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  1. I almost bought a set of s52 cams for $150...guess I should have done it.
  2. Oh man...you have me thinking bad thoughts now That's over a grand for 40hp though=(
  3. Plus you can still search for an s52 while the car is running as the m52 will always sell when you need it to=)
  4. That's a hilarious video. A must see for all guys Hi Troy🖐
  5. No brainer here. V6 time!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I think it is all starting to just get smashed with BMW tax=( "Rotted out and been sitting in the field for 7 years, but I want $5000 because it IS a BMW."
  7. I absolutely love that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Were the bushings ever done before you? I can't see them being in all that good of shape now if not
  9. Nice work=) Have you don't any suspension upgrades or a refresh on this yet? I can't imagine how original bushings would feel with all of this power
  10. I might need to throw a set of injectors in my coupe then=) How much were these and what ones do you think would suits the m52?
  11. " Place the e21 and e28 subframe next to each other side by side, front - rear, whatever. You need to find the midpoint of both subframes and scribe a line there. Once you have found the distance of the e21 subframe from midpoint to the mounting bracket for the subframe bushing you transfer this measurement to the e28 subframe and cut the subframe here. Remove the subframe bushing mounting "ears" from the e21 subframe and weld them on to your new shorter e28 subframe and be sure you remember which flange goes to which side. Mount the e21 shock/springs and the e21 subframe bushings to the e28 subframe and test fit the subframe on the e21. If everything fits you then need to bolt the diff into the carrier and locate where the diff mount will be placed. "