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  1. I've heard bremi coil packs and be dues from the factory, glad it's getting sorted out.
  2. Just bought my stuff! Hopefully it comes in a timely fashion
  3. nice work on the wiring! i don't have the patience for that haha
  4. Those rear carrier bushings are a pain, I've just started buying these now. It slips right over the carrier with the stock nubs on the end still. Guess they don't have a e36 version yet though
  5. Woot woot! Time for a burnout vid
  6. General tire should sponsor us! Working on getting the e34 ready for this! I’d like to buy a helmet too. Once proposed dates are announced I’ll have them on the calendar.
  7. Why keep the engine cover though??
  8. Bummed I didn't get to see the CSL running around RA this past year. Hopefully next year! Such a cool car
  9. Welcome! I thinks that's the first time I've seen a blue Ti! Both cars look great.
  10. I have a HF steel 4 ton jack that still works great 10 years later and have done zero maintenance. Still is very slow/smooth to lower. A new Craftsman 2ton steel jack I acquired is garbage. It just sits in the corner lol.
  11. Nice!
  12. Yeah I'd read up everything you can about the injection pump. As Jason suggested I'd make sure it's fit for starting first too as that's most expensive and critical part. Fuel filter should be changed and I'd suggest priming it with Lucas diesel injector cleaner after cracking all the injector lines to bleed air out. It surprising how much air can be in there. As far a maintenance you should always be running a fuel additive too to help maintain the pump seals and keep the injectors clean. For oil, 1 gal of 15-40 rotella is $13.99 at farm and fleet, its what I run in the M20's anyways.
  13. Lol the Bosch sticker is worn out, didn't see that was the dme! That's awesome!
  14. M21 manifold?