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  1. Way to creep!
  2. Good deal, they should be plenty good for hooning to work an back! Everyone thinks I will have a terrible time in my "little car with RWD" When I always made it in the Maxima + Blizzaks before even when pushing snow with the bumper, and the guys with 4wd trucks are late...
  3. I just ordered some General Altimax Arctic snow tires in 205/60R15 to mount on some bottle caps for the winter, bring on the snow! They were a closeout on Tirerack, total including shipping 329.72 and then a 50$ rebate so 279.72 for a set of snow. I have always run Blizzaks but I have heard good things about the General tires so I will see for myself.
  4. I've seen funny looking marks like that on timing covers and other parts. I think it's just from the manufacturing process. If you look closely are they actually raised ridges? Sent from my 831C using Tapatalk
  5. Yes, I have driven BMWs at dealerships and told the salesman more about the car than he was able to tell me... Sad, most are just salespeople, not people excited about the product.
  6. It shouldn't see much/any vacuum, it is upstream from the throttle body so it should be between atmospheric pressure and full boost. To be extra safe I would recommend full throttle at all times so any pieces are blown out rather than in.
  7. Enough boost should smooth it out, just send it!
  8. It's a decent car, needs some work. It has a Seta m20 and g260 I helped swap into it. He didn't have much money so there are some things that should be done like timing belt and water pump, the body is pretty good though. I fabbed the exhaust from scraps from the original and other cars, it's pretty special but sounds decent. I think it has been sitting a while.
  9. @RamRod E28 got a Corvette and gave up on his old e28... Boo!
  10. I referred 2 guys that I met from a BMW cruise to work at the place I worked and later sold one of them my house when i moved which worked out great for both of us. Networking pretty good there lol. They are both on here but are rare posters @MarcK, @ramrod e28
  11. Do it!
  12. URO is usually junk, but also cheap. Expect one summer before crackage.
  13. I have one on my car, it's excellent. Highly recommend. I have a Samco branded one I think.
  14. Paper map and compass, just giver. No reception required.