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  1. EVENT: Kart Meet and Eat, Saturday Feb 24th @ 10:00am

    That burger looks good
  2. EVENT: Kart Meet and Eat, Friday Jan. 12th 6:00PM

    Karts are no good for my wrists
  3. Re-engaging in the community!

    Welcome, I may be interested in some parts from your m3
  4. Limited Production Parts

    Where are you located?
  5. Monthly Event

    I’ll take my car out in may
  6. Whats going on?!

    Nice, is the Ti a 5 speed? Welcome
  7. Recent pc build.

    That wheel sure looks nice
  8. First time BMW owner

    Welcome, who is that stalker in your car?
  9. BMW Vision Gran Turismo

    I have been playing GT Sport, but I just can’t get into racing games anymore unless it’s Mario Kart
  10. AWESOME car shirts (DTM content 5/5-5/7 only)

    Got that in a heavy t (M)& a hoodie (XL) I just hope they fit right.
  11. Devil's Drive 2017 Sat. October 14th

    I should be getting my car back early next month, it's at Pro Comp getting body work done (bubble paint/rust underneath below the tail lights & other imperfections). No reason for me not to make it.
  12. Do you use green coolant in your BMW?

    I wish my vote for fidget spinners would have counted the same amount as for the woman I voted for in the presidential election, she would have beat both leading candidates by a landslide.
  13. WTB 96-99 328is

    Try autotrader
  14. Newbie

    Another from down under, welcome