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  1. I'd say there's a difference between driven hard and abused. I drive the shit out of my car but I wouldn't say it gets abused. There's a certain level of care that has to go above and beyond what's normal if you're going to drive a car hard.
  2. Well it's funny you say that, when I mentioned that not having any documentation of the rod bearings being done was a turn off for me the sales manager immediately says, "Really? I think we can work that out so we can do it here! Would that change your mind?". I asked him how much he knew about the car and he said not much, I informed him that replacement of the rod bearings is about a $2500 repair and if done incorrectly can cause the engine to grenade which costs around $20k to replace. His response, "We have the former owners number, we'll double check with them if this has been done." I love that he volunteered his group for the work without consulting them at all. I can only imagine how well that'd go over when the sales team tells the service team what they promised!
  3. I drove an e90 M3 yesterday and had to explain to the lady how to drive the DCT, what edc was, what the power button did, what was distinct about it over a normal 3 series, etc. After all this she equates it to "red being a sporty leather color because the new Camry's have red leather as an option". I don't know that I've had more head smacking moments in a test drive with someone ever before in my life. Then there are all of the vehicle descriptions in for sale ads on autotrader, truecar, etc. Things like "6-speed manual transmission with additional oil cooler and heavy-duty dual-disc clutch". For fucks sake, google can tell you really quick that it's a 7spd dual clutch, not a 6spd manual with dual clutches. Or, simply driving the car on their lot would tell them it has 7 gears. It's little shit but it leaves so little confidence in the buying experience.
  4. It blows my mind how many car dealers are selling cars and they don't have a fucking clue what they are selling nor do they have the wherewithal to do some kind of research before posting a description of the car.
  5. There's a kid that works for me in LaCrosse that know's him who said he's trying to buy his e28 and it may be for sale-ish.
  6. My wife still thinks it's weird that I have friends I met on the internet that aren't confirmed serial rapists or murders. I'd say 50% of the people I regularly talk to or see are people I met on this forum. Continue on your righteous crusade.
  7. You're working really hard lately to pull out lurkers... Are you feeling emotionally distressed? Bored? Are we not good enough!?!?
  8. "New valve cover gadgets"
  9. If you want reliability, yea lol. The n54 will still make a ton more power but there's a price to play.
  10. They're very similar but the n55 had a plethora of changes made to it. The most obvious being the number of turbo's but they also switched to Bosch solenoid style DI injectors instead of Piezo style, valvetronic added (updated vanos), new head design, all new internals with same dimensions, new DME, etc.
  11. Your wife must be a saint.
  12. I laughed too much at this.
  13. Your flares look pretty good! If you do it enough then i'd suggest a hydraulic flare tool. They make a huge difference!
  14. Pretty bad lol. I mean, as far as this list goes though it's towards the top because they're less bad than the other turds. At least your choice actually answered the question correctly...
  15. Domestic is defined as the big 3 (Chevy/Chrysler/Ford) who are based in the U.S. Acura, Lexus, etc. are not domestic because they are not based out of the U.S. DSM's sold by the domestic OEM are domestic but they're counteparts are not. Same as vehicles built in the U.S. such as BMW X series, Some Nissan's and so on.