsin Auto Mechanic
  3. Shop Life 2.0

    #ShopLife I guess I'm finally old enough to have some proper dad shades. I think I've had those since maybe 2003...?
  4. Shop Life 2.0

    I do what I want! But yes, I moved the fuel pump to the drivers side since the fuel lines run down that side of the car. So I moved the exhaust to the other side. The eE21s that I've seen corner-weighed are also a tad light on the rear right corner.
  5. So, what are you listening to?

    Spent some time going over a few "best of 2017" lists. Found some good stuff, but this is the only one that I've decided I need to add to the collection: Thin Black Duke by Oxbow
  6. Shop Life 2.0

    Made some more progress. Not as confident about the rear section from a sound perspective. I think the long-ish straight sections aren't a good thing, but i chose the most direct route, rather than adding unnecessary bends. Still have some tweaking, then hangers and weld the mufflers on. Fits nice and tight to the car, so I'll have to put some thought into the hangers to keep it from rattling. I think it will be fine though.
  7. chit chat thread

    We build some boards for Extreme Engineering Solutions. Duuurhuuur, do yuh git it?!
  8. chit chat thread

    Spicy McDoublePost
  9. chit chat thread

    Not trying to stir the gun rights debate pot, but I don't see how having a gun would have made a difference in this scenario, other than possibly resulting in a wild-west shootout in the middle of a residential neighborhood...
  10. Shop Life 2.0

    Hmm, almost 4 months with no progress? Time to get back to work on this thing now that I'm done fooling around with the compact. Did a couple piddly things last weekend. Got started on building a new exhaust this weekend. Since the subframe has moved up 2", there's no need to do the old over-the-subframe, under-the-half-shaft trick anymore. The exhaust that was on the car was put together at the 11th hour, and I never really liked it much anyway. It was fine for the grandpa-stanced, 13" wheeled version of the car, but it's time for something new... Maybe my google-fu is weak, but I haven't been able to find a video of a 4-cylinder car that has a "true dual" exhaust (ie the exhaust from half the engine's cylinders travels to the rear of the car in one pipe, while the other half travels in another pipe). Both V8s and inline-6s both seem to sound better with this type of setup, but I don't seem to recall ever seeing it applied to an inline 4. So, in the interests of science, I've decided to try it for myself. Obviously, 4-cylinders tend to sound like crap in general, so I'm not expecting miracles here, but here's what I'm thinking: 4-bangers tend to have a fairly mellow tone in general, but when they do get raspy it tends to be extreme, and in a narrow rpm range (unless, of course, they're forced through some terrible fart-can exhaust which just sounds raspy and terrible all the time...). By splitting the exhaust in two, I'm hoping that each half will hit it's raspyness at a different rpm, thereby cutting the intensity in half, but prolonging it over a larger part of the rpm range. I'm also assuming that lengths of straight-pipe tend to resonate at a particular RPM, contributing to raspyness, so I'm trying to make sure every straight section of pipe is a unique length. The idea here isn't to get rid of the raspyness, but to spread it evenly across as wide an RPM range as possible. So, here's what I have so far: The M42 is a good candidate for this experiment, because the stock exhaust is a 4-into-2-into-1 system. The stock header already has each pair of cylinders each exiting through 2 separate pipes, so that's where my work starts. Even "true dual" systems seem to sound better with an "H" or "X" pipe, so I've included one at the location where the stock exhaust would merge from two into one. This will also be a handy spot to put the O2 sensor so that it gets an average reading from all 4 cylinders and doesn't obstruct flow through the pipe. I'm using 2x1.875" pipe, which is way too large for a stock M42, but gives me some future proofing for when I finally put a turbo on this thing, or rip it out and do something completely different... The glasspacks that I'm using are super cheap and don't seem like they'll be very effective, so if it does end up sounding like crap, I'll replace those with something that has a greater muffling potential. I've also got a couple stainless MagnaFlow mufflers for the rear of the car that should help quiet things down and look cool to boot.
  11. chit chat thread

    Sooo... pretty much like 50% of all craigslist buyers? I can understand if you're upset, but not if you're surprised...
  12. M52 Swap Time

    Nice trick you did there with the license plate hardware. Looks good.
  13. ^^^ That. But also... Who turbos an e? These kids that want their car to make boost noises, but don't care if it goes faster...
  14. chit chat thread

    I know man. I love orange BMWs...