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  1. Back when men were men...
  2. I don't care how nice it is, it's a 318ti with an appearance package. I love the look of the 318ti but $11k for one is stupid. Cool color, looks like the car is in great shape overall but the guy who paid $11k is a moron.
  3. What!?!? I couldn't fathom ever spending that on a compact!
  4. Is that a California top?
  5. Are those heim joints holding the alt up?
  6. I would have just assumed they're a strong, independent woman who's empowered by driving her Altima without a man telling her to change her oil.
  7. This guy hates Tundra's apparently. I wonder what he has against flat arctic area's...
  8. I've got the 3 ton steel low profile steel jack from HF and it has worked really well for me for about 5 years but it can't slide it under the front of my without pulling up on a 2x4. I can fit it under the jack pads under the sills and under the pumpkin on the rear but not under the lift point under the front of my car. I also couldn't fit it under the front of a stock Cooper S but works fine under the jack pads on the side. I have used the aluminum race jack and those do work really well and are low car friendly like others have said.
  9. This is awesome! I can't wait to see more!
  10. I worked on a friends new to him 2012 Cooper S this past Saturday. I installed a dp, cai and tune. It's the first modded cooper S I have driven and it was a blast! I've always loved the stock Cooper S but with a little more power this thing is a blast! It does remind me why I hate adding power to FWD though. No traction and torque steer for days. It's a great daily and he's using it to commute from Whitewater to Milwaukee right now. Funny side story, he informed me that he'd have to start shipping parts to my house because his fiance got mad at the number of parts showing up to their house within a week of owning the car. He had parts at the house before he had possession of the car... can't say I haven't done that!
  11. It could be but to be honest im not sure how different the properties of each fluid are to say if damage would be done to seals and other components. They're both common hydraulic fluids in othet applications. Its not like the difference between brake fluid and atf for example but I can't say with certainty if they're interchangeable if flushed.
  12. If it doesn't have dynamic drive then it should be ATF which shouldn't be brownish yellowish obviously. The chf-11 is that color so I'd have to go with chf-11.
  13. Well that doesnt help lol. Usually there's a sticker ring on it and depending on the color determines the fluid. Basically, if you have dynamic drive it takes the chf-11 and if it doesn't then it takes ATF. Run the vin if you aren't sure.