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  1. Finally got the car registered and did some driving. It did pretty well, but the chassis isn't exactly confidence-inspiring with bad subframe bushings. Also had some shimmy through the steering wheel and vibration that feels like a wheel out of balance. Got the car up in the air at the shop and was still really impressed with how clean the undercarriage is. No rust surprises at all. Giubo looked great. Fuel filter has definitely been changed and looked relatively new. Exhaust is solid, although seems to be missing a hanger somewhere (no support at all between the header and the rear subframe). Trans-mount bushings are super soft and need to be replaced. Insulation in the front of the tunnel is drooping and wore the paint off the driveshaft. All-in-all, not bad at all. Also did a quick alignment using the string method. Had almost 3/8" of toe-in on the front. Dialed it back to about 1/3rd that amount. That took care of about 80% of the shimmy and the car feels less dart-y now. There's still definitely something amiss in the rear. So far, I like the car and am hoping to have it far a few years, so I'm currently planing on dropping the subframe and doing all-of-the-things "while I'm in there".
  2. No detonated axels, or any other mechanical issues that I'm aware of. The turnout wasn't huge, probably because of the weather, but also the length of the drive and location. If you live an hour (or more) away and factor in the drive time to and from the cruise it gets to be a lot of driving, so I can't blame anyone for not showing up. Still, I thought the route was great, and it was good to spend some time hanging out as always. 👍
  3. https://madison.craigslist.org/ctd/d/2011-bmw-1m-coupe-rare/6343501751.html
  4. He's going to be showing his true colors now and getting a Subaru.
  5. Already adorned with german colors and a bald eagle. perfect.
  6. Just future proofing for the boost addiction. Not that it's a big deal to redo the lines later...
  7. Not upgrading to 3/8" lines?
  8. I have an metric ass-load of work-related work to do this weekend, so the chances of getting the e21 there are even less than they would have been otherwise. Still waiting for the PO to re-send me a "statement of intent" form so I can get the Ti registered (he signed the title in the "purchaser" section, and I gave him the wrong address to mail the form to the first time... FML)
  9. Twins! Was at one of our customers today. Wasn't really paying attention when i came out and almost tried to get in the wrong car. I don't think this has ever happened to me before... Nice 530i, collectors plates, BMW CCA sticker. Parked next to my hoopty.
  10. 1996 Ford Asipe if it had a Mazda BP engine swap. 1800-2000 pounds stock. 130hp and a big rear sway bar would probably be enough to make it amusing. It's like a Golf, except worse in every way.
  11. Jesu Christo, why!? I guess I'd try one of these in place of the e21: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shelby_Charger I could trade it for a Chevette. However, despite being a colossal piece of shit, those were actually RWD. (I had one briefly. Best handbrake of any car I've owned thus far. Was going to swap a 3.4l v6 into it. Quickly realized it wasn't worth the time or effort) The POS e34 could be replaced by a POS Cadillac Seville. It would still have the same clapped-out vintage luxury appeal, but would suck much wang in the winter compared to the executive drift machine. A bit outside the the model year range of anything I own, but when I was a youngster my mom had a black Buick Skyhawk T-Type (turbo). The previous owner had done some funny business to get more boost out of it. Ran fine when mom drove it, but every time dad would borrow it, it would rip the splines out of torque converter. Hmm...
  12. In the rear the inner fenderwell should still be reattached to the quarterpanel to maintain the structure of the car in that area. It's difficult to work in there with the suspension still on the car, so... I stand by my original statement, but yeah... How does one determine when one needs more tire though...?
  13. FYI: not sure what you're planning, but fender mods are a PITA, unless you don't care what it looks like i guess...