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  1. I have a sudden urge to build a bull bar for my E36. This thing is so awesome, is this going to be your winter beater if you get it sorted?
  2. I had a blast even with the drizzly weather and driving the slowest car. It was great seeing everyone and I cant wait till the next one!
  3. I wrote an entire thread about refinishing wheels and never posted it... Anyways.. they look like someone painted them once before in the past. That is the factory paint/ powdercoating flaking off of the rim faces. The aluminum underneath somehow (rockchip or curbing?) was exposed and started to corrode under the finish. This normally happens from road salt and other caustic materials reacting with each other. The material contamination then expands and pushes the coating off of the wheels causing the flaking. ( Similar to water freezing and expanding) I would suggest vinegar or aircraft remover on the bolts depending on how fussy the coating is to remove. I would then tumble clean them( plastic or stone media as this will remove contaminated from the threads too without harming them) followed up with a tumble polish (wallnut or corn husk with a polishing medium added). The following are the stages I described:
  4. Its a hand built car that uses a VW aircooler motor. "The Runge FF007" built by Runge Cars. I am not really a fan of the shape, but the amount of work and time that has went into it is amazing. Chris Runge has made a few others prior to this one which look better in my opinion. Crazy fact is that he has sold them for roughly $150k each. https://rungecars.com/
  5. reasonable deal on an fairly clean (as it was just washed) E36 https://madison.craigslist.org/cto/d/bmw-328i-1997-manual-1285k/6343827239.html Cheap but crusty Alpine E34 wagon https://madison.craigslist.org/cto/d/1993-bmw-525i/6337901650.html Automatic E46 with a lot of door sponsorship https://madison.craigslist.org/cto/d/2005-bmw-e46-325i/6314200686.html
  6. Some pictures of my car at Eurowerks have been popping up in my inbox. I figured I should share.
  7. SOLD AS IS.
  8. Sounds like a plan. I will be there overnight, so (lurkers and all others) if you are early, don't be afraid to ring the doorbell and wake me up. If the weather happens to be a drizzle or less, I will have the main garage door open. O YELLOW -You can park anywhere in the yellow as seen below. O GREEN- marker is my doorbell which is between both my shop door and garage door O BLUE - is overflow parking(I doubt this happens) O PINK - Please do not park here as I will ask you to move. This business is a nail salon and will be open.
  9. Did some tinkering with this last night as I moved it out of the way to use the pool table. Fixed the dome light.-- The fuse (NOT LABELED DOME LIGHT) was blown and the connections were corroded. Someone along the line cut one of the wires for the door ajar position so it doesnt come on when you open the door. My assumption is that this was done because one of the door switches is bad and the light will always stay on. I plan on hunting this down later. Fixed the passenger rear window switch.-- I tried to fix the old switch but ended up replacing it. The contacts inside were worn to the point of not being repaired. This is fine because they are the older style with the pad printed icons vs. the new style I replaced it with is backlit. Now I need 4 more switches so they match. Installed the battery hold down bolt and clamp-- from @m42b32.- It originally had a different style from the factory, but there was a hole that perfectly aligned with the bolt. I just added a nut to the back side from under the rail pan and it seems like it was that way from the factory. Also TRIED to install the glove box.-- When I removed it I noticed that it was locked shut and I needed to unscrew the latch and hinge to get it out. Turns out is has a small cast zinc hook that operated the latch. this cracked and was no longer engaging. I plan on fixing it this afternoon and will keep my eyes out for a replacement.
  10. I vote yes. I think seeing the history of a car is awesome.
  11. Damn that looks like it filled up well. Did you have to use a filler material? I would have used Plexus epoxy to fill them but there are obviously many ways to get the job done. Do you have any plans of mimicking the texture so it is consistent? Awesome progress!