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  1. ....and so it begins, project Turtle Farts.

    That's a bummer... did you ever get a tracking number or are they just not shipping it?
  2. Here is a great way to deal with the rear end damage! https://www.smythkitcars.com/jetta-golf-ute
  3. Hayden's Stock 325i Build Thread

    That's a steal for a real set of m-pars!
  4. Alpine e30 progress/build thread

    Had some time to work on this on Sunday. Installed a new water pump (with an impeller that faces the correct direction) and ECS aluminum water pump pulley. I also got as far as I could installing the Beisan Systems dual vanos seals and anti-rattle kit. This is a much easier job on the M54 compared to the S52 since you don't need to deal with the splined interface between the cam and the piston. Got the valve cover off, cam lobes and lifters all look excellent. Could be a little cleaner, but there really isn't any sludge so I can't complain. Vanos unit removed and disassembled: The anti-rattle kit made a huge difference, so hopefully they are nice and quiet. Before I took them apart there was a pretty significant amount of axial play, but once the new spacers were installed it was completely gone while still allowing them to spin freely. I didn't have to do any sanding or adjusting on either piston which was a nice surprise since that can get tedious. New seals went in easily as well. Got it all reinstalled but ended up breaking one of the plastic plugs that covers the bolt holding the piston to the cam, so I can't go any further till I order a new one.
  5. the one and only e30 s52 engine swap

    Thanks for the link on the tank! I'll need one whenever I start working on my sedan since it doesn't have one. Keep us posted with what you end up doing for that connecting pipe at the bottom.
  6. the one and only e30 s52 engine swap

    You might have a really hard time finding one of those lines, since any that could be removed from a gas tank are likely attached to a good condition tank. If you can figure out what kind of fittings they are, it might not be too hard to make one.
  7. Looks like it would be pretty easy to measure out a box, find some mount points and wing it
  8. Google Street View Challenge

    Hence the dammit haha, I spent a long time looking and that was the only BMW I could find...
  9. Shop Life 2.0

    I'm excited to hear how it sounds!
  10. 1999 M3 daily driver running log

    The morning practice runs were basically hot laps, didn't have to wait more than a few minutes between each!
  11. Steelblue E36 Build Thread

    What dashcam are you using? I have been meaning to install one in my car
  12. Google Street View Challenge

    Wooo! New challenge: Find any 3-series on a US Interstate
  13. Member Spotlight - Feb 2018

    <3 Nerd moment: AWII ended on E36's around 1993, 94+ would be AWIII