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  1. chit chat thread

    The running is the only part of that that seems difficult. $500 is pretty good!
  2. chit chat thread

    I'm in!
  3. FK Streetline coilovers on M3

    FWIW I owned a set of Streetlines on an e36. I liked them for what they were which was a cheap coilover but certainly not as good as the Bilsteins I had on my e90. Seriously though, hit me up about pricing because I can get you a great deal on something you might have thought you couldn't afford.
  4. FK Streetline coilovers on M3

    Message me for some prices from ECS. I can get you a decent deal on coilovers from them.
  5. Going to Road America?

    The new facilities are nice! It made camping with my wife and friends significant others much more tolerable in that there was far less complaining about how far the showers were.
  6. ILC's E92 M3

    I'm glad I saved this...
  7. Black hawk farms track day

    I'll be there just not sure when. Maybe i'll head out on the 16th! We'll see how my schedule looks.
  8. chit chat thread

    Same here! I'm saving some that I think my son will want to wear in about 15 years when he might fit in them. Vintage is always cool.
  9. Range Rover....

    So it goes. Something I learned while looking for my M3, negotiate via email. That gives you a written record of the conversations. Not that they're obligated to honor it but it gives you leverage.
  10. Diaries of a Daily Driver

    The day I did the dp's i went and bought stainless hardware. I'm glad someone else appreciates that lol.
  11. Diaries of a Daily Driver

    I had just replaced one of those gaskets in November! I like the splitters!
  12. chit chat thread

  13. chit chat thread

    I wish I wasn't too fat for this shirt... and it wasn't $100 https://www.etsy.com/listing/587922631/vintage-1981-bmw-its-hard-to-be-humble?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=bmw m&ref=sc_gallery-1-3&plkey=9b7cdbf918854682f9dc2a5922c3b982a34f4883:587922631
  14. Range Rover....

    It's certainly a good looking vehicle and supercharged! I think a mistake a lot of people make in most areas of life is assuming we are smarter than everyone else. Recognizing this and asking why a trend exists is important. So the question you should ask yourself in this instance is why are other similar vehicles that people may also cross shop are more expensive with more miles on them. It's probably not because you found some underserved used car market where people have just passed over the Range Rover by mistake and it's secretly a great buy with great reliability and will hold its value as the miles rack up. That's not a knock against you at all, just trying to expand some perspective. Fuck it though, if it's what you want then you won't complain about the problems but if you settle then the smallest issues may throw you over the edge.
  15. What is your ideal build?

    For the M3 i'd have to say I'd want to keep it streetable but sporty and ready for track days: KW V3 coilovers ESS 625 BMW Performance Seats IND splatter paint interior trim DCT GTS trans tune GT4 front lip Some kind of rear diffuser Macht Schnell test pipes and X pipe Better brake cooling