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  2. ehhh... barely Also, just saw this on Reddit:
  3. I'm too much of a puss to do my own custom loop. More because I can scream at NZXT if my AIO cooler fails and leaks everywhere, then they'll buy me a new GPU
  4. NZXT fuckin rules. i7-6700k GTX1080 32GB DDR4 512GB SSD
  5. I've been waiting to piss through those S curves leaving devil's lake, and it was definitely worth it even with the rain. I'll post my pics soon
  6. lol?
  7. who wants a racecar?
  8. wow jk im dumb, i thought the bumper was on the available list nevermind
  9. on the bright side, looks like ya boy here gets to save $60. should i be okay with just the oil pump upgrade?
  10. G260 with the sachs m20 clutch kit (, I've got the trans brace from ben already. i have an e34 oil pan but i personally wouldn't know if that's rear sump, haven't ordered the oil pump parts so no worries if I screwed up.
  11. real talk though i'll stop shitting up the group chat and get my m50(b25tu) maintenance sorted out here. currently todo: head gasket vanos seals, rattle repair kit (besians) thermostat housing replacement hydraulic alternator tensioner conversion upgraded oil pump shaft (achilles) reinforce oil pick-up (also achilles) thermostat and water pump / pulley are replaced already. am i missing anything big? motor has 140-160 on it iirc
  12. another alpine sedan?? i'm out boys cya
  13. chris keeps bitching at me to update this thread even though the only thing i've done is spend money on parts. Just received my RHD M20 flywheel, looking shiny as ever: Using this guy alongside a brand new sachs kit from ECS. i REALLY like the stock e30 clutch so this should be amazing. also ordered a hydraulic alternator tensioner, aluminum thermostat housing, and completed my short shift setup with a turner shift arm bracket and a zhp knob. Stage one of the project is essentially getting the M50 reliability upgrades in, redo gaskets, and assembling the trans and shifter to get it all ready to drop in at once. also i started assembling the weds. will be running these on the calypso for the time being, they'll be mounted shortly. bask in their glory:
  14. Devil's lake group pics would be awesome, especially rolling pics along S lake road with the cliffs. This meet will definitely be my motivation to get my Weds / euro grilles / new bumper / valance lip slammed on