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  1. M42 oil pressure switch choices?

    Anything should be fine besides Chinese junk. As long as you pay attention that it lights up with key on engine off and it goes out when the engine starts it should be fine. A friend recently trashed the engine in his Ford Focus because the light or sensor didn't work and he ran out of oil. It got loud and started losing power but there weren't any warning lights so he drove to the next highway exit and that was too late.
  2. chit chat thread

    Oh how I hate the quick deterioration of sub par steel and coatings. I know good things are possible, my Volvo was a WI car its whole life, 13 years and almost 200k miles and there is barely surface rust on the cast suspension parts, and the body still looks perfect. I wish e36s were like that...
  3. chit chat thread

    Glad you are on the mend!
  4. Recommend me some good HIDs

    I've been thinking to take the HID bulbs out of my e36 projectors and try a halogen bulb, I dislike the white light, I estimate mine are around 5000k. Do you want just the bulbs and ballast?
  5. BMW Sienna 2.5i build

    Another slight issue is that the radiator is backwards compared to the BMW one, as in the low connection is on the left and the high connection is on the right. I have plenty of room to cross the coolant hoses in front of the engine which will solve that. Also the Toyota engine has the "radiator cap" on top of the engine. I plan to use an expansion tank and plumbing it similar to a stock BMW setup, I got a radiator hose temp sender adapter thing to install in the upper radiator hose but instead of a temp sensor I will put a nipple in the 1/8 NPT hole and that will be the bleed line back to the expansion tank. Conveniently the stock radiator looks pretty solid, it has aluminum tanks too which I didn't know was a thing.
  6. BMW Sienna 2.5i build

    The MC will be inside facing back, I ordered a -4AN bulkhead to get through the firewall and an adapter for the MC inlet to -AN so I can put the reservoir in the engine bay. It would be a pain to check/fill under the dashboard. So yes there are some additional parts than shown in the pictures. There is a nice racing parts shop in town that ordered the stuff and has lots of hoses, fittings, and adapters in stock so I will figure some of it out as I go. One thing I forgot is an adapter from M10 bubble flare to -AN for the slave cylinder. Everything is going well with this pregnancy. We are crazy hippies and having a midwife come for a homebirth. We haven't done that before but neither of us is worried about it. It is our third so not the first rodeo.
  7. BMW Sienna 2.5i build

    Ordered a bunch of Willwood parts for the clutch pedal setup. I need to modify the brake pedal bracket to get a little room and move the pedal over about 2 inches and trim it narrower. The reverse swing mount pedal is necessary because there is no room on the other side of the firewall from where the pedal needs to be. The strut tower is hardly an inch away. The warmer day yesterday was nice, I got a couple hours of work done after the kiddos were in bed. My wife's due date is tomorrow so baby is coming anytime.
  8. Shop Life 2.0

    I bought some glass packs from http://www.heartthrobexhaust.com/glasspacksandflowpacks.htm The shell is much thicker than el cheapo ones, but they were very resonably priced, just call to order. I think I paid under 60$ shipped for a pair of small ones. I would never buy Cherry bomb or Thrush after using these. Made in Litchfield Minnesota too.
  9. Google Street View Challenge

    Too new dudeski.
  10. DIY floor mounted short shifter

    I will be doing this for the van swap. Much easier than trying to fabricate brackets to mount the carrier to.
  11. WTB: e36 downpipe section

    Where are you located? Nevermind, your profile says Oconomowoc. How much do you think shipping would be for just the front section. from the flanges to the end of the section that goes straight back when on the car? Or however much fits in an available box. The rest will be custom to connect to the Toyota exhaust anyway.
  12. WTB: e36 downpipe section

    For the van. I've got stock x52 manifolds, it would make my exhaust fabrication much easier to get the flanges and bent section, preferably from an OBD1 so they are just single wall but wither would be ok. I only need the bend and a short section straight. Let me know how much shipped to 50459.
  13. Migrating The Family truckster E38 to ?

    I totally agree with the thought that paying a huge premium for one with slightly less miles is not a good deal. I would rather get a car that needs some work for much cheaper than one that is pretty good now but you will be replacing all the same parts very soon anyway.
  14. chit chat thread

    The main one crashed into the water at 300mph, about 300ft from the landing ship. Apparently the rockets didn't all restart properly to aim and decelerate it to land on the ship. Rapid unplanned disassembly. He seems to have quite the sense of humor. The model 3 was supposed to be model E so his models would be S, E, and X...
  15. chit chat thread

    Anybody watch the Tesla / Spacex launch yesterday? The landing of the 2 boosters was really impressive. Also the HHGTG reference on the screen is great.