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  1. So cool. That thing is destroyed though, glad to see it was used for it's intended purpose
  2. I have the owners manual for my e36 in the glove box, I'll get a pic of the recommended oil weight page after work. That being said, I run whatever name brand synthetic is on sale (usually either Mobil 1, Castrol, or LiquiMoly) in 15w50 in the summer and 5w40 in the winter and haven't had any issues.
  3. My recommendation: mechanical sympahty delete
  4. Real Z28? That 302 is a pretty impressive engine considering it came out in 1969. 1st gen Camaros are probably my favorite pony/muscle car from that era
  5. It's that fall/early winter project car slump. Spring is far away and you have "loads of time", its starting to get cold, holidays are expensive...all things not conducive to car progress
  6. Man you guys have some killer garages... maybe someday haha
  7. So I've been looking for a daily driver and after months of considering things that were practical and reasonable... I stumbled upon this! Its a 1999 BMW M3, 5 speed, Alpine white III on a very clean Modena interior. Its got 102k on the clock and I bought it from the second owner! I'll post some pictures of the interior once I get it cleaned up a bit, its pretty dirty in there but overall it is in amazing shape. When I bought it the battery wouldn't hold a charge so I got a new one, but on startup the battery light flickers a little so it might need an alternator as well. I'm planning on doing the cooling system ASAP as well. That and just give it a full service, change all the fluids, etc. Oh...and the check engine light/abs/asc lights are on. Pulled the codes on the check engine light and it looks like the O2 sensors so I will be putting some new ones in before getting it emissions tested. Codes were P0133 (O2 sensor) and P1188 (AFR issue) so they are probably related. If anyone has more info on these that would be greatly appreciated!
  8. 134.5k: I got the snow tires on over the weekend, bring it on winter!
  9. I can guarantee, without a doubt, that I would make a massive mess with this process lol. That being said, never heard it before but it's a great idea.
  10. Nice!! It's an e28 by the way
  11. Wooo!
  12. Hey Guys, I am planning on participating in the FVSCC ice rally-x on the 22nd (Don't worry, I'll make sure my radiator cap is on tight) and need a DOT approved helmet to participate, so I'm looking to see what you recommend or use. I'm also planning to do some auto-x this summer and once the e30 is back on the road I am hoping to do a track day or two, so I'd like something that is legal for those events as well. It looks like if I get something that is SA2015 I should be good for just about anything? I am also thinking an open face helmet would be best since there really isn't a reason to get a visor inside a car. Another note is that I am just over 6'3" and have very minimal headroom in the e36. I can adjust my seating position to gain about 1.5" between my head and the headliner, but any helmets that are known to be thinner on top would be a bonus. Anyone have any recommendations?? I'm on a fairly tight budget so I can't get too fancy... though a better helmet costs less than medical bills, so if something is worth the extra cost for safety reasons I'd go that route.
  13. The S52 and M54B30 have the same crank (same part number), in case anyone has one of those
  14. Are you not supposed to? I've always parked my cars in gear (I put the handbrake on before letting off the brake/clutch though) It can't roll away if the wheels aren't on the ground! Just pull vacuum in the air ride and lift them up haha
  15. Were those the red ones on craigslist?
  16. Welcome to here!
  17. https://chicago.craigslist.org/sox/ctd/d/2003-renault-euro-clio-clio/6357722760.html Not sure how they got it in legally, but it's pretty cool!
  18. Those gauges look great! VDO vision? Do the gauges come with senders or do you order those separately? I'm going to be adding some to my car this winter too.
  19. The standard E34 M50 oil pan bolts right up and uses the same gasket. For the oil pickup, most people modify the rear-sump m54 pickup, as the m50 part will not bolt up to the oil pump. I have heard that the pickup for the E38 728i works with the front sump, but have not gotten a 100% confirmation that it is compatible with the e34 pan, still investigating this.
  20. I figured I'd start a progress/build thread for my e30 like I did for the e36! I posted about the car before but for the sake of completeness: It's a 1991 318is slicktop in Alpine white with an Indigo cloth interior. It was built on April 26th, 1991 which I believe is the very end of production for the e30 coupe so thats pretty cool. It spent most of it's life in Florida so it is basically rust free but like most old southern cars a lot of the plastics are very faded and brittle. I am planning on doing an OEM+ build and just bringing it back to its former glory. On to the pics! I tried to get the color of the door panels but the camera didnt pick it up too well, I have never seen this color before but I think it looks pretty cool After a nice cleaning The seats have definitely seen better days (the rear seat is trashed) and the carpet is mostly torn out, other than that and a few other little things the interior is actually in pretty good shape. The dash is 99% crack free with only a tiny one in the tray above the glove box. I am planning on removing those white face gauge stickers (hard to see here) as soon as I can as they are impossible to see at night, hopefully they come off easily... I originally thought it had the standard IS lip in the front as I never looked at it too closely but I highly doubt its OEM, does anyone know what kind of lip this is?? There are no markings and it appears to be made of fiberglass. I kinda like it actually, its subtle and a little different. In terms of mechanicals, the engine is in excellent shape with a recent head gasket and timing chain replacement as well as all the related hoses and gaskets, taking care of all of the m42's serious problems for the time being. Everything else is in good shape but the suspension is definitely tired and it rattles over bumps, especially from the rear. On top of the normal new car maintenance where I plan on changing every fluid, The brakes suck and are past it so I have a full brake rebuild on the way with rotors, pads, sensors, and fluid for all four corners as well as a fan clutch (the temp climbs at stoplights), and a lower oil pan gasket as it leaks...a lot. The drivers side tie rod is shot so I have two new ones coming to fix that. Hopefully I can get all this stuff done in the next week and a half because I will be returning to school then and the car will be going into storage when I return in October.
  21. Time to make it three!
  22. List updated!