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  1. E21 Project Thread - Part 2

    I'm going to assume that those were either wrapped in black or white then=P
  2. I have the Beauty, so here's the Beast

    I need two headlights and don't want to rely on bailing wire/zip ties lol
  3. I have the Beauty, so here's the Beast

    Can't do much if the car has to go to paint and it is too far for me to go work on it during the week lol It is also easier to get this on the road than to bend the front of my Del Sol back to shape alone
  4. I have the Beauty, so here's the Beast

    So this needs a hair of updating. Just recently I purchased a set of BC's through Pat. I also purchased a full set of Condor bushings, Garagistic clutch and brake pedal bushings, modded knuckles, Rennstall Type 1 shift knob, Chasebays Handbrake, and SRS Concepts dual caliper brackets a while back with the insurance money from the Del Sol. Since the Beauty needs to go back to paint after I finally finish the undercoat, I definitely won't have it ready for Euro District. The plan is to now work on this during the week over the next 60 days so that it can potentially be ready to make the trip. Other than patching the floors it should be a pretty quick process.
  5. I think it only has the big chromies for rice. The squares are actually desirable and sorta fit in on a weird car like the Baur. Having only 80k on the clock I can see that being a good price if the paint is nice and the fact it is a Baur should make it worth more than your average e30.
  6. Google Street View Challenge

    I was on the verge of giving up lol Find a Dakar yellow BMW
  7. So, what are you listening to?

    Can confirm jamming out occurred=)
  8. If those SRD's are worth anywhere near that then I need to sell mine for a set of buckets lol
  9. WTB: E30 late model fog light pigtails

    If you don't happen across them in a timely manner, I can resort to cutting them off of Sams car as I know we will never be refitting fog lights to it=)
  10. Hayden's Stock 325i Build Thread

    From where?!?!
  11. Hayden's Stock 325i Build Thread

    How much was that fender?
  12. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Thunder-Exhaust-NASCAR-Style-Exhaust-Tips/261141590410?epid=1690152210&hash=item3ccd40718a:m:mqdWdLkORRhspQnXoIkUXTw https://www.ebay.com/itm/Nascar-Flat-Oval-Side-Exit-Exhaust/232306265686?hash=item3616884e56:g:dDIAAOSwH3lZ5PGA
  13. I've never seen a Calypso compact. Oh how my heart aches for that car=(