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  1. I use to live in Milwaukee and I have a ton of friends in the "Dubya-BEE" area.
  2. So... I got some thangs in the mail today.... I was super sketched out because they were shipped in single walled boxes that were absolutely beat to shit. All I could think of is here we go again. So I snapped a million pics of me opening them. Luckily the 500-600 sheets of bubble wrap Leonard wrapped them in did a really good job of keeping everything safe. I also tossed all of them on the truing stone just to make sure.
  3. Already the 5th or 6th person to bring this up, and that's totally going to be my argument. I wonder if he will notice my license plate is painted to match too? Im just asking for it at this point.
  4. Welcome!! Your Honda looks like it was very clean and very familiar. I have had a few Hondas in my day so Im sure I have seen you at one point or another.
  5. Welcome!! I am skeptical on the laser cleaning, please give me faith!
  6. Welcome, you have some beautiful cars there! Is old Ruby sporting a stock s14?
  7. Welcome!! It looks like you have quite the fun projects there!
  8. Welcum.... again?
  9. Im actually afraid to open it alone in fear of it swinging around and smashing my headlights. So much in fact that I machined an aluminum lock that bolts to the hood release lever inside the car.
  10. I know! hahahah Except that it pivots Thanks earl!! OMG Johnny 5 YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Hey lazer lips, your momma was a snowblower!!!! Thanks Man!!
  11. Well teh body guy stopped buy and was going to grabs some parts from Bryan and I intended on giving him my mini hood to get painted. I mounted the small nose piece of the hood I cut up to the car for the first time since I had Chris weld a strip of metal along the back side. Needless to say the added material caused some warping and rigidity in the small body panel. Both of the front corners were higher than they needed, causing misalignment with the fenders. Nothing a good sized 4x4 and muscle couldnt help correct. I flexed it back into alignment and added some bumpers on the back side to keep it fixed into place. here are some pics of it before it goes to paint.
  12. Soo..... Since I havent posted pictures, I took some last night. I didnt really get around to working on much because I was helping a friend put a set of cams in his R32. The oil is caked up pretty bad in nooks, crannies, and corners. I assume part of the reason its like this is not having a dipstick installed makes it hard to change/check the oil. This might even be why I have the ticking. According to the internets, the lifters can easily get gunked up and stick. The solution is to run ATF or sea foam through the engine and it MIGHT solve the problem. At this point though, I have most of it apart to inspected for other hacked up surprises and just assumed for the worst plus it was the perfect excuse to run a bigger cam.
  13. I'm really surprised the one series don't have a factory LSD besides the 1M? Is it available as a factory option at least?
  14. WOW. I would have bought them if you were closer AND if I had a use for them. lol GLWS
  15. @Daggerty I have some, just need to machine and install them.