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  1. Wouldn't it be safe to say that any modded n54/n55 has been driven hard? Lol I mean, why add power to not use it
  2. Soaking them in vinegar is your best bet. Your pictures aren't showing up for me at work but I know Style 5's have ridiculously thick clear on them.
  3. It was a scratch built car that looks mostly like a porsche but it has other influences of the era. It is pretty neat but oddly shaped aswell.
  4. That's not minor rust at the back lol. Once that starts to show, the whole panel is shot since it rusts from the inside out
  5. The lips and hardware are clear coated from the factory. You'll want to have the hardware ceramic polished or paint the heads.
  6. There's no way that could really fail. I guarantee the pipe is made out of a thermoplastic elastomer or a thermoset plastic. The plastic welding would have reached high enough temperatures for the filler rod to melt to the existing material instead of just puddling on like a patch. Not to mention that you wont be pulling near enough vacuum to cause it to collapse inward even if it was somewhat thin.
  7. I know that would make me feel warm and fuzzy with my purchase=)
  8. I'm only here because of being invited by Ryan=P Other than that I would have never known of this place and the hooligans within
  9. Do they take liver, kidney, and testicle donations?
  10. I'm assuming you did it to free up some cash?
  11. I don't believe he had the diffuser as he never mentioned it or pictured it. Also, that kid sucks. I've dealt with him and it was no fun.
  12. Photobucket is blocked at work and I have been too lazy to compile updates using my phone haha