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  1. Nice! How is it for a daily driver? I know mileage is typically not great. 3rd row seating? My FJ60 is more of a toy/farm truck. It is pretty rough looking but reliable.
  2. What year Cruiser do you have?
  3. chit chat thread

    My wife would murder me... I already have tons of shirts still from high school...graduated in '07... don't need more.
  4. the one and only e30 s52 engine swap

    Any shifter with a DSSR would be excellent. I have UUC EVO3 with DSSR and wish I had gotten just the DSSR. I also have the UUC aluminum flywheel with Sachs e34 M5 clutch. Amazing upgrade, the best thing I ever did. Driveability like stock, my wife didn't notice, but rev matching and quick shifting out of this world. Best upgrade ever IMO.
  5. That's a couple hours east of me, how should I convince my wife that I should buy that...
  6. Going to Road America?

    Yea we tent camped last year, she was just turned 5. It depends on the kid but she did great, she has been talking about it ever since and sets up a pretend tent "at the races" in the living room. It is our time to just hang out together which is great. This year my brother in law and his son are coming too and they have a popup camper so that will be a little nicer if it rains. We got soaked one night when it downpoured inside of our super high quality ancient walmart tent.
  7. Going to Road America?

    Be there! Bring the kiddos. My 6 year old will be coming, it's a lot of walking so I don't bring the smaller ones. There's brats, beer, cars, etc. Generally really friendly people in the pits during the Hawk vintage. I don't know how many people asked my daughter if she wanted to sit in their racecar.
  8. 1999 M3 daily driver running log

    I have an 88 at least. I also have no fan and a broken temp gauge. #livinontheedge
  9. Range Rover....

    Land Cruiser FTW. Mine is ancient and still works great An FJ60 would be a horrible daily driver though. It's like a covered wagon with a tractor engine.
  10. My slow e30 project.

    They run sales sometimes. I have their aluminum flywheel/ E34 M5 clutch combo on the engine that is going into the van, best upgrade I ever did on that car. It is so much better to drive. If they weren't so expensive and a bunch of work to install I would put one in my high mileage beater.
  11. Going to Road America?

    Yea, probably on the hillside turn 8 area.
  12. Going to Road America?

    I will be at the Hawk vintage weekend. Probably getting there Thursday night and staying through Sunday.
  13. Meh it's only the steering, not that big of a deal.