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  1. Saw that too but thought I'd let @jc43089 have it. It's good for me. Sent from my 831C using Tapatalk
  2. Good catch, I looked at the shredding action and not at the remainder of the car lol. They called it a 91 so my mind did not even consider someone to be subpar at identifying something so obvious. Fake news...
  3. E30s watch out! http://www.autoguide.com/auto-news/2017/08/bmw-cut-in-half-in-freak-accident.html
  4. Lookin good! That driveway looks familiar, glad to see you are keeping the traditional oil stains going.
  5. I refinished about 700 square feet of oak flooring in our old house, it was a lot of work but it turned out good. The orbital sanders are too slow so just giver with a drum sander.
  6. 172k. I'm sure it's toast but I like taking stuff apart and i'm not out anything but an evenings work if it still doesn't work.
  7. I like it, but apparently not as much as you...
  8. I like it, but apparently not as much as you...
  9. This is more like undriveable bad shifting. The 06 and newer on has the same transmission but uses Toyota "WS" fluid rather than 04-05 uses "TI-V" the programming is different I think to match the lighter viscosity fluid. I usually use Redline synthetic, the TI-V compatible fluid is their D4, they would recommend D6 for newer vehicles that require "WS" fluid. I will be adding some Lucas tranny doctor to this one for good luck... Fun fact, this '04 is an XLE Limited and has radar following cruise control, I doubt it works anymore but I did not know the was an option so long ago.
  10. So I bought an '04 Sienna van with a bad transmission. It had been power flushed and that caused a plugged filter about 1000 miles later. It was a good price due to being broken. I towed it home and changed the filter and fluid, that got rid of the cavitating pump noise and it drives but the shifting is poor, harsh 1-2, weak 2-3, then 3-4-5 works ok. Last night I pulled the valve body to disassemble and clean it, I am going to try that first, if it still doesn't work I'm not out anything. Most likely I will be hunting for a U151F transmission. I didn't get any pictures because my phone died but yikes there are a lot of small passages and valves in the valve body. It's like black magic going on in there, several spools seemed sticky so I have a small amount of hope that it might solve my problems to clean it all carefully.
  11. I want, but I have no money.
  12. I just went through a 5.8 truck engine from a 91 F250 and it blew me away the difference in quality of the castings, machining work, all of it seems like junk compared to the BMW designs lol.