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  1. I bet those cams look beautiful after that oil cap has been missing for a while...
  2. Poor compact =( Looks pretty clean too
  3. But you just did
  4. I mean for the mileage and being a pretty desirable car, I find that a more than acceptable price. You can find ten meh overpriced e90's for every one clean e46 IX touring out there for sale lol. Your average e90 is just a little more common and a lot less desirable.
  5. That bumper is a good deal√∑) Wonder what the vert price is
  6. Also, manual or electric sunroof and does the drivers rear window work?
  7. Dang... https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/cto/d/bmw-model-2002-year-1974/6256773036.html
  8. No Bricklin?
  9. But it isn't driving...
  10. Beats having to bend them all myself lol. Do the rear ones all look like they can be pulled without mangling them too much?
  11. I have the m20 flywheel and clutch on my m42 and I forget what I did for it to work lol