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  1. Exactly.
  2. So you got it? Sent from my 831C using Tapatalk
  3. Just don't have the bottom end at TDC and you can spin the cams all you want. There is only a small window where they would collide. You don't need tools for any of it. Just a straightedge to set the cams square with each other, easy peasy. When it's time to do it's can walk you through it. Sent from my 831C using Tapatalk
  4. The blocks for locking the squares? Or the cam installation tool?
  5. It's a 2 person job to remove/install them. One to hold the cam with a wrench so it doesn't turn and another to tighten the cap where the pressure is. Then you can put all of the other caps on before releasing it from turning, assuming you don't have the fancy cam tool. I have done it with no special tools one time and would try it again but be careful. Or maybe I am way more careful than I need to be.
  6. It is convenient that the heads are no different between m5x and s5x. So by swapping cams you have the full thing rather than still being limited by smaller ports or other differences. Just an FYI early (OBD1) heads have different cam trays and lifters that don't fit the late cams that have the extra balancing material between the lobes. The profiles are the same between OBD1 and OBD2 but the OBD2 cams are thicker. Just a heads up, it looks like you aren't considering an M50 anyway but just in case.
  7. This is on the Chicago craigslist but the location lists Iowa City. Just a bit outside!
  8. Yes, I will be monitoring fuel mileage. It is pretty wild to see the difference in spray on some of the youtube videos that do side by side.
  9. Installed last night. I reset the computer so it is still adapting, it runs great, starts quicker and seems smooth. I don't know how much is due to these injectors being freshly refurbished vs my old ones that may be original with a zillion miles on them and also sat for at least 5 years recently.
  10. It looks like this, the red thing in front is the heat exchanger housing. It has a brass plate type element inside that the raw water goes through with coolant surrounding it.
  11. I got the injectors, they look good but I haven't had time to install them yet. I am trying to get my boat ready for sale to free up some cash for the barn/shop project. Last night was one step forward and three backwards. I was filling coolant (2 stage cooling on the Volvo Penta I/O setup) so I could test run it after replacing timing belt, water pump, seals, etc and it was leaking coolant out of the heat exchanger housing. So I had to drain the coolant and remove the heat exchanger to split it and replace the gasket. I broke 4 of the 14 screws off even with torching and tapping on them. Darn that galvanic corrosion... So I brought it to work with me to extract after work today. Fun fun.
  12. Good stuff!!
  13. No, I think m52/s52 uses the pinktops. I think 21.5lb/hr but not sure at what pressure.
  14. Ordered a set of OE refurbished/matched set claiming to be within 2%. We shall see. It was only 65 bucks. It seems to be a not very common injector, used in Ford Contours/Mystique with 2.5l SVT engine from 1998-2000, and Cougars in 1999. No wonder it was hard to find a part number. I'd rather not do a tune now, I already have a Dinan chip and this coupe is mostly a beater. I would like to experiment and see how the gen3 design performs. It would be great to know of a drop in upgrade. People use m50 injectors in m20 engines too so this might be a good option for them too.