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  1. Chads car that day lol
  2. It is the exact same as a small case e30. I have one with a poly bushing already installed with a few broken fins, but that is just aesthetic.
  3. Collectors car lol. It doesn't have to make sense to anyone other than the guy with money who wants a clean, somewhat rare car.
  4. Must be because it looks very slicktop lol. Still a rare bird
  5. What a nice example. That's a pretty rare compact being both an Active and a slicktop. Congrats=)
  6. I cannot believe I see 24 valves in that car...
  7. I ran Rokkors on my compact back in the day so I'm no stranger to them. I also ran Raceland Ultimos on my e36 coupe so I'm not really against them for a budget coilover. I just didn't know if you were planning on just slamming the car or if you were going for something that was going to handle well and be performance oriented. I'll be running Stance coilovers on my compact drift car next year. I had the Ultimos on the front of my car at this point and the rear setup was 18k rear springs from BC with 97 Mustang GT rear shocks. I really needed a set of rear shocks properly valved for such stiff springs but the Raceland springs were way too soft to run that low with that fitment. The mustang shocks are shorter and stiffer than the Raceland shocks so I needed them for having any suspension travel at all at that height.
  8. Nice bit of maintenance=) I always laughed because of how silly my coupe looked with stock wheels on due to -5º of camber all around
  9. Are you sure you're not the one who's high? Have you seen e30 diff prices? Anyways this has also already been sold for asking price
  10. What coilovers and intake are you looking at? I would highly recommend an AFE intake and if you wanted a true exhaust, the Rogue Engineering DMS is one of the best options out there.
  11. I've had an ebay chip make the car run absolutely terrible too so don't be surprised if that occurs. Looks like a good mostly unmolested starting platform for a build or a nice car to clean up and enjoy as it is. Any plans to refresh the old, tired bushings? I'm assuming the seats are tan based on the color of the dash?
  12. That is absolutely gorgeous
  13. It says "or broken" right in the title lol. I was posting it just to show that you can buy new bolts and that they're surprisingly titanium.
  14. https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?2148128-Anyone-removed-a-stripped-or-broken-bolt-from-a-two-piece-wheel-(Style-42-or-71)