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  1. Hayden's Stock 325i Build Thread

    I think that is Melbourne Red on the e70 X5M but I'm not 100% sure. If it is Melbourne and not Imola then it's not really that rare. Cool car! The S63 is a potent engine!
  2. Steelblue E36 Build Thread

    I'd pick a shop and check to see if that actually saves you money. Some shops don't care that you prepped it and will want to do it themselves to guarantee it's done right. I'd hate to see a lazy guy exert energy he didn't need to.
  3. Steelblue E36 Build Thread

    Did you ever find a shop to paint your bumper?
  4. Steelblue E36 Build Thread

  5. Steelblue E36 Build Thread

    BBB is a joke. I have to deal with BBB complaints and I can tell you with great confidence that they are treated just as any other complaint that comes through any medium. The BBB is a non-profit that is funded by the businesses they are rating. You CANNOT get an A+ rating from the BBB without being a paid member. The BBB also has absolutely ZERO power to levy any damages to a business nor can they force them to do anything and merely act as an avenue for the customer to send a complaint. That is it. If you ever want action from a company then file a complaint with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.
  6. 2003 Ford Escape $1000 4WD

  7. Steelblue E36 Build Thread

    If any of these places are little ma and pa shops it couldn't hurt to ask if there is a cash price.
  8. Migrating The Family truckster E38 to ?

    You're right! My fault, I was thinking it was an F10 not an E60. In that case, your turbo's may be an issue at some point. You could try and negotiate it but if they're not making any noise I don't know how many lot's are going to really make up the cost to repair in the sale price. My comments about the trans remain the same.
  9. Migrating The Family truckster E38 to ?

    The turbo isn't an issue on these. Even when neglected the single turbo on the n55 didn't develop the same issues as the twins on the n54. Trans isn't an issue either. There was a concern with the trans not staying in sport mode but it's easily fixed if you know how to solder.
  10. chit chat thread

    The guy didn't seem to have any remorse for what he was doing! Him and his lawyer continue to play the "poor rich person" card. It makes me sick.
  11. EVENT: Kart Meet and Eat, Saturday Feb 24th @ 10:00am

    I should be there.
  12. Steelblue E36 Build Thread

    Yea something that size is probably $250 - $300. Take the whole car if possible so they can match the existing paint.
  13. chit chat thread

    The 2nd episode about Scott Tucker and the payday loan system is a good one to! I remember seeing the Level 5 set up at Road America with security guards all around and 2 semi's with a giant air conditioned tent and gourmet food. I had no idea how he made his money but after learning more and watching the episode with him it makes me seriously detest this scum.
  14. chit chat thread

    I hate negotiating before seeing the vehicle but i've already set a price assuming the shitfucks i'll be dealing with are going try this but yea, it's annoying and I want this gone so i'm willing to lower my standards. As far as safety, this is why a) i have someone nearby watching to document events and make sure im not robbed, shot or raped I carry a gun and c) I RARELY meet people at my house and this location in particular is very visible and across the street and within very obvious view of the police department. Thank you for the empathy.
  15. chit chat thread

    Not surprised, it's happened before. I'm just disappointed in humanity. I hope this person gets hit by a snow plow.