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  1. Be prepared to be amazed at the steering response difference.
  2. So I forgot to post on here. I have been fairly busy, but I was able to get my car aligned before the drift event even though it was cancelled. It was probably one of the more "accurate" things done on this car. In a swift last minute decision I bought cheap tie rods from Orielly. A good friend of mine is the Madison area rep and got them overnight delivered for $11 inner and outer the night before the alignment. When I installed them everything seemed to bolt up just fine, but there was a problem I didn't realize until I drove it. The taper of the tie-rods is smaller than the aluminum of the angle kit. This means there is ever so slight play in the mounting location and I will need new tie rods that are the correct size, which also means I will need another alignment. Ughhh At least the event was cancelled because if I leave it like this im sure I will oval out the aluminum angle kit. The alignment shop was a good 45mins from my shop so I got a bit of seat time to get a feel for the new Coilovers. The new suspension seems a lot better than what I had. I was able to sell the old coilovers for $100 which now means I have $180 into new coilovers LOL. I currently do not have a sway bar in the rear of the car, but I just got end-links to install the one I have. I think thats going to make a world of difference to how the car feels, and its likely part of the reason why I think its feels "soft" in the back.
  3. Excellent post. Thanks for sharing! This really widens the spectrum.
  4. Bavaria anyone? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1702121423214966
  5. It showed up!!!! But the ECU hasnt yet.
  6. Chapter GMW | E30 LS1 (starting on post #1427)

    I think he just Zing'd ya
  7. Steelblue E36 Build Thread

    Damn thats one hell of a wreck, glad you are doing better. I have also owned a numerous amount of miatas.
  8. ILC's E92 M3

    Are they those fluid filled mounts? Ughh those are such a mess when they fail.
  9. A purists nightmare - E46 drift build

    Damn looking good!!! Those stainless hydro lines are awesome, is there a reason you didnt run hardlines? I assume this route was more expensive.
  10. e28 - Check out this bill from The Werk Shop

    I can say that the E34 M5 and E30 I got running with a buddy, the client/owner previously spent north of $40k with a shop for around 5 years to "Try" and get his S38 swapped E30 running. Best part is it took us roughly two weeks get get both cars running and dialed. Better part is he then went back to that shop after we fixed them. WTF is wrong with people?
  11. I was the second guy in line. He said he already had a guy on his way but if he backed out he would call me. He never called.
  12. That looks like an easy challenge to me!!! Contacting....
  13. chit chat thread

    Glad I havent wasted my time!