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  1. Great to see progress! Keep it up! When's the murder box going in the passenger seat?
  2. Welcome
  3. Do you have any before and after pics? I've only demo'd one chemical that I thought did a half way decent job so i'm always skeptical of this.
  4. My e90 on the sport suspension cleared with no issues and i remember seeig some a 964 and 993 on the same ferry that cleared no issues.
  5. You'll get a little sputter but i'd suggest you get the plugs changed out anytime you do a valve cleaning.
  6. LIES!!! There's only 2! I don't care what you say!
  7. That's cooler than I could ever imagine a paper towel holder looking.
  8. Welcome! If you joined even after meeting Snap then you're a brave soul! I'm kidding of course... or am I?
  9. I'll be at BHF on July 12th and still debating whether or not to go in July or August.
  10. The 85th running kf the 24 Hours of LeMans starts today with coverage starting at 7:30 am on FS1 and continuing on FS2 from noon to midnight and back to FS1 for the finish from midnight to 7:30am. No BMW entries this year but LMP1 should have a great battle between the Porsche 919 hybrids and Toyota's ts050. Last year had a great finish with Toyota losing in the last few laps. The GTE class is always fun to watch with a few American teams in the mix. Chip Ganassi is returning with the Ford GT in hopes of another class win. Below is a spotters guide to help identify who's out there.
  11. Any use of that unit is a bad idea. With MHD as an option at a cheaper price there isn't a need for the PROcede.
  12. That's fine. I'm just north of Janesville in Milton so about 40 min south of Madison and an hour or so west of Milwaukee.
  13. I'll be traveling back from Rice Lake on Friday so I may be able to stop in LaCrosse on my way back to code them if you'd like to set that up.
  14. I would not advise that it be driven but it is possible. The reason the injectors need to be coded is so the DME can optimize the fuel being applied based on the tolerance the injector is tested at from the factory. If it's way off you could have a poor running car. You could also not even notice but it would be slightly off.
  15. I love the M30b34!