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  1. So this morning while driving my e30 to work I had an encounter with an idiot in an Altima who decided it was a good idea to not look or signal at all, swing aggressively across 3 lanes, attempt to occupy the same spot that I was currently occupying, and run me completely onto the median. Luckily for me, there was no curb or obstacles in the median and I was able to straddle a monster pot hole instead of running into it. The idiot behind the wheel clearly did not hear my stock horn as he came flying into into my lane, so I am now adding "loudest horn I can find" to my project list this winter.... I don't want the complication of an air/train horn, so I was looking at the Hella sharptones or something along those lines. I was under the impression that these aren't as high pitched as the supertones but aren't far off as far as sound levels. Anyone have any experience with these or have any recommendations/other options? Are these options actually any louder than the OEM horns? Hella catalog for reference: http://www.hella.com/hella-sg/assets/media/Hella_Horns_Brochure_LoRes.pdf Supertones: 118dB Sharptones: 115dB
  2. Another great one! Worth the nearly 7 months of waiting.
  3. Nice sleuthing. At least you found out these things before you spent a lot of time swapping it in...
  4. Another +1 from me. I had an awesome time. Like others said: huge thanks to Brian for putting this together and to Jason for hosting us at the start! Looking forward to seeing pics since I didn't take a single one all weekend
  5. That's a great deal! I have those tires for my e36 and they're fantastic, especially for the price.
  6. "ONLY 1 OF 740 IN AMERICA!! ONE OF ONLY 435 COATED IN VALENCIA ORANGE METALLIC PAINT!! " That's a fancy way to say it's the most common color lol
  7. This, it blows my mind. They're usually asking for a double-digit percentage of someone's income and you can't be bothered to spend 5 minutes learning about what you're selling. Occasionally I search for something like an LCI 6-speed e91, so I search for 328i wagons and filter by manual. 3/4 of the results are still auto's on just about every site. Leather boot of any kind around the shifter: yup its a manual.
  8. Solid advice right there
  9. Someone should park there and then just watch from across the street with binoculars haha
  10. Weather isnt looking too great, I assume this is still on rain or shine??
  11. They look like they were painted (at least I thought the trunks were normally body colored) so who knows...
  12. I'm sure there's more, but you can be the only one on here! That's probably worth a few instagram points or whatever
  13. Wow those floors are toast. Its got a 7 letter plate so I they bought it recently, probably without checking the floor, and now they want out
  14. I have a set of the steel aftermarket drop hats sitting on my shelf, unfortunately they don't fit with the fixed camber plates. Yup, that's definitely part of it. I like the look of a little bit of rake (almost not visible, not looking for 70's muscle car...) on a late model since the rear arches are lower, so all it needs out of the front is another 10mm. I'm not trying to slam the car or anything, just get rid of most of the wheel gap at the front haha. It already handles really well, so if I can achieve that look without messing up anything else that would be ideal