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  1. https://madison.craigslist.org/pts/d/2010-bmw-750i-44l-twin-turbo/6270037133.html
  2. Managed to get the front end back together Saturday. Did work stuff on Sunday (boooo!). #shoplife Front coil-over adjusters are as low as they can go and there's a little shy of 2 inches of travel left. Tires hit the front of the wheel opening when turning at ride height. Would probably hit all of the things at full compression. Rear coilover adjuster could go a half inch lower, but the wheel arch is pretty much resting on the tire already. Still has 3 inches of travel left. At this height there's no camber, so it really needs to go 1-1.5 inches lower in the rear just to make it handle right. Sooo..... pretty much what I was going for. I'll give the fender roller a try, just for novelty's sake, but will probably have to do flares just to make it driveable. Much work left.
  3. I haven't done any first-hand research, but based on what I've seen heard about on the internet, you can get chicks to do pretty much anything for a few hundred bucks. Definitely less than a grand.... wait... What were we talking about?
  4. I was actually going to comment earlier that the patina on the valve covers looked really cool. The refinished version looks good too. Just depends what you're going for I guess.
  5. I'm slightly concerned as well... but it's only an inch or two lower that the spare tire well was (famous last words).
  6. Battery box: Wasn't really feelin it this weekend, so not a ton new progress. I got the fuel cell and pump mounting situation figured out, but my dumb self forgot that I needed to get the welding gas tank refilled, so everything is just tacked in place with flux-core for right now. I should have the correct gland nuts next week, which would allow me to set the car down on it's new suspension for the first time. I think that would bring the motivation level back up. It's actually getting pretty close to being functional again....
  7. That sucks. If possible, check that the valves are seating before tearing the head off/pulling the motor. Could be something dumb like a broken lock/retainer ring/piece of something stuck in there/etc.
  8. Times-sert is another option. Don't have any experience with them, but my boss thinks they are great. Do have experience with heli-coils, mostly trying to fix ones that someone else has installed and have now failed. Not fun.
  9. Are they a member here? They'd fit right in 😂😞
  10. Not that it has anything to do with your project, but I'm mildly obsessed with this idea at the moment... Pulling on someone on the highway would be like that video I posted in the "awesome car videos" thread, except with an '80s Mercedes wagon instead of an RS4...
  11. Sleeper wagon
  12. You got it brother!
  13. It's basically a peer-to-peer network that somehow manages to survive without attracting much attention. Been around forever, and you can find pretty much anything. I don't think there's ever been anything that I've searched for and couldn't find there. Great for someone like me who likes to explore weird, obscure music.