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  1. I wish my vote for fidget spinners would have counted the same amount as for the woman I voted for in the presidential election, she would have beat both leading candidates by a landslide.
  2. Try autotrader
  3. Another from down under, welcome
  4. Nice, welcome
  5. Nice cars, welcome
  6. 18 hours left
  7. Welcome back then?
  8. Got my car ready for yesterday
  9. I thought this was tomorrow
  10. $260 new at TMS, asking $200
  11. Snap to the rescue, thanks man. http://abloriginalparts.com this is where I went for the ews delete
  12. I haven't touched this project in nearly a decade (since 08) because I was putting all my money into our family business (properties). It payed off since I now have money to spend on our expensive hobby (as well as my investments). Now I'm looking to get this project running this fall. I had Alex L delete EWSII at the time, but now I am stuck trying to connect the DME to the chassis, what kind of standalone should I be looking for. I currently have a bunch of crap in my garage, but it'll be all gone once I purchase a new property, just looking to get a (nearly decade late) head start before I actually start getting my hands into this mess. Thank you
  13. I thought they were the same the first time I scrolled thru, interested in the m50
  14. Intake manifold?
  15. Around the wheels, I also didn't see any pics inside the trunk (except for the tools). I would go look at it, but you are pretty far for a local.