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  1. Nice, is the Ti a 5 speed? Welcome
  2. That wheel sure looks nice
  3. Welcome, who is that stalker in your car?
  4. I have been playing GT Sport, but I just can’t get into racing games anymore unless it’s Mario Kart
  5. Got that in a heavy t (M)& a hoodie (XL) I just hope they fit right.
  6. I should be getting my car back early next month, it's at Pro Comp getting body work done (bubble paint/rust underneath below the tail lights & other imperfections). No reason for me not to make it.
  7. I wish my vote for fidget spinners would have counted the same amount as for the woman I voted for in the presidential election, she would have beat both leading candidates by a landslide.
  8. Try autotrader
  9. Another from down under, welcome
  10. Nice, welcome
  11. Nice cars, welcome
  12. 18 hours left
  13. Welcome back then?
  14. Got my car ready for yesterday